Coin Master Free Spins: the full guide on how to play and how to get daily Free Spins

Coin Master is a village building and slot machine game. It is one of the most popular games played on mobile devices. Extremely appealing for its simplicity and for involving a lot of luck, it can make you stick on your phone for hours!

The main attraction of the game is its slot machine. To play, the user must acquire spins. Since the game is so dynamic, the players often find themselves out of spins very quickly!

So, in this post, I will explain all the best ways to get free spins for Coin Master daily! I will also explain all the game’s main features one by one after that!

So, read on!


How to get Daily Free Spins in Coin Master

3 milion coins

25 spins

3 milion coins

25 spins

September 13
25 spins

25 spins

25 spins

25 spins

3 milion coins

September 12
25 spins

25 spins

25 spins

September 11
25 spins

3 milion coins

25 spins

10 spins, 1 million coins

25 spins

25 spins

September 10
3 milion coins

25 spins

3 million coins

3 million coins

September 9
25 spins

25 spins

25 spins

25 spins

10 spins, 1 million coins

September 8
10 spins, 1 million coins

25 spins

10 spins, 1 million coins

3 million coins

10 spins, 1 million coins

September 7
25 spins

25 spins

3 million coins

25 spins

September 6
25 spins

Coin Craze event

3 million coins

25 spins

35 spins

September 5
25 spins

10 spins, 1 million coins

25 spins

25 spins

25 spins

September 4
25 spins

10 spins, 1 million coins

25 spins

25 spins

September 3
25 spins

3 million coins

3 million coins

10 spins, 1 million coins

25 spins

September 2
25 spins

25 spins

25 spins

3 milion coins

25 spins

September 1
25 spins

10 spins, 1 million coins

25 spins

25 spins

The official social media accounts of Coin Master post daily links that grant free spins for players. You should follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get the links. Also, be aware of special events that can give you more spins and special items such as chests, cards, and pets!

8 ways of Getting Free Spins at Coin Master

Every player has a limit of 50 spins in her or his pool. As you will notice, you will often find yourself out of spins very quickly. So, check those tactics to acquire free spins!

1.    Connecting your Facebook account

Just for connecting your Facebook account with Coin Master, you get 1 million free coins and 50 free spins. This is enough to fill up your entire pool of spins!

Connecting your Facebook account also gives you other benefits. Beyond getting the entire pool of spins filled, you can play with your friends. That means you can attack and raid their villages when you get the chance!

The second extra benefit is to save your game. When you play only as a guest, you do not save your progress. In other words, the minute you leave the game, your progress is irremediably lost. To play again, you will have to start over.


Here, it is worth reminding you. To connect your Facebook account, you are only required to share your name and profile picture. The game will ask also for your email address and your friend’s list.

You can choose not to share those pieces of information by deselecting the on/off button on the Facebook app as shown in the image below.


Despite that, if you want to play with your friends, you must share your friend’s list with Coin Master. If you only go for the 50 free spins and do not care with whom you play, you can deselect and still earn this bonus.

2.   Inviting other people to play

By inviting friends, you get 30 free spins. If you are very popular and have lots of friends, then you have an amazing resource from which to pull up new free spins!

You can send the invitations by sharing a link or sending to directly through messenger. For the latter, you must connect your Facebook account.

Of course, you will not get your reward until Coin Master knows your friend has indeed signed to play the game. It means your friend must connect her to his Facebook account before you get the rewards. Remember to tell her or him!


3.   Completing a village and passing to another

When you upgrade all of your current village’s assets, you can go to another village. In the process, you receive 30 free spins to gather resources on your new map!

4.   Ask friends for spins (and sometimes give it back)

Sometimes your friends are not playing the game, but are filled with spins. Do not hesitate to ask them!

5.   Complete Villages

As you progress in the game and complete villages, you will earn free spins. So, keep playing and upgrading your buildings to level up and receive more free spins.

6.   Complete Card collections

As you complete cards, free spins are included in the rewards. This can take time, but the amounts gained tend to be worth it!

7.   Just Wait

Each hour, you will earn 5 free spins at Coin Master. In a night of sleep, this is almost the full pool. So, just waiting a bit may be your best tactic to earn lots of free spins!

