How to Delete Game Data on Android Safely and Fast

January 17, 2022 techusersuperadmin
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How To Clear Game Data On Android - The sheer number of games on Android phones is not only confusing but also makes it more flexible to choose the best game for each user. There are typical users who prefer to collect a lot of games , and there are also users who are only loyal to a few games they like. If you are an android user who likes or likes a game, but it turns out that the level has run out, or there is damage to the game , and want to restart the game from the beginning, here I will discuss how to reset the android game so it restarts from the beginning again like new Download or Delete Game Data. Previously, it should be noted that by resetting the game on Android, all game data created by the user/player will be lost, for example points/scores earned, levels reached and all recordings during the game will be lost. That's what I call RESET (back to the initial settings). Therefore, in this article, we will provide an article on how to briefly delete game data on Android. Check out the steps below!

How to Reset Offline Games on Android

If you are sure you want to delete data from a game and start over or reset in the same game and of course on the same cellphone, follow these easy steps:
  1. Go to Settings (or Settings ), I assume using Indonesian language settings .
  2. Select Applications (or Application List) > All Applications.
  3. Find and select the name of the game to be reset .
  4. Several button options will appear such as Force Stop , Uninstall, Clear Data, Clear Cache and others.
  5. Please select Clear Data > Sure > OK.
  6. Now open the game.
How? It's been reset and restarted from the beginning right?

How to Reset Online Games Starting From Zero or Scratch

Unlike the offline game , exactly as above. If you want to " reset online games ", then an additional trick is needed. We can start the game from the beginning in 2 ways, the first is by resetting the data or deleting data as above first as in offline games. Then, run the online game , then we will be asked to Login / Sign-in / Login or Sign Up / Register. Well, at this stage make sure you don't use the previous game account . The next second you can also unlink from the game , after that delete the data in the game settings . But you, too, can use a new account to be able to play online games from scratch again.

How to Clear Game data on Facebook App

  1. First of all you download the Facebook application on the Google Playstore, you can download the Facebook Regular or Facebook Lite version . If it has been downloaded, then open the Facebook application.
  2. Then, you click the 3 line icon located in the right corner.
  3. After that, select the "settings" menu.
  4. Well, in order to delete game data related to Facebook, you need to look for the "security" menu and click on "Applications and websites"
  5. Then click "Accessed Using Facebook".
  6. Later, Facebook will display various games and applications that you have linked to Facebook. Now, in deleting the data of a game that has been linked to Facebook, you just need to click on the image of the application or game that you want to delete from Facebook.
  7. After you finish selecting the game and application, the next step you scroll down and click " Delete "
How? Very easy isn't it? Oh yes, for those of you who are former gamers who have trended before, such as Free Fire, and PUBG, then you can also delete your free fire game account and the associated PUBG account on your fb. That's a review on how to delete game data on Android, hopefully it will be useful.