How much would it cost to buy every game on Steam?

December 20, 2022 admin
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I was astonished that I had never seen or thought of this sooner, but you can actually scrape data from Steam to calculate how much it would cost to purchase the entire service catalog. And it's cheaper than you'd expect?

Chenggang Wang's website called Buy All Steam Games tracks the platform and finds out what the cumulative worth of every game on the site is. This allows us to not only get historical data (the total value has more than doubled since 2017) but also check out how prices fluctuate during big sales.

This figure is from a calculator that updates with the latest numbers regularly, depending on what games have been added and put on sale. Presently, every game at full price would cost $825,931.44 altogether, but if you take advantage of this opportunity now, your total will only be $812,679.14.

Chenggang Wang has pointed out that this number takes into account all game DLC on Steam, as well as other content present on the platform. This encompasses digital soundtracks and a diverse array of digital content like art books and non-gaming addons. It's almost unfathomable how much storage space all of this would occupy.