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While the stock camera apps on your Android devices may handle most of your day-to-day activities with ease, if you're serious about the quality of your photos, they might not be the best place to start. That being said, B612 is a beauty camera app that you'll want to check out. Not only will they allow you to take stunning portraits with special beauty effects added, but the extra filters and intriguing edit options will also help you capture amazing photographs and dramatic images. Unlike your dismal camera apps, B612 may be used on all of your Android devices without issue. Feel free to take amazing photographs and videos with the mobile app as you wish, thanks to its discreet operation. Also, make sure there are plenty of useful options enabled; this will make your mobile app a lot more user-friendly and functional. And most importantly, whether you have any prior experience taking pictures or not, you can operate the mobile app with ease.

What can you do with B612 Mod APK?

In this B612 Mod APK, you may use the completely functional camera app to capture stunning photographs and amazing videos with ease. Set up a variety of basic yet very effective modifications in the software to improve your landscape photos, remove any flaws from your portraits, and record movies of the highest quality. Discover over 1500 stickers with distinct visual components and motifs to utilize. Have fun discovering the incredible beauty impacts that allow you to capture your photos in one try. Experiment with hundreds of filters accessible in the mobile software so you can work on your pictures from anywhere. Also, unlock a plethora of interesting music and sounds that will add interest to your videos.


Highlight features of B612 Mod APK

1000+ interesting stickers

Android users in B612 can use the mobile app to enjoy working with a large number of fascinating stickers. Feel free to pick between 1500 stickers with amazing effects that will undoubtedly wow you. Try out the awesome face recognition stickers, which may totally distort your face with fantastic effects or transform you into cute creatures and animals. At the same time, work with B612's stunning shiny effects and elegant analog filters, which will genuinely brighten your day.

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Amazing beauty effect

For those of you who are curious, B612 also has a variety of beautiful settings that you may use with confidence. Feel free to pick any real-time effect to apply on your live camera right now. This should make it simpler for you to choose the proper effects for each shot. Allow lovely skins on your characters, and let the program adjust your face shapes automatically and naturally. Unlock several unique BeautyPlus effects that are currently available in the mobile app. Whenever you need them, enjoy the ideal shooting conditions.

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Collection filters

The B612 app also includes a tool to apply intriguing visual effects to your photographs in a matter of seconds. To rapidly provide distinctive visual impressions on your photos, the supplied transforms will undoubtedly do the job. You can use the software to bring many high-quality effects for a variety of images, including selfies, landscapes, food, and more. Have quick access to any of your favorite filters and experiment with several others to discover the ones that work best for your shots.

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Add music and sounds to your video

Users can now add a variety of music files to their selected videos, which will make the content more interesting. With lots of copyright-free music and intriguing sound effects, B612 makes selecting between hundreds of options simple. You may freely pair your exciting songs with appropriate films for an even better visual experience. You may also include numerous detailed sound settings to produce playback experiences that are more dynamic.

Using AR technology

Android users are now able to utilize AR technology in B612, which will allow them to generate a fantastic video on their creative projects. Transform your face into lovely animals, anime characters, or intriguing figures, all of which will add zest to your photographs and videos. Enjoy using the app's various choices and seeing what new beauty you can discover.

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Interesting with feature boomerang videos

For those of you who are still unconvinced, B612 gives you the opportunity to utilize boomerang videos in your captured footage, resulting in unique visual experiences. Have fun with the great loop films and hilarious video clips that will spice up your phone's camera app.

Many great editing tools

B612 also has a variety of basic tools for you to work with, in addition to standard editing functions, so you can modify your photos and videos. Enjoy the traditional photo editing interface, which includes many discoverable options for you to play with. Also, utilize intuitive keyframe editing to make the whole procedure a lot easier by simply selecting any frame that you want to edit, choosing any desired effects or filters, and quickly applying any selected changes to your movies.

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Great for collages photos and videos

B612 also offers a variety of video and photo collages that allow you to mix and match many of your photos and videos. Feel free to modify any of the existing templates in the mobile app to create your own customizations. Create a single photograph or video collage with all of your cherished moments. To share your memories online, unload and publish your film/video.

FAQ about B612 Mod APK

Will B612 Mod APK work with all Android phones?

  • Nope. B612 Mod APK only works on Android 5.0+ devices

Does B612 Mod APK take up much storage space on my device?

  • It will take up at least 100 MB on your device.

Can I use a rooted device with B612 Mod APK?

  • You won't need to do anything special.


B612 is a must-have upgrade for any Android phone. While you can always use your built-in camera apps to take pictures and videos, B612 is unquestionably an exceptional improvement that you don't want to pass up. That said, with the aid of several in-app features and the utilization of your gorgeous footage, you may now do things no one else can. Enabling high-resolution photos and videos with all kinds of amazing effects will undoubtedly amaze you and others.

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