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If you are looking for a dating simulation game about teenage love, then look no further than After School Girlfriend MOD APK. The games from the publisher Genius Studio offer hours of enjoyment and allow players to step into an intimate relationship with one of their favorite characters!

Introducing After School Girlfriend

In an act of cunning, the hunter sets out to capture his prey. But he must be careful not to underestimate these three beautiful and talented female leaders because they will stop at nothing until victory is theirs.

Learn about the cute school story

When Servius was first introduced to the school, he told everyone that all he wanted after class was to go home and play video games. It turns out that this is an ideology with a club called GHC (Go Home Club). After School Girlfriend follows him around on his daily routine of hanging out at cafes late into the night before going back home for some TLC from his virtual girlfriend!

He let out a sigh of relief when he realized that there were no extracurricular clubs at his new school. He didn't have to worry about being made fun of for not having any talent in anything, and could just focus on doing well enough so that he can graduate with the rest of the class! Unfortunately, the new school has a rule where every student must join at least one club. These clubs are perfect places for students to meet more friends after school and it helps them understand themselves better. After a while, Xervius met Kyoka Kajima who is in 11th grade and the head of the school's tennis club. The first impression with this girl was quite good- lovely. She had a very subtle way of conversing like “Ah, it’s actually difficult to change schools but don't let your feeling of always wanting to have alone become a habit." When Servius was surprised to find that Kyoka had a secret admirer, he found out it was from the tennis club brochure box she just gave him. After opening up his own gift of flowers and chocolates, they both laughed at their silly luck in being matched with someone who is already going steady!

Explore the gameplay

After School Girlfriend is more than just a game; it's an interactive story in which the player chooses what happens next to decide how it ends. The pace of this visual novel isn't overwhelming, but each decision will have consequences that shape your future relationships with other characters.

Dating sims can have a lot of branching paths and endings. There are many possible outcomes from the choices you make in these games, but there is one thing that remains essential: honesty with yourself! Be true to who you really are so your decisions lead where they will be for good or bad. What's most important is being honest about what kind of person you want to be to end on the right note, not regretting any moment because it was dishonestly motivated. Just like in real life, you can't always get what you want. Users of "Dating simulation games" often find that the endings they experience are not their desired outcomes despite choosing one with both mind and heart; it's an all too human meaning to this kind of narrative dating simulation game for players.

Vibrant graphics and attractive sound

After School Girlfriend has a visually stunning 2D presentation, with light and vibrant colors. The rest is mainly text describing the dialogue of the characters in gameplay. However, everything feels as if you're playing through an old-school Japanese anime love story due to the visual depictions that are done beautifully without overcomplicating it or distracting from the gameplay experience itself.

The music in "The Girl and the Robot" is ambient with no words. Each character has a different mood depending on their personality, which changes the rhythm to match it from fast-paced for an energetic girl or slow for a lonely one. The soundtrack creates emotions that really bring out each of these characters through sound alone, making this game truly unique!


This is a dating simulation game for the school-aged with characters, cut scenes, and logical processing. You'll be playing in a gentle rhythm as you chase every sentence of these interesting people! Give it here if you love games like this one - Download After School Girlfriend now.

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