How to duplicate apps on iphone, can duplicate WA or LINE

January 17, 2022 techusersuperadmin
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Not infrequently, we need dual Line and WA applications in one device. For Android users, of course it's easier. Then, how about iOS users? Don't worry, the author has summarized 5 ways to duplicate applications on the iPhone. Just try to practice it, okay? Indeed, in terms of sales, iOS is far behind its main competitors; Android. However, when it comes to user loyalty and performance advantages, many smartphone users admit that Apple's operating system is superior. On the other hand, it is common knowledge that iOS has a lot of obstacles. The most pronounced is its inability to be adapted to user needs. As a result, for them and setting the device to feel right, many users jailbreak . Of course, this is done to ensure the security of user data. Also the security of the system. The bad effect, of course, is the difficulty of the user for device customization. The advantages, the iPhone is famous for its high level of security and faster performance. No exception to duplicate applications. Need special treatment in a more complicated way. And different from Android which provides various types of applications according to user needs, iOS is more restrictive and restrictive.


How to Duplicate Apps on iPhone

What is commonly spread is how to duplicate apps on iPhone by jailbreak . For your information, jailbreak is a process that can make users get more freedom for device customization. In principle, jailbreak is almost the same as rooting Android. Of course the jailbreak process has its advantages and disadvantages. But be patient, okay? The author will discuss in the next article. Different from Android, Apple does not provide features or application multiplier applications on its devices. This is what makes most users jailbreak . Of course, so that the need to have a dual Line or WA application on the iPhone can be fulfilled, right? Well, based on the Techtodown team's search, there are several ways to duplicate apps on iPhone. Below, the author explains it in full, whether it requires you to jailbreak or not. What do you want to know? Immediately see the description below, yes.

Duplicate iOS Apps Without Jailbreak

For those of you who don't want to use the multiplier application service, you can still do it if you want to. It's just that it's more complicated. You see, you need some additional software. But take it easy. As you can conclude from the title, this method does not require an iPhone jailbreak . As a result, it can be safer to use. As for the additional software you need, including Xcode, iTunes, and Cydia Impactor. All that software must be installed on a Mac, yes. If so, immediately follow the steps below:
  1. Browse and download the mod IPA file of the app you want to clone.
  2. Save the application on the Mac then rename the file; from .IPA so . ZIP .
  3. Now, double-click the . ZIP the
  4. If so, you will be taken to the file extraction window. Select the .IPA file of the application you want to install.
  5. Right-click on the application file, then select the Show Package Content menu
  6. Find a file called plist and open it in Xcode software.
  7. Find the Bundler Identifier file and change the file extension to the format: company.appname
  8. Then, select the File menu and then click save to save the changes you just made
  9. Close the Xcode software, then compress it or convert it into a .ZIP Payload folder
  10. Change the file type, from the previous .ZIP to .IPA form again.
  11. After that, open Cydia Impactor . Don't forget to connect your iPhone to Mac.
  12. Move the .IPA file you just created. Once done, open your iPhone's HP Settings .
  13. Select the General menu then Device Management . Select the Apple ID menu
  14. Tap on the application file you just moved.
  15. Finally, tap the Trust menu so that the system will install files that are not from the App Store.
If you have done the fifteen steps above, the dual application will immediately appear on your iPhone page. You can duplicate the WA or Line application on the iPhone, really. It's just that, you need to find the .IPA file of each application that you want to duplicate. Don't forget to adjust the iOS version you're using, okay?

Use the TuTuApp Multiplier App

TuTuApp Multiplier App
If you think the above method is too complicated and burdensome, please calm down. The author still has other ways that you can try. How to duplicate applications on a second iPhone that you can do yourself is to use an application multiplier service. Indeed, if you read user reviews via Quora or other forum websites, many doubt the security of this application. However, we can't deny that TuTuApp is proven to be effective in duplicating applications. So, for those of you who are interested in trying, the Techtodown team outlines the steps.
  1. Open the website then install the iOS version
  2. Before the iPhone starts to install, a warning will appear. Here, you need to give permission for the app to be installed. The method; Settings > General > Device > Management . Tap Chinasoft Resource Corporation , then select the Trust menu .
  3. Once the application is installed, immediately open it. Click on the search field and type in the application you want to duplicate. An example is WhatsApp. Select the WhatsApp++ app
  4. After the download is complete, the system will ask again for permission to install. Repeat the second step above, then end with the Road&Bridge East China Engineering option . Then tap the Trust button .
  5. Once that is done, then you will find an additional dual WhatsApp application on the iPhone screen. Easy and without jailbreak, bro!

Best iOS App Multiplier App

iOS App Multiplier App
Compared to Android , there are very few app multiplier options. And among the few choices, only a few applications have proven to be effective and successfully duplicate applications on the iPhone. Launching from the old Drfone.Wondershare , there are five applications that you can try to install. The five applications include App Cloner, Parallel Space, Social Duplicator, Slices, and Go Multiple. Yes, you can find these five applications through the App Store. And fortunately, the way it operates is not much different from the Android version. So, this method is most appropriate for those of you who have just changed devices, from Android to iOS. After the description this time about how to duplicate applications on the iPhone. Hopefully the explanation above can make it easier for you to install two applications on one iPhone, yes. Don't miss the most complete Android or iPhone tutorial articles from Techtodown. Click subscribe so you can read the latest articles about the best gadgets, applications, games, and tutorials every day.