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If you are looking for a simple io game for your mobile, download Arcade Hole Mod Apk game now. This is an entertaining game that offers you hundreds of levels to challenge you with simple but extremely engaging gameplay. In addition, you will also be impressed with the beautiful design and vivid graphics of the game, and you will feel relaxed, and enjoy your leisure time, so download the game to discover it right away. 

Introducing to Arcade Hole Mod Apk 

Arcade Hole is an entertaining arcade game with fun arcade gameplay for your Android device, published by Rollic Games. In this game, you will become a black hole without limits and you will collect things on the plane. Your black hole will swallow different items from small to large and push them out to turn them into money, and you can use them to upgrade your hole to be bigger and shred what you ate.

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Why should you download Arcade Hole Mod Apk? 

Arcade Hole Mod Apk is a modified version of the game we provide for free on our website Techtodown. In this mod version, we will provide you unlimited money, so that you can freely buy anything in-game you want without in-app purchases. Our mod version will also remove all ads to help enjoy the best entertainment time with this game. 

  • Unlimited money

Highlight features of Arcade Hole Mod Apk 


To play this game, you will turn into a black hole at each stage and your mission is to ingest various objects and deliver them to the designated location in exchange for payment. The game has a simple gameplay and you just need to press and hold your finger on the screen to do it.  

arcade hole apk

However, to consume as much as possible and make a lot of money, you will need to have a wise move strategy. The black hole has a limit and will become full if it is reached, so you will have to return multiple times to continue the addition process and exchange goods for cash. 

Many levels to challenge and experience 

The Arcade Hole game gives you many levels to challenge and experience, and you can access many items if you complete many levels. With a little hole, you can't swallow the object because it is getting larger and larger. 

arcade hole apk mod

The value of a thing increases with item size, so you will need to think about expanding your pit's capacity. On the game screen, a lot of new things will occur, encouraging you to play for a while without becoming tired of it and you have a chance to become a billionaire with just a few swipes of the screen. 

Discover brand-new objects 

In this game, you will have a chance to discover brand-new objects at every new level, including diamonds, gold bars, bells, gold coins, bitcoin coins, and more. The value of an item increases with level, so you try to pass many different levels and gain many valuable items.

In addition, when you progress through the levels, the game's context adapts, taking you to various locations like the beach and other color spaces. You will surely be immersed in the fascinating colors and interesting different places in this game. 

Upgrade a lot of things 

To consume more objects and make more money, you can upgrade a lot of things in Arcade Hole. You can increase your speed so you can travel between locations more quickly and continuously increase the speed.  

arcade hole apk all tables unlocked

In addition, you also need to consider the radius of the circle to store more items comfortably, and then you can purchase larger, more valuable jewels as a result. Finally, you can increase your capacity so that you can transport more stuff in a single journey and continuously upgrade for more money in this game. 

3D graphics engine 

The Arcade Hole game has a 3D graphics engine with an elegant yet straightforward design. In this game, the objects, the black hole, and the background make up the game's main visual. Therefore, you will experience a bright space and energizing to look at. Besides the impressive graphics, the sound in this game is enjoyable tunes that are calming and lively. 


That's all the Arcade Hole Mod Apk game. This is a free fun, entertaining arcade game to help you have a great time relaxing. The game will bring attractive graphics, suitable for great idle mechanics for both children and adults. Are you ready to earn coins and make the right upgrades to increase size, move speed and earn even more money in this game? 

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