8.   Keep hitting the slot machine!

The more you play, the more odds you have to gain an energy bulb and earn 10 free spins. Then, do not hold back and keep hitting the slot!

How to Play Coin Master

When you first land on the game, you get your first village. By this time, your village is empty and you have to start building it. You start with 75,000 coins to buy new props to populate your village.

Start buying your first house and you get a star. Each new item you build, a new start is added to your pool. The moment you reach 20 stars, you can acquire a new village. But until there, you have much work and spinning to do.

Sliding the screen down will get you to the famous Coin Master slot machine. You can use this slot machine to earn coins to improve your village. However, the best use is to raid and attack other villages (your friends’ included!).

Hitting Jackpot: using the slot machine

The possible icons in the slot machine are:

  • Bag of coins: When you get more than one of these icons, you earn coins. This is an effect only the bag has: you are rewarded even if you do not hit all three in the row. However, as you could expect, the rewards are higher if you hit three. Two bags of coins will give you 10,000 coins, and three will give you 80,000 coins.


  • Single Coin: Hitting those icons will also earn you coins, but fewer than the icon above. If you hit 3 in the slot machine, you only get 20,000 coins, enough for the lesser building. Not much, but it is still something.
  • Energy Bulb: This battery-like icon is my favorite icon. It has no special powers beyond giving you 10 free spins at the slot machine! So, hitting this one, you gain a lot more potential advantages and fun!
  • Thor Hammer: This is the hit you were longing for! By getting 3 Thor Hammers, you can attack other player’s villages and raid them to get more coins. This is the best way to acquire more coins faster, since destroying another player’s building will earn you several ones in the act.


  • Viking Shield: The shield is an important collectible item in this game. It has the power to cancel an attack on your village. Thus, it prevents other players from destroying your building and raiding your village. You can have up to three shields in your pool. The downside of this prize is that it is wasted if you already have 3 shields in your pool. However, you get back the spin.
  • Pig Thief: This is the best trick in the slot machine. With this masked pig, you guarantee you will get the other player’s coins, regardless if they have a Viking shield or not! However, there is still luck involved. When you hit the pig at the slot machine, you have three shots to dig up the Coin Master’s village out of four spots. There is no guarantee there is a coin in each of them, and each spot has different amounts. So, depending on which you chose, you can get rich or leave with empty hands.


If you spin the slot machine and still do not get any matching icons, you can still earn between 1,000 and 5,000 coins. It depends on which icons are hit. You only gain coins if the icons of the bag of coins or the single coins appear in the row.

After a few tries on the slot machine, you will unlock the auto spin. To use it, just press the button and the game will keep spinning until you are depleted of spins! This is great to automate your game while you focus on other things.


Attacking your friend’s villages


When you attack another village (after you hit three Thor Hammers in the slot machine), there are only two possible outcomes:

  1. Your attack is successful! You destroy one of the player’s buildings and earn her or his coins in the process. Nice one!
  2. The player you attacked had a shield in her or his sleeve, meaning your attack is unsuccessful. Instead of destroying a building, the village remains intact. However, you still get some coins, but fewer than you would get if the raid was fulfilled. Best luck with the next one!

If your village was successfully attacked by one of your friends, you will have the chance to strike back. This option is called revenge in the game and it is available after you nail all three Thor Hammers in the slot machine and earn an attack.

The revenge option button sits at the top of the screen during the attack. This way, you can choose the player you want to attack from a list of people who attacked you most recently. Then, you can get the sweet taste of revenge when you get their coins!


To raid another player’s village, you have to hit the pig thief in all slots. When this happens, you are bound to raid the Coin Master that appears at the top of your slot machine. The player featuring as Coin Master is always changing, but you do not get to choose which one to raid.


As said above, luck plays its part in the raid. You get a few shots at digging up your target’s treasure but you do not know how much you can make by it. In general, there is one empty spot. If you choose to dig up all the three filled with coins, you will have made a perfect raid.


Note you can always brag about your raids on Facebook.

Improving your village

Not all activities in Coin Master are about spinning the slot machine. You still have some house tending to do. That means you can build more props to improve your building. This is the only thing that will raise your star collection and level you up.


