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Life is full of possibilities. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you were born in a different plan? For example, with different parents? With different young age? Made different childhoods friends? And what would have happened if you had made different life options? How would your life be? For curious minds, there is Bitlife published by publisher Candywriter, especially the mod apk version. This game simulates the life of a fictional person and puts you in her or his shoes. As in real life, you get to pick all the important choices but you do not decide where you were born, who your parents, brothers, and sister are, nor the current events. The goal is to live life the best you can and to die happy.

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In this post, we will explain how the game works and what to do to influence the outcomes by making good life choices. Finally, we will show you the Bitlife Mod apk - simulation game latest version - time machine on your Android mobile device and link free download to the game! Keep reading!

Bitlife Gameplay

As mentioned, you receive a character in the same way you inherit some basic information when you are born. You do not pick your gender, name, race, place, nor family. Your character has four main basic indicators bars: Happiness, Health, Smarts, and Looks. Every one of them impacts her or his well-being and satisfaction through life.

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bitlife main screen displaying a 19 years old character

To influence your character’s status bars, there are several activities you can fulfill. Depending on the relationships you build, you have more or fewer options. There is no actual limit to who you can become during Bitlife life simulator. Among the activities you can pull off, there are options like go to the doctor, and other more radical, such as committing a crime. The fun of the game is to make choices as you would never do in real life to see which outcome you will reach. Your goal as you play Bitlife is to end life happily. Of course, happiness can mean a lot of different things. The choices will also define what is a happy life for your character. Whether it is having a giant net worth or fulfilling your dream of being a world champion, seek it in the best way you can. Note that the game does not save itself automatically. Every time you are done making life choices and want to go back to your own life, remember to go to game Settings and save the game. You will find the Setting menu in the upper-left corner of the main dashboard of the app. Bitlife- life simulation game is an ad-supported app. Throughout the game, you will be forced to watch long advertisements between each activity. The ads are not the problem, but they hinder the performance of your phone when running Bitlife. The game itself is light, but the ads You can pay a few dollars to remove the ads, or you can become a Bitizen. This is the equivalent of a VIP or a Premium account for Bitlife. A lot of exclusive resources become available as you acquire a Bitizenship. You can interact with stakeholders in your primary occupation (like teachers and your boss), and a lot more.

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Another paying privilege in Bitlife Mod apk is God Mode. This is not included in the Bitizenship. In God Mode, you can edit anything from people’s names, status, and appearance. You can also decide your character features before you are born. Maybe you like: BitLife Dogs Mod APK

Dealing with your Assets in Bitlife

In the earlier stages of the game, the best way of starting to build your fortune is to ask for money for people and collecting heirlooms. Heirlooms are special findings you will acquire through life. They are available every 24 hours, and you can not control the worth of each one. Owing money will allow you to buy gifts for people, which is good to build solid relationships. It will also allow you to gamble. Visit the casino, horse races, and others to risk your current stash for higher prizes. The game also gives you the opportunity to more rational investments, like starting a business or investing in stock markets. The fastest way of getting your hand in more money is committing a crime. The consequences, of course, are the more radical. Getting caught, you can spend time in jail in Bitlife. By doing that, you will certainly hinder your status bar and will risk dying unhappy in the end. There are two main assets in Bitlife: Money and Social Media. Social Media is your online presence and can impact your popularity and future income. As in life, you can manage your digital identity on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and many more.

Bitlife Tips and Tricks

There is no need to play a lot of lives before you understand how the game mechanics works. The game is about life, so the gameplay is highly intuitive. Each decision you do in the earlier stages of life will affect the later outcomes. The more you stay in touch with your friends, for instance, the happier you get. Like life itself, the game will throw hard situations at you that can harm your status bars. Pay attention mostly to happiness. To counterattack life, do a lot of activities with your friends and family. Spend time with them, make compliments, and buy them gifts, party, get special pets, have a lot of conversations. A single year is enough to drain your character out of happiness. Your parents may divorce, your cat may die, your job may also be lost or you may lose a friend. If that is the case, fulfill the more activities you can and improve your relationship with people. Invest in your mind and body by taking Jiu-Jitsu lessons and going for a walk. If you are finding that your character is weak in one particular status, it is easy to raise its level. For instance, your character may not be a sharper tool in the box. Read 3 books per year will easily enhance your Smarts bar. Also, prevent future problems. To ensure a good Health bar, consult a medic at every single age.

Bitlife Unlocked Bitizenship/God Mode: Apk Mod Download

Features of Bitlife -Life Simulator Mod version

BitLife Mod Apk v2.7.3 (Bitizenship, God Mode Unlocked). Download the latest update for your Android device and it's free to simulation your life the way you want it to. The Modded version of BitLife - Life Simulator unblocks the Bitizenship/God mode and removes the ads. Depending on the version you find online, it may come with the God Mode. Since Bitlife consumes a lot of CPU, stopping the ads is a great way of better-enjoying VIP features in Bitlife Mod Apk without using real money.

Download Bitlife Mod Apk

The only thing you have to mind before installing the game is to ensure your phone can install apps from unknown sources. This process will happen automatically when you open the Bitlife life simulator mod Apk file, but you can be a step ahead and give permission already. On Android you won't be able to download it from Google Play, make the following path: Settings > Biometrics and security > Install unknown apps. In this section, look for your most-used browser and switch to On the permission to install unknown apps. After that, you are all set to download Bitlife Mod Apk and install it with god mode unlocked, ads unlock VIP features on your Android device! So you're a successful installation guide Bitlife mod. Let's enjoy the difference between the original apk/Google Play of Life Simulator Bitlife and the mod.


Download the Bitlife mod apk - time machine for your device and start living a life that’s never been lived before from when you were kids until you passed away. The world/lives differently are waiting to be discovered, and with this game, you can do just that without ever leaving home! If you want to experience something new today, download the Android bitlife mod apk now - we promise you won't regret it!. What are you waiting for? Get started exploring right away by downloading the Bitlife mod apk on your devices today. We hope you enjoyed our post! If you have any tips on life mods to play Bitlife Mod apk 2.6.4 - a new version from now on, feel free to leave a comment! See you in the next post!

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