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Annelids: Online battle is an interesting 3D shooter game that allows you to enjoy the excitement of chicken gun like never before. Fight against other worms in epic worm battles, and enjoy hours of fun with this interesting new game! Now you can experience the free features of this game with Annelids MOD APK version.

About Annelids: Online battle

Annelids: Online Battle is an excellent game with high-quality visuals and basic controls. In this game, Android players will have the opportunity to participate in the entertaining action. Enjoy powerful gunfights and intense worm battles between the legendary worm soldiers. Avoid enemy attacks by digging holes across the maps, as well as finding ways to carry out your objectives. Make optimum use of numerous helpful power-ups and weapons to help you reach your goals.

annelids online battle game

  Play with each other in a variety of games modes, each with its own distinct adventure and gameplay. Play against real players using the online matchups options in Annelids MOD APK, or wage war against intelligent AI opponents in Worm actions with smart AI opponents. Enjoy the thrilling gameplay of worm activities as you progress, freely customising your worm soldiers and discovering intriguing game mechanics along the way. But most importantly, you'll undoubtedly discover that worm actions are significantly different from any games you've ever played before. As a result, the game is both intriguing and refreshing to play.


Annelids: Online Battle is a classic online battle arena game. The objective of the game is to compete against other players, but there is also a solo campaign without any story connection. Player fights for himself in most modes, with the exception of certain scenarios where he must participate as part of a team. In some modes, you must take control of a point or recover and deliver an enemy flag to your base before moving on. Getting more stars makes you happier . You may use real money or in-app purchases to buy premium weapons and modify your character's appearance.

annelids mod apk


  • Deathmatch – Begin by having a blast with the fantastic gameplay of Deathmatch, where you compete against one another in never-ending fights. Take on the ultimate fighting experiences and enjoy the entertaining action scenes as you go. Fight till you die, then resurrect to continue your enjoyment.
  • Team Deathmatch – For those of you who want a more team-oriented experience, there's the exciting Team Deathmatch in Annelids: Online battle, which allows Android gamers to get really involved in the game. Feel free to join your friends and teammates in hilarious and dramatic confrontations against other players if you like the addicting gameplay. Fight until one team reaches certain milestones or defeats the opposing side.
  • Capture the Flag – Capture the Flag is a captivating game that will keep Android gamers hooked. Here, you may immerse yourself in the engaging action gameplay and have fun with your friends in your missions to capture opposing teams' flags. At the same time, defend your flags from being stolen. The winner of the match is determined by which team possesses the flag first; thus, kills aren't important unless you manage to steal it first.
  • Conquest – Enjoy the ultimate conquest challenges while playing with other gamers in the fantastic worm shooter gameplay. Climb the conquest ladder by taking on numerous opponents and defeating them all as you complete conquests. Complete tasks to become the winner.
  • King of the Hill – For those of you who want to play the game in a more competitive way, King of the hill's thrilling action should get you excited. Enjoy both the activities and tactical elements as you devise methods for outmaneuvering your opponents.


The majority of the weapons in Annelids MOD APK are comparable to those seen in Worms. For example, your character can fire a bullet that bounces off tunnel walls, putting an opponent on ice or using accumulated projectiles to cover his position. Selecting weapon options is important. Some weapons have the potential to turn the tide of battle; others have the ability to neutralize your advantage. You must choose which weapon to use based on your preferences and the situation on the field. There are many aspects to consider while determining which one is best for you. It's worth getting started even if you don't like anything yet.

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Have fun with the multiplayer mode

Annelids: Online Battle allows up to six players to participate in multiplayer mode. You'll need more than just weapons to take down everyone. There are several categories available for all equipment, making it easy to choose the required components. Many different locations were included by the developers, which was appreciated by players. Today, there are approximately 15 battlefields. Each has its own set of features that characterize the landscape to one degree or another, giving an edge or posing a challenge. Take note of the characteristics since they play a significant role. If you can think about all of the usage aspects ahead of time, you'll profit from it. Once you've loaded up your gear, get moving towards your objective. It's simple enough, but aiming at first will be difficult due to the crawling involved. You must constantly crawl through tunnels, overcome numerous obstacles, and avoid opponents in order to be faster and more deadly.

annelids game


Simple and intuitive touch controls

To begin with, Android gamers in Annelids: Online will find themselves quickly acclimated to the interesting worm action gameplay owing to the simple and easy touch controls. Feel free to utilize the virtual analog controls to your advantage, utilizing a variety of options for your quick and accurate assaults. Using the useful direction button, you may direct your assaults in many ways. At the same time, you may link the game to any of your MOGA controllers or external Bluetooth gamepads, which will let you to further enjoy the thrilling action gameplay in Annelids: Online battle. Feel free to connect it to your favorite controllers and have fun with the action gameplay.

annelids online battle apk



Online Battle: This game has an extremely basic design. Effects and animation are not mentioned. It's as easy as it can be, and the device isn't complex. On the game menu's right side, look for a virtual joystick. Use it to control your character's movements. There is also a button that allows you to shoot bullets. Your hero's sight is always on, which means he or she never blinks out of existence when you're not looking at him or her. When you hit the worm correctly, he or she screams loudly.

Enjoy the unlocked gameplay with Annelids MOD APK

For those of you who want to play worm action games on your mobile devices in a more liberated and fun manner, we also have the modified version of the game available for download on our website. All it takes is for you to download and install the Annelids Mod APK on our website, follow the instructions provided, and you'll be ready to go.

Final words

Annelids: Online battle is a fantastic mobile game for Annelid fans. Annelids: Online battle offers Android players the ability to fully immerse themselves in the hilarious and amazing activities. Allow yourself to have fun with other players or by yourself in a variety of available game modes from worm adventures. To further enjoy Annelids: Online battle, modify your characters and gameplay as desired. And, most importantly, be sure to check out our website often for free and unlocked versions of the game!

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annelids online battle game

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