At Coin Master’s village shop you can buy five assets to your village:

  • Housing
  • Statue
  • Farm
  • Pigsty
  • Viking boat

Each village asset can be upgraded four times. Each upgrade grants you another star. So, upgrade each building to earn as many stars to level you up. The game progress is made by acquiring more stars and acquiring more villages to yourself.

Apart from granting you the extra start, each upgrade you make on your village’s assets does not have any effect beyond looking cooler.


After each asset is fully upgraded, your village is completed and you can move forward to another. That means the fun starts all over again: you can progress to another scenario!

The World Map

Vikings were great explorers. So, in Coin Master, they will not hold themselves in their world. As you progress in the game, earning more stars, you will travel to other places and build new villages.

There are several new worlds to explore. There is no logic behind the themes. Some worlds are inspired by real places, history, and world events. Some others, however, are completely fictional. Those worlds are inspired by movies, books, mythology, and popular stories. You will find that a lot of themes are completely random.

If you want to check all of them for yourself in the app, you spend some time sliding down the map to see what is next. There are a total of 316 different villages at the time of writing, enough for a lifetime of gameplay.

Coin Master is constantly updating this list, and much more will eventually come.

When you pass to another world, the slot machine theme changes, but the gameplay is still the same. The Thor Hammer accompanies you in each new village.

As mentioned above, going to a new village also grants you free spins!

Playing with Cards and Pets at Coin Master

Cards and Pets are game resources available later in the game. Cards are only unlocked at the third village you build. And the pets only become available from the fourth village.

Cards and Chests

The main use of cards in Coin Master is to earn rewards when you complete each collection. There are several different card collections in the game, each one is made of nine cards. The rewards of collecting them all can include free spins, coins, and other things.

The cards are divided into rarity levels, measured in stars from 1 to 5.

To acquire cards, you have to purchase Chests in the game store. There are chests of a huge range of prices and the more expensive ones have better odds to contain rare cards. To complete a certain collection, you must buy chests from different ranges of prices, so you can acquire cards in all rarity levels.

In Coin Master, you can also trade cards with other players. You can send up to 5 cards to other accounts per day. So, to complete your collection, talk to your friends and check their collection to browse for the cards you need.

It is very common for players to trade in online forums and social media groups.

The chest available in the game are the following, with the respective level they require to be purchased:

  • Wooden (village 3)
  • Golden (village 3)
  • Magical (village 3)
  • Small Lucky (village 4)
  • Small Easter (village 10)
  • Big Easter (village 20)
  • Emerald (village 20)
  • Valentine’s (village 30)
  • Big Lucky (village 30)
  • Viking (village 70)
  • Sapphire (village 70)
  • Fortune (village 100)
  • Ruby (village 110)
  • Epic (village 130)

You can check the probabilities of each chest on the Moon Active website.

Among the cards, there is a special one you can only get participating in events of unlocking the Mystery Chests. It is the Joker card, a card that can become any card you want. It is the ultimate asset to help you complete your collection. Since it comes with a time limit, mind using it quickly!


Pets give you bonuses on raids and help you achieve the game objectives. You can only hatch the first egg after reaching the fourth village. To use a pet power, activate it. It will last for four hours and then the pet will fall asleep.

You can feed the pet with Treats to reduce its time of inactivity.

The pets can also gain levels, by upgrading their bonuses.

There are 3 pets in Coin Masters:

  • Tiger: more coins after an attack
  • Rhino: has a chance to defend your village from attacks
  • Foxy: extra shovel on raids


Buying Energy Bulbs or Coins

You can check again the above part of this post to see how are the ways of getting free spins quickly. If you are in a hurry, or if you already used all your possibilities, you can always use real money in exchange for spins.

The game offers you the opportunity to buy 80 spins worth of energy bulbs for a few bucks.

If you need to improve your village faster, you can always pay even fewer bucks to buy 3,5 million coins. This is almost enough to upgrade the first village to its final stage.

You will note that the number of coins sold this way will increase as you progress in the game. That happens because, in each new world, the assets are more expensive. Hence, the coin’s value decreases and it is very legitimate to sell more for the same price.


I hope you enjoyed the post! If you still have any doubts or want more resources on how to play Coin Master, leave a request in the comments section below and you will be answered!

If you have extra tips for the players, do not hold them back! Comment below!

See you next time!

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