How to delete game data on iPhone

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An iPhone is a mobile phone that does not use an SD card. As a result, many iPhone users run into internal storage difficulties. Of course, this becomes an issue if you have a lot of files on your phone. Internal storage also gets clogged up with data and app cache, as mentioned previously. Data and application cache are two other things that take up space on the internal memory of your iPhone. Storage memory is a powerful weapon for preserving game data like as personal game profile information, high scores, and more, particularly for gamers.

However, you don't need to be concerned because there are a number of techniques to deal with difficulties like this on your iPhone. In addition to how to remove game data from your iPhone, which will be addressed below, data and other files from games applications will also be permanently deleted.

Delete Games Data on iPhone

Deleting Game Data Individually

Internal storage is limited, therefore virtual goods can't be downloaded. Because of this, many gamers are hesitant to invest in iPhone games because they worry that it will take up too much space on their phone's internal storage. It's true that the performance of iOS is especially strong when it comes to running heavy applications and entertaining games.

Open the “Settings” menu on the iPhone screen.

Select the game application whose data will be deleted.

Scroll down until you see the “Clear History and Website Data” menu option.

If you delete game data on your iPhone in the same manner described above, all of your game history, including your high score and game account, will be erased. To restore your game account after deleting data, check and save your game ID.

Deleting Game Files on iPhone Permanently

When playing games, numerous files are created. This is produced automatically by the software according to the program it is utilizing, and all game history will be erased.

Open the “Settings” menu on your iPhone.

Then select the "General" menu.

Then tap "Storage & iCloud Usage".

After that, tap the "Manage Storage" menu.

Choose a file in the next "Documents and Data" menu.

Then slide the file to the left and select the "Delete" menu.

The last step is to tap "edit => delete all".

Clearing Cache Files and Junk

Unlike the previous one, this approach will tell you how to clear your browser's cache, which has no impact on your game account. However, after clearing the game cache, it will feel sluggish to load; for example, by using "Memory & Disk Scanner Pro" from the AppStore.

That is how to erase game data on an iPhone that you might try. However, keep in mind that this method has risks; your Game ID will also be erased.