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Have you ever needed to clone an app in order to use your phone or tablet on multiple accounts? Now there is an app for that. Called App Cloner Premium, it makes duplicating apps easy. For instance, you have one smartphone but want to use two Facebook accounts. It is easy to understand. Using a family account, you can freely do all the things you like without being limited by your own device. A family account is for private communication and privacy-sensitive content. 

Introduce new version with high reputation

It can be embarrassing when applications do not work together. If you are not careful, you can unintentionally leave a phone plugged in and end up paying for something you did not want. It also does not work well with the app. Did you know that “force close on exit” is a privacy feature? This means that when you exit the application, everything that is still running will be forced to stop completely. This way, you can quickly get out of tight situations where you don’t want other people to see what you’re using. With the latest version of the app, you can use devices that support Android 12, which is very useful. This allows more Android devices to be utilized for more diverse purposes. With TV, you can connect multiple devices with the same Android operating system and make them work.

Experience with a completely new way of working

A smartphone can only operate with one app at a time. But with App Cloner, you can use the power of two smartphones to run the same app at the same time. The clone version of an app is independent of the original version. For example, if you have two social media accounts and want to log in to both at once, you would need to first log out from the first account before logging in to the second. Here's a neat trick: you can use this app to have two messenger apps running side-by-side. It can be done on one device, so you can message each other from your two accounts. One of the downsides of using an app cloner is that the mirrored app will not automatically update. If you update your original app, the cloned app will not automatically be updated as well. This can cause problems with your clone. Some people like to keep the original app stable, fast, and focused on their main objective. They may be scared of new updates that could cause instability.

An app that couldn't be better

What can App Cloner do? Well, for starters, it can create a copy of an app, and that is not all. It can also modify the app. With messaging apps, you can add any emoji you like! Another application that can be installed on your phone is Hyper Color. Besides the many color options, you can also make it more interesting than the original app. To make yourself different and stand out in the eyes of your friends, just a small upgrade is enough.

The unbelievably smart application system

You don't want people to know you have two accounts. Just change the name and icon to avoid detection. Other than that, there's not much to it. You can go a little further by hiding it in a secret file of many other identical clones. Android users need to know that they can also install an app onto an SD card. If you notice, some apps will force you to install it onto your phone's internal memory. This is a technological solution that needs to be promoted more because it can cause your phone to run out of space and become unusable quickly. Finally, you can disable the app from running in the background. This makes it much more secret. But the app must be started manually. All unique content can stay just as it is, and while you’re using it, you can make the app a floating window. Using multiple accounts at the same time will be easier.


With App Cloner, you won't have to log in and out between two accounts to copy a Facebook profile. Simply log in to your Facebook account and App Cloner will copy it for you. The app is useful for hiding ID and location, or fake IDs, incognito mode, and more.

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