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Beam of Magic Mod Apk is an action game that combines adventure and monster hunting. Explore all the maps, the nooks and crannies waiting for you to pass.
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November 28, 2021
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I’m so excited to introduce you guys to another awesome game today. The beam of Magic is a new roguelike with an open world and monster-hunting combat! It will be the kind of game where when your character dies, they must go back into town for players can continue their journey on this adventure map full of monsters just waiting for them around every corner.


Introducing Beam of Magic

You are a hero in the world of Beam of Magic. You battle monsters and explore dungeons, gaining experience to level up! There’s always something new waiting around every corner-a secret room filled with gold coins or powerful loot just out of sight. The game features a variety of side quests and training to make sure you’re ready for anything when facing off against tough enemies like these guys.

“Specialties” randomly combine when leveling up

The ability to combine skills in Beam of Magic is a special feature that creates constant excitement for players. They will look forward each time they level up, knowing there’s something new on the horizon! The game’s combat system rewards creativity by giving you three random abilities out of so many possibilities every single time; it also gives your attacks an interesting twist with these strange “combos.”


The game’s fast-paced combat is both exhilarating and exhausting. Though you might be able to get through the levels quickly enough not have time for identifying each enemy’s weaknesses, it would pay off in saved labor by simply knowing where their weak points are!

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Fast-paced combat

In Beam of Magic, all the action happens at a breakneck pace. The game won’t slow down for long storytelling or complicated combat mechanics; instead, it puts you straight into gameplay with its exciting quick level-ups and how monsters appear in front or right behind your character as they fight to protect their village from an impending threat. In addition, there’s no time wasted when loading between areas because everything – including movement speed- was built around being fast!

When you play roguelike game-like games, there’s always a sense of accomplishment from overcoming such challenges. And it makes me feel amazing when I’m able to overcome all these obstacles on my way through; for every sweaty hand that presses down in frustration and rage at losing yet another battle or challenge before winning late into this stressful journey–there is also a relief because within each victory lies an even more precious gift: Yourself!


Quests and companions are not very smart

You are a brave adventurer in the world of Beam of Magic. Explore dark alleyways to find small monsters that you can kill for experience points, or explore open areas around your base with giant boss fights looming overhead! When enough kills have been accumulated at one point during gameplay (after an upgrade), all progress made will be saved so there’s no need to start over again if something goes wrong later down the line.

Next to you will also be a companion, but this time it’s not your average human. Let me tell ya: The AI on these friends isn’t too good; they can confuse even eyes sometimes–in my experience at least one of them never makes sense (even though I think he might’ve been an alien). But maybe what we need is less help from any companions?


Immerse yourself in vivid graphics and sounds

The sound of Beam of Magic makes you feel like a superhero as soon as the game starts. The first time I fired my weapon, it made such an impact that no matter what else is going on in-game or out–the bullets are hitting their mark every single time! I love the feeling of excitement I get when exploring new levels. It’s like entering a war full of sound and energy, making you feel hot with anticipation!


The Beam of Magic’s 3D graphics is impressive, with different levels to the design and color tone. The most memorable visual effects are probably super-smooth movements from the main character as well as monsters’ attacks combined with colorful lights emitted outwards from weapons in battle scenes; this world isn’t so beautiful but good enough for players to focus on continuous battles without any distractions or Poes delicious.


Download the game now and join other players in this online mode! You might find it more interesting with a group of allies. The sequel to Equestria Girls: Friendship Games will let you experience all kinds of adventures that only exist on paper or screen, but can’t wait until its release? Download our free app before November 10th so we have enough time for testing!




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