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Black Hole Hero MOD APK is a third-person simulation game in which players take on the role of a real-life hero. You will be tasked with keeping the peace in the entire city against the notorious Mafia gangs. Prepare yourself, for there will be a lot of puzzles to complete in this game.

What is special in Black Hole Hero?

Black Hole Hero is an open-world action game in which players are free to do as they choose. Essentially, this is a game from HGames-ArtWorks, a publisher with a long history of creating well-known open-world games. Specifically, you will transform into a true hero with an unattractive appearance.

Your sole mission is to beat all other Mafia groups in the city to keep the citizens safe. You can sometimes use accessible superpowers to destroy anything you desire, but you must accept responsibility for your actions. So, in this game, the border between good and bad is razor-thin; who will you choose?

Free to do as you choose in Black Hole Hero APK!


I want you to know the traits of the main character in Black Hole Hero before you begin the adventure since he is unique. This figure, in particular, has no actual face and a smooth, translucent body. In this game, the method for creating a hero picture is rather intriguing. He's not as muscular as Thor or as erect as Superman. This may seem unusual at first, but trust me when I say that once you get to know this guy, you will fall in love with him in no time.

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Come into the criminal underworld of Las Vegas

Have you ever heard of Las Vegas, the world's most crime-ridden city? If you do not know where to start, this game will help you get started. Black Hole Hero invites players to enter the realm of crime, where they may do whatever, they want and break no rules. Prepare to rob, kill, shoot, and battle your way through the adventure. Controlling all of the supercars, bicycles, eluding the police, racing through the streets, and shooting down competing gangs are all good ideas. In addition, if you enjoy taking on new challenges, Black Hole Hero offers over 20 distinct missions to choose from. The player will be required to eliminate all Mafia gangs across the city in the majority of these tasks. They will not be easily beaten, of course.

Black Hole Hero offers over 20 distinct missions to choose from

In this free open-world game, you may explore the enormous city, ride the mountain routes, steal and drive supercars, fire guns, and much more! Perform BMX antics or track down the ultimate F-90 tank or a lethal combat helicopter.

  • There are a total of 20 adventure quests in this game.
  • 40 distinct vehicles, including military vehicles, helicopters, fighters, and more.
  • Skateboarding is a visually appealing sport with high-definition visuals and characters.
  • There are a variety of firearms to choose from.
black hole hero mod apk unlimited money android

Make use of excellent skills

Black Hole Hero is not your typical hero. Because he was born from a cosmic black hole, he acquired a wide range of skills. He can typically suck everything into space in a matter of seconds, unleash ballistic missiles to annihilate opponents in a fraction of a second, and so on. In addition to these exceptional abilities, the game's weapon system will assist you directly during the fight. Weapons such as the Pistol, Carbine, Revolver, CQ16, QK 47, and even the Minigun, RPG, and Flamethrower will make it easier for players to finish tasks. To defeat the opponent, all you have to do is demonstrate your skill to aim precisely and touch the fire symbol on the screen.

Black Hole Hero APK's weapon system will assist you directly during the fight

Keep an eye on the health index

Your ability to win this game will be determined by the health stats presented on the screen. You should pay attention to three stats: armor, health, and mana. For the main character's safety, each stat will be highly essential. As a result, lowering one of the three stats to an alarming level reduces the damage dealt by all of the character's skills and weapons. Your character will perish if one of these three stats is exhausted.

Change the look of your character

To make the game more engaging, Black Hole Hero lets players freely customize their character's look. The majority of these decorative things will cost money to purchase. If you wish to modify the appearance of the main character, you must actively participate in the mission. Also, keep in mind that iGameHot's Black Hole Hero MOD APK version will provide you with limitless coins.

Stunning 3D visuals

The graphic quality of Black Hole Hero also provided us with the appropriate sense of vitality. The game's details are thoroughly documented, realistically, and as true to reality as possible. Furthermore, the explosion effects are fantastic. If you enjoy action games with high-definition visuals, Black Hole Hero is a game you should not miss.

Black Hole Hero is a game you should not miss

Black Hole Hero MOD APK latest version

MOD features

  • Unlimited LootBoxes
  • Skins Unlocked
  • Houses Unlocked
  • Dogs Unlocked


Black Hole Hero MOD APK is a unique open-world action game with a lot of fascinating components. If you are searching for a mafia game with a "cosmic level", this is the game for you. In this game, will you be the nice man or the bad person? To answer the following question, please download the game to your computer.

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