How To Cancel Tinder Gold

October 11, 2021 admin
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If you're ready to cancel your Tinder Gold subscription, follow the instructions below.
how to cancel tinder gold

To cancel your subscription on iOS:

Open Settings > iTunes & App Stores Tap on your Apple ID (If using iPhone go to the bottom of screen and tap "View Apple ID") Tap View Apple ID > Enter password Scroll down and tap Subscriptions If you’re subscribed to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, tap Cancel Subscription Then tap Confirm in the upper-right corner.

To cancel your subscription on Android:

Open Google Play Store, Open Menu (3 lines at the top left) > Account > Subscriptions Select Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold Toggle off Automatic Renewal or Cancel Subscription You can also contact us about how to cancel tinder gold at [email protected] or by calling 1-800-I-GOT-A-TINDER.

Tinder Online (

Go to
  1. Tap the profile icon
  2. Open Manage Account
  3. Disabling Auto-Renew or selecting Cancel are your two options.