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The world of technology can be a lot more distracting than it seems. From your phone and other devices making constant noise to the websites you visit on them, all those distractions make focusing on what matters difficult at best! The distraction of multiple applications and websites on your phone can easily distract you from what should be done. These distractions take up time, making it harder for you to get work done efficiently in the first place!

Introducing BlockSite Premium APK

What if your phone were like a therapist, always ready to redirect you back into reality? The answer is yes! That's why we created Focus. With the touch of one button; it can be turned off distractions and allow users access only those apps they need for work or school - not time-consuming Facebook games (yikes). BlockSite is the best productivity app for blocking websites you don't want to access and keeping yourself distracted. It also enables useful work modes, designed to keep you hooked on working experiences! The goal of the IQOS is to make your life easier and more productive. The task manager allows you to easily stay focused on whatever tasks you are going through, while also providing impressive tools for disconnecting yourself from phone addictions. And most importantly, this program helps manage time so in turn makes our screen experience much better!
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Explore BlockSite Premium APK Features

Remove all harmful websites or apps

Working on your phone is not just distracting but also takes up time that could be better spent working. Here at BlockSite, we want you to get more done in fewer amount of hours by blocking out harmful websites and applications while giving yourself freedom for what matters most - focusing solely on the task at hand!

Turn on work mode and fully focus

You can now work without distractions! You'll have the perfect time to take care of yourself with Work Mode in BlockSite. With this new feature, you're able to set your pomodoros and breaks for when everything must be done quickly or slowly as needed - all while blocking out distracting sites outside work-related matters entirely.
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Adult content pane

You can now keep your cell phone safe from adult content with the new BlockSite app. This fantastic mobile application will block any websites that contain inappropriate material, such as pornography and nudity to avoid triggering those easily distracted by these topics or who may not know how they work yet on a computer screen.

Create a schedule and maintain a routine

With the BlockSite mobile app, you can effortlessly schedule your day and access certain websites or apps at specific times of the day. The best part is that it's easy with this helpful tool!

Manage your time easily

With BlockSite, the world of time-saving apps is now open for all. The features on this one app can help you get rid of your harmful habit and make use of a blocked site to effectively manage yourself in a single day so that more isn't lost due to only 10 minutes every night!
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Turn on protection for blocked sites

The interesting mobile application of BlockSite does offer its password protection which can be used to further secure your apps. As a result, you won't find yourself wasting time on unproductive on-screen experiences and have more available time for the great things in life!

Prevent app uninstall

A BlockSite app is an excellent tool for anyone looking to boost their productivity. The Uninstall prevention feature ensures that you can’t be bothered by any other sites or applications, which means the user will have fewer distractions when working on tasks at hand.

Customize blocked services

BlockSite is a free app that lets you block any website on your Android device. It also allows for customized blocking of services and redirects when accessing blocked sites, so there's no need to worry about being constantly shown funny images while trying to access these restricted pages!
BlockSite Premium APK Free Download latest version 2021

Your cross-device experience with the app

The BlockSite app is a great way for you to explore the world and follow your curiosity. Not only does it offer an engaging experience, but also syncs data between different platforms so that users can take advantage of any device they choose- whether it's their Android phone or PC running Chrome!


The free and unlocked app of BlockSite provides all the features that you need for your moment in-app enjoyment. All it requires is downloading with ease from our website, following step-by-step instructions on how to do so without any problems! For those of you who are interested in the mobile application BlockSite, which features multiple benefits that can help get over an addiction to certain apps and websites. Along with Adguard's ad-free experiences for your device protection from inappropriate contentions through the Block site.

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