How to Delete Games and Apps From 3DS

January 17, 2022 techusersuperadmin
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Everyone has all had that experience: Download a Nintendo 3DS app or game, play it for a while, and then get bored with it. Because applications take up storage on your SD card in the same way as they do on any other storage device, you should clear out the ones you aren't using to make room for what you want. Apps and games can be deleted from a Nintendo 3DS by going to the settings and searching for "software." It's simple to pick which app or game to remove, but not all applications may be removed, and make sure you back up your data first.

How to Delete 3DS Games and Apps

Decide what you want to get rid of from your device and then go to the Settings menu. Select a category and then look for the app in the Software area.
  1. On the HOME menu, tap the System Settings icon (it resembles a wrench).
  2. Simply click the Data Management
  3. Choose Nintendo 3DS.
  4. To delete software, choose the option labeled Software, then select the game or app you want to remove from your 3DS. You may also remove any other data saved by that program by choosing Extra Data.
  5. Hit the Delete key when you've picked everything that should be deleted.
  6. Select Save Data or Create a Save-Data Backup and Delete Software to erase the software on your devices. You may either save the data in a folder already on the device or create a new one if you pick "create a save-data backup."
  7. To delete a document, tap Delete one last time.

Can't Delete a 3DS App?

There should be no problem at all in removing any app you download to your Nintendo 3DS. Only certain apps have the option to delete them. The Nintendo 3DS is unable to uninstall third-party applications and other built-in utilities. These programs are essential for the device to operate, so if you pick one during step 4, you'll quickly discover that you can't remove it. Download Play, Mii Maker, "Face Raiders," Nintendo eShop, Activity Log, Nintendo Zone Viewer, System Settings, and Nintendo 3DS Sound are just a few of the built-in programs and other tools that can't be deleted from the 3DS.