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Angry Birds Seasons is a game that will help you to get rid of boredom! This game has been downloaded more than 10 million times and it's not hard to understand why. Angry Birds Seasons  MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) offers you 75 levels with lots of challenges and colorful graphics. The gameplay is very simple - just shoot the birds in front of the green targets to destroy them and save your eggs from those cunning pigs!

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Story of Angry Birds Seasons

The story of Angry Birds Seasons is a continuation of the classic game. The birds are back and they have an island to protect from those very annoying green pigs that stole their eggs! Help them drive these sneaky mammals away, save your friends and enjoy 75 challenging levels with colorful graphics in a realistic world! Explore the island's seaside cliffs, hillsides, forests, icy mountains and sandy shores as you swing around corners like never before - just tap or use tilt controls to guide Flock around obstacles.

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This is the season to get ANGRY

The unique feature of “Angry Birds Seasons” is a game season system, which means that the levels are divided into four seasons and in each of them you will have new obstacles to overcome.

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New quests and achievements!

This update includes new quests, achievements and many more improvements! For every season there is a set of levels that you will need to complete. It's up to you if this task is easy or hard — the level of difficulty depends on what type of bird (red, yellow, black) you use to destroy all pigs in each game. Levels are divided into different types: classic arcade mode with no special rules for birds' flight; puzzle — it’s necessary to think before hurling your hero at an enemy; balloon popping-style where the player needs not only to break through barriers but also pop some balloons while doing so. This last option may seem simple enough but as playing progresses the number of obstacles increases making these levels quite challenging. Angry Birds Seasons MOD APK: this game has a lot of levels - 75 in total, each having a different location and character that opposes the player. The first one is made for beginners while the last ones are really hard to complete.- After completing the level you will need to restart it all over again (but with a new goal) so don't be surprised if after beating bosses more than once they start being less aggressive or shooting fewer projectiles at your bird. This way developer makes sure not only about getting bored but also testing players' patience.

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Here are the features of Angry Birds Seasons:

  • Explore 75 levels of aquatic, arctic and desert settings. - The game has colorful graphics with realistic effects that will make every player enjoy this adventure.
  • There are many obstacles on the way which you need to avoid or take advantage of to reach your goal. But don't worry! You can always use a slingshot to destroy them and save more birds' lives!
  • Tilt controls provide an intuitive control system for all ages while tap control is based on touch gameplay so everyone can join the fun too.
  • The game has a fantastic soundtrack that will enliven your mood and keep you going.
  • Angry Birds Seasons is free to download and play, with in-app purchases available for players who want an advantage over the pigs!

Final words

This game is a perfect sequel for Angry Birds fans! New levels, new birds and lots of fun await you. Download it now to get started on the adventure of your life!

FAQ about Angry Birds Seasons MOD

Do I have to pay for Angry Birds Seasons (MOD, Unlimited Coins) after downloading? No! You can enjoy this game without limits and costs. Your only concern is your battery life because you will be hooked on it once you start playing it! Download now to get started with the sequel of a lifetime! When is the next episode of Angry Birds Seasons coming? We don't know! Ask Rovio about that. All we know is that the next episode will be a lot of fun. What's Angry Birds Seasons MOD APK? It's a mod version of the game which you can download and enjoy without limits to achieve unlimited money, unlimited lives or other features.

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