How To Get Youtube Premium For Free Forever

Hello, everyone. I hope you enjoy my most recent post, and I’d want to improve it for you by making it more interesting. So today we stopped by at TechToDown.Com, where we’ll discuss how to get YouTube Premium for free permanently, which is not a scam; don’t worry about it.

How to get YouTube Premium for free forever?

What does YouTube Premium provide to subscribers?

  • No delays, no ad skipping and everything in between.
  • When the phone is locked, you may still hear music on YouTube.
  • Simply press the button to reveal a list of YouTube videos that you’ve played previously. You may even watch Youtube videos in the background while multitasking on your smartphone.
  • Offline – Any video that you may save for offline.

So, with YouTube Premium, you’ll get the aforementioned features, but you’ll have to pay for a subscription plan on a monthly basis. However, I’m going to show you how to gain access to YouTube Premium for free permanently.

Is it possible to get YouTube Premium for free indefinitely with no restrictions?

how to get youtube premium for free forever

Yes, it is feasible for you to use the free YouTube premium and be certain that there will be no data leak or data theft. You only need to install YouTube Vanced apk on your phone and access the premium version of YouTube with a nice user interface. You can even log in using your existing account.

1. To learn more about the company, visit:

how to get youtube premium for free forever 2021

YouTube Vanced Mod Apk v16.20.35 (Remove Ads/BG Play) Download (

2: Choose Theme & Other options from given.

how to get youtube premium picture in picture for free forever

Scroll down to Non-Root Downloads and choose the theme of your choice. Select the most recent file from the drop-down menu. You may pick whether you want the program to come with either the Black or Dark theme (YOU CAN CHANGE IT IN THE SETTING). The dark mode on Android OLED displays is amazing.

3: Click the Download link to begin downloading.

how to get youtube music premium for free forever

After you’ve finished selecting all the settings recommended in Step 1, download the Vanced app using the provided link.

4: Download the Micro G App

how to get youtube music premium for free forever 2021

MicroG is a small software that must be downloaded while Vanced is downloading. To safely authenticate your YouTube Vanced mail ID, