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Download Animal Restaurant MOD APK (Unlimited Money) latest version for Android. Here you will experience an animal themed restaurant management gameplay.
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A restaurant simulation game with a unique style? You may be wondering what Animal Restaurant MOD APK is. Well, this game is developed by DH-Publisher, a studio from Hong Kong. Here you will experience an animal themed restaurant management gameplay unlike any other you have ever played before!

Introduce about Animal Restaurant

Animal Restaurant MOD APK is a unique combination of restaurant management and farming gameplay, with an emphasis on character development. It’s not only about the food in this game; it’s also about the cats! You’ll help them develop their own restaurant and get it up and running with engaging management action.

animal restaurant game

Interact with the brilliant and charming creatures in the game as if they were real people with their own histories. From gathering the ingredients to running the cafe and your company, to dealing with life-like customers and meeting other players from all across the world, work on every element of the business.

Discover more about this fantastic game from DH-Publisher by reading our in-depth reviews.

The story

A sweet family finds a lost wild cat. They intended to open a store, so they kept that cat as an employee to help them. When this amazing feline becomes an employee at the restaurant, you’ll begin the tale. It’s a slothful cat who just wants to eat but doesn’t do anything about it. However, this feline is capable of generating quite amusing situations that can make people laugh.

animal restaurant apk

Unique restaurant management simulation gameplay

The game is called Animals Restaurant and it’s under development. It doesn’t focus on making money, but rather on telling funny stories about everyday events at this hilarious restaurant. You start with basic tools to run the business in the beginning. Customers come in and buy dried fish after which they pay you with dried fish. The game’s currency, dried fish, is what you know.

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You will make a lot of dried fish if your company is successful. From there, you may expand your business by adding more bars, dessert tables, tea tables, and refrigerators… You also must acquire fresh goods in order to enhance your rating. If you have enough rating points, you may unlock more complex and beautiful objects.

animal restaurant mod

The game features a wide range of meals to select from. You won’t find them on the first day; instead, you must unlock and learn how to prepare them over time. The restaurant’s cuisine is influenced by several cultures. The most prominent will be Japanese dishes such as sushi and rice balls…

Animal Restaurant MOD APK has a flower garden and a buffet restaurant, in addition to the usual dining area. You may obtain a lot of rating points here.

A fun Android restaurant simulation game

This game is really funny, and the characters are quite “eccentric.” The chef Gumi is the owner of a restaurant with a bad boy aesthetic who is the first individual to be mentioned. Gumi isn’t afraid of anyone, even his clients. Following are the amusing consumers, each with their own unique personality. Customers have been known to pursue other customers in order to irritate them. However, there were also many nice and sociable customers.

animal restaurant download

Furthermore, in the restaurant, you may meet charming personnel. When they’re just having fun and don’t want to work, these employees are hilarious. The guy who works as Jiji is usually the waiter. If he works for 100 seconds, he must take a break of 250 seconds. You must increase his experience level and pay him more before he will work harder.

Water the gardens and gather supplies

All of the meals served at your Animal Restaurant are prepared using organic components, ensuring that your customers remain healthy. You may pet your cat workers and try to cultivate whatever you need thanks to the home garden, which is accessible from the backyard. From catching delicious fish to even obtaining steaks from your enchanted gardens, the interesting gameplay of Animal Restaurant MOD APK will allow Android users to fully immerse themselves in their agricultural activities.

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animal restaurant apk mod

Cute feline staff to work with

Android users may now hire a variety of fascinating and attractive feline employees to their restaurant to make the restaurant management game more engaging. Interact freely with the distinct animals, each with its own set of characteristics and appearance. Play with the amusing ragdoll cat, the tabby cat, the enormous orange cat, and even the competent cat chef as you construct your adorable feline eatery that is always ready to serve its animal pals. Have fun designing your adorable feline establishment that is always prepared to serve its animal visitors.

Listen to learn about your customers and their lives

Customers can interact with Android gamers to improve their dining experiences in the game. Select your favorite clients and talk to them to hear what they’re saying. Take note of their views on your services. Discuss ways to make their overall meal at a restaurant better. Or, be mischievous and quarrel with them in an animated debate. Most importantly, each unique consumer will have his or her own set of characteristics and backstory stories, making the simulation gameplay more relatable.

Hang out with your animal friends and share memories

Apart from operating a restaurant, Animal Restaurant MOD allows Android gamers to spend time with their animal friends and share unique experiences. Have fun discovering new things to do with your pals.

With the built-in camera, you can capture every moment of the game

To ensure that you can capture all of your special moments in the game, Animal Restaurant also includes a built-in camera option that will make taking photographs or recording gameplay on Android simpler. As a consequence, you may always go back and enjoy the game even more after reviewing your recorded video.

Compete against friends and internet gamers in leaderboards

In Animal Restaurant for Android, gamers can compete with their pals and players from all over the world in exciting leaderboard challenges. In the game, try your hardest to stay on top and gain special achievements. Not to mention that you may gloat about it to your friends who are also playing Animal Restaurant.

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To obtain great rewards, complete daily objectives

Animal Restaurant app has a straightforward but compelling plot that you can play through for hours. Aside from the primary game, the game offers many interesting daily tasks that you may engage in and collect special bonuses. Feel free to take on as many challenges with the restaurant company as you like, and enjoy the game even more.

Graphics and sound

The graphic design of this Animal Restaurant APK isn’t very sophisticated. It’s only made with basic anime cartoon-style 2D visuals. Animals are represented by amusing shapes, similar to those in children’s books. The items and the restaurant’s interior are also quite appealing.

The inside of the vehicle is up to you; it can be classic, contemporary, feminine, or Halloweenish. You may combine a number of styles to create a distinctive feel.

In addition, the game has a fun background music system that adds to the enjoyment factor. Many players, on the other hand, want each character’s actions to have sound effects. This would make the game more lively and realistic. Hopefully, this functionality will be included in future upgrades.


To make Animal Restaurant more appealing, we are now offering the free and unlocked version of the game on our website. On our website, we provide infinite in-game money to allow you to freely decorate and upgrade your restaurants. At the same time, the removed advertising will ensure that players are not disturbed while playing the game. All you have to do is download and install the Animal Restaurant Mod APK from our website, follow the instructions provided, and you’ll be ready to play in no time.

Final words

The Animal Restaurant is a business simulation with great design and excellent visuals. The game’s mechanics are straightforward: you purchase recipes and equipment to develop your restaurant, serve consumers, recruit staff, and improve your star rating in order to attract new customers. All of these tasks become much simpler and quicker using our system. Don’t put up with annoying advertisements for cash any longer, play for fun!

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