How to change Discord Game Name?

January 17, 2022 techusersuperadmin
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How to change Discord Game Name - Gamers are well acquainted with this one platform. An application that is extremely useful while playing a game while conversing via the voice chat functionality. Do you know how to alter your Discord name? Because nicknames are an essential element of this program, users must listen to the instructions. The procedure for changing a Discord account's name on a PC or computer will be described first. It's designed so that other people can locate it quickly if it has a distinct name. Particularly if the in-game being played is identical to the real thing. Here are the actions:

1. Login to Discord Account

Do you have difficulty creating a Discord nickname? Don't worry, changing it is quite simple. Open the Discord software on your PC or computer for the first time. If you're using a browser to log in as a normal user, type into the search bar and hit Enter.
Login to Discord Account

2. Open User Server

After signing in to Discord for the first time, users may login with their old account. Please input the username and password as shown. The user will be taken to the start screen where they may begin changing their terrible name. Now open up the server, then choose the option next to it from the dropdown menu.
Open User Server

3. Replace with a Unique Name

There are several options offered in the drop-down menu. Users must scroll down the screen until they come across the words Change Name to begin changing nicknames. Once you've selected an option, click on it once. Make a name that is distinctive and easy to remember by others before proceeding. Then simply type it into the column. Don't forget to choose Save if this is the case.