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Digital games have come a long way in enhancing several aspects of our lives. We can race as recklessly as we want, we can join parties in wars, we can have superpowers and save the world, accomplishing things we would never do in our regular and normal lives with the Avakin Life Apk.

However, sometimes we are looking for games that could deliver the same experience available in regular life. Such is the Avakin Life experience. We can make life choices completely different from the ones we did. This way, we can end up being different people than we are in real life. The main goal of this game is becoming way more fashionable and glamorous than we achieved in the real world. Not only can you buy pieces from the top fashion brands in the world, as you can easily build your dream house.

avakin life logo over a background full of different characters

In this post, we will talk about some basic features in Avakin Life and, then, we will teach you how to download the game’s Mod Apk on your mobile device! Do not stop reading!

What can you do in Avakin Life?

travel option on avakin life
shop option on avakin life
profile page from avakin life

Playing Avakin Life, you will find a lot of opportunities to socialize with people from all around the world on several social occasions. You can receive people in your glamorous apartment, visit your friends, meet people working, or in the nightlife. Avakin Life delivers you the social life you always dreamed of.

choose your look window on avakin life with a female character with a cap and long black curled hair
choose your look window on avakin life with a female character with long red hair
choose your look window on avakin life with a male character holding a skateboard
choose your look window on avakin life with a male character wearing glasses and a floral sweter

As the game suggests, you can do everything in Avakin Life that you would do in your regular life. The difference is that you can choose much more freely who you want to be, and simply change anything as you wish. Everything from your name to your wardrobe can be changed in a matter of seconds. Using your creativity, you can create every kind of character to serve as your avatar in Avakin Life. Among several options of skin color, hair, clothes, accessories, and tattoos, you can look like, talk like, and act like anyone you want to. Use your imagination and build yourself a digital persona to spend time in this rich and glamorous environment!

main page on avakin life

Among other activities you can have fun doing in Avakin Life, there is:


The fashion assets available in the Avakin Life shop are updated twice a week. So, remember to check the shop frequently to discover to come up with new looks for your avatar!

shop menu in avakin life displaying the brand haute couture
shoe section in the clothing shop on avakin life
hair section in the clothing shop on avakin life

In the Shop, you can buy:

  • Clothing: this category not only covers tops, buttons, and footwear. This is also the place you should come to change your hair, makeup, and tattoos.
  • Animations: those made the game more fun by adding a layer of reality in the scenarios you visit. Get a huge collection of animations so you can attract the most attention to the game!
  • Petskins: if you ever dream of having a pink rabbit or an eagle as companionship, now you can! Come see the insane collection of petskins available in Avakin Life to bring more cheer to your second life.
  • Apartments: the most desirable apartments and houses the imagination can build are here! Some of them look like they are taken from films, others, from the most wealthy places in the world. After buying an apartment, you can customize it the way you want. This is a great opportunity to build a place only you will have in the entire world!
  • Furniture: After you have got your own place, fill it with funny and elegant furniture to custom it as only you can! Whether you want a throne in your living room or the most luxurious bathtubs, you will find it here!
  • Brands: in this section of the shop, you can purchase real-world brand accessories, clothing, and even furniture. There is a great collection of available brands, such as Nike, La Haute Couture, Chiara, Altair, Taiyo, SVMoscow, and much more. In Avakin Life, you get to wear each one of them!
snowflake forest retreat in avakin life
singapore villa in avakin life
shi yong chinese gardens in avakin life
malibu mansion in avakin life

Traveling, meeting people, and growing your social network

In the Avakin Life travel option, you can visit your friends’ apartment and look for available apartments, as well as public hosted apartments. You can still visit Social Spots, browse Jobs, and participate in Games. When you visit Social Spots, you log in to online chat on the server, while your avatar can interact with a 3D environment shared by the same people. In the left-hand bar, you can command your avatar to make facial expressions, special animations like dancing and posing, and activate the photo mode.

avakin life gameplay in a night club
avakin life gameplay in a dancing club

By clicking on any items or other player’s avatars, you can interact with them. Doing that will open the action bar, displaying the available options of interaction. Have fun trying some of the standard dances and animations to interact with others as creatively as possible! When you click on another player’s avatar, you can choose among many interactions with them, if they accept. You can dance together, do fist bumps, absurd poses like the Total Zenith, or you can simply add each other as friends in Avakin Life.

Fashion Contest

The Fashion Contest is where players come to prove their good taste in designing characters in Avakin Life. There are two roles you can play in. First, you can vote on the most elegant designs. Second, you can enroll in a contest to evaluate what your creativity is worth under the eyes of the other players.

avakin life voting on the contest
avakin life contest selection page

When entering a contest, mind they often have a theme. In the holiday season, it tends to have several thematic contests. Let loose your creativity and try your best to reach the highest positions. If you need inspiration, go check the best-rated designs in the Leaderboards.

Avakin Life Mod Apk

To enjoy Avakin Life, you need Avacoins to buy assets from the stores and customize your dream persona. As it takes a lot of effort and time, you can try the Avakin Life Modded Apk. This modified version of the game unlocks every item in the store, allowing you to use them without buying, The sad part, however, is that the other players will not be able to see your avatar wearing items acquired this way. Since Avakin Life is an online game, modifying resources like items (and even the Avacoins) is impossible. The best you can do is to access these features and look nice for yourself. To download the Avakin Life Mod Apk, just find a good and trustworthy source online. Download it directly on your mobile phone. Afterward, whether you use Android or iOS, you have to change its settings to enable the installation of unknown apps. The process is different depending on your operational system. On Android, follow this path: Settings > Biometrics and security > Install unknown apps. Once you click on this last option, you will see a list of all the apps installed on your phone. To enable the installation of third-party Apk files from one of them, you just have to click on it and to switch the button to On. Do it to your preferred internet browser and download the Avakin Life Mod Apk directly from it on your mobile device. Once you do it, go through the whole installation process normally and the game will be ready to run on your phone! We hope you enjoyed our post! Leave your comments below! See you in the next post!

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