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If you’re a hardcore Marvel enthusiast, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Marvel Contest of Champions, a superhero versus fighting game that takes place primarily in the Marvel universe. This is a free-to-play character brawler available on iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Although most of the game is available for free, there are additional features that are only accessible to those who pay real money or use in-game premium currency known as “Units.” Units are available in bundles starting at $4.99.

There are a lot of Contest of Champions players who wish to have a large number of Units, but not everyone is prepared to spend money on a game. This article explains how you may acquire Units and use them to enhance your gameplay experience. Continue reading to discover more.

Introducing Marvel Contest of Champions

In Marvel Contest of Champions, players take on the role of a Summoner, who must create a team of Marvel superheroes and villains and then pit them against one another in combat. New players to Marvel Contest of Champions get just two 1-star characters at first.

They can gradually work toward unlocking more characters, such as Iron Man, Iron Fist, Thor, Black Bolt, Storm, Hulk, Ultron, and Ronan. Each of these characters has his or her own set of classes, movements, abilities, traits, and unique attacks.

You’ll discover that obtaining and upgrading characters is mainly dependent on in-game premium currency: Units. Premium Hero Crystals, Revives, Health Potions, and Special Crystals can all be purchased with Units. If you want access to all of these things without spending money, there are a few methods to obtain free units in the game.

How to get units in Marvel Contest Of Champions

Log-In Rewards on Monthly Calendar

Every month, regular players may earn units by completing the monthly calendar. Each day you log in, the calendar presents a wide range of incentives. Rewards include gold, revivals, basic catalysts, energy refills, and units. Even though rewards through this calendar only last until Day 28, you can get up to 100 units using it.

To get the most out of this technique and acquire your prize, you must log in every day and move through the calendar. Regularity is vital since missing a day might result in a missed opportunity to win a later day’s reward.

Other Methods Earn Some Units

In addition to these daily log-in gifts, you may grind and receive milestone rewards. While the benefits differ depending on the difficulty level, the easier ones generally provide 10 to 15 Units. You can also complete special three-day events that might help you attain over 40 units in total. These will take a little while to build up. However, if you keep at it persistently, you will end up with a decent number of units by the end of the month.

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A Faster Way to Obtain Units

If you want to acquire Units quickly, Arena, Crystals, and Battle chips are your best bets. In the Arena, you may fight for new Champions, Crystals, and different types of catalysts. Arenas are also a fantastic way to earn gold and battle chips.

Arena chips may be spent on Arena Crystals and Uncollected Arena Crystals, both of which can help you acquire units. These are expensive bets that might pay off for those who seek Units right away.

Although you can’t know what’s in there, you might get up to a few hundred units if you’re lucky. In general, considering the price of each, Arena Crystals appear to have a higher possibility of producing units than Uncollected Area Crystals.

Final word

If you want to get Units in the Marvel Contest of Champions, there are a few methods for doing so. You can just buy them from the game’s shop (if you want to be safe or not take the risk), but it’s an expensive approach. Without a good Cyber Monday or Christmas deal, the game offers – units that may be overpriced.

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