Nostalgic Grand Theft Auto Online Video Shows Old Gate Glitch

October 01, 2022 admin
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Glitches in video games aren't usually cause for celebration, but after someone posted a video of the game's famous gate glitch, gamers are feeling nostalgic. A lot of players had fun trying to induce this gate to glitch when it was a GTA Online bug, but it's been fixed since then.

Over the years, a lot of GTA glitches like this one have had the potential to send players and their vehicles flying through the air. Physics glitches are a fairly common issue in modern games, and when two objects collide, this is an example of the title bugging out.

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For long-time Grand Theft Auto players, the gate glitch will be a throwback to early days of playing GTA Online. For those who never experienced it, this video (posted on the GTA subreddit by GBBlackKnight) is a must-watch. The player in question skillfully parks their car right in front of a swinging gate – said to have been taken around 2014, when GTA Online was still fairly new. After getting out of the car, the player shoves the gate into place, pressing it up against the vehicle. After a bit of fighting, The gate starts to malfunction as it hits both the player and the car. After some time spent shaking violently, the car explodes and leaves behind a wasted player.

This was one of the potential consequences of the bug, but players could frequently make their vehicle fly into space rather than simply explode as a result of some effort. It was typical to observe many people attempting it on every server when the problem was still active for the pure pleasure of it. It's likely to be extremely popular since it follows in the footsteps of the iconic GTA 4 swing glitch, which sends a car flying through the air after colliding with a swingset.

Some players focused on the video's mistake, yet others highlighted that there are still more launch bugs in the game. These sorts of physics anomalies typically happen when two physical things with collision physics become partly stuck together. This might just result in damage in some games, while it may cause the two objects to vanish or be replaced as the game attempts to solve the problem in other games.