Angry Birds 2 adds new tunes with new characters

November 24, 2022 admin
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Rovio Entertainment just announced a new bird character for Angry Birds 2 named "Melody", who uses her musical skills to take down many opponents. This is going to be one player you won't want to miss out on!

The new Angry Birds 2 flock character is called Melody and she has special musical powers to add more diversity to the main crew. Her reveal was presented in a gameplay clip depicting her against pig enemies, which you can check out here! A blog post detailing all things related to this awesome bird was also released on Rovio Entertainment’s website today.

The action-puzzle game has been downloaded by millions of people and it is still one the most popular installments in the Angry Birds franchise. The latest addition to this cast includes a socially awkward Bomb, who can be thrown at enemies with Parkinson's Law efficiency thanks to his ability that makes him pop up every time he hits something; we also have Mighty Eagle flying bird with majestic flight speed but limited range when carrying out attacks on pigs because they needn't worry about falling down holes as regular bricks do!

Melody, the newest addition to Rovio's Angry Birds world is seen inhaling different items and launching them back out at her enemies in an attempt to take down a wall of green pigs. She single-handedly eliminates all opposition before returning afterward with victory smiles on both their faces as they selfie together in the post-gameplay clip ending scene!

The newest addition to the Angry Birds family, Melody will be available for all players starting today in a limited-time event. This character has been said to add more freedom and strategy by letting you build your own team from classic characters like Red or Bomb Bird along with other special birds!

The Angry Birds series has been through a lot in recent years. Some would say too much success can make an app bad for your health, as it seems like there are always reports of glitches and bugs tarnishing the experience to some degree with each new addition but maybe this time around things will be different. With quite possibly one or two spinoff games under their belt already (PEGI rated them all), plus movies/TV shows on top channels such as BBC America - does anyone else think these fat birds might just get lucky once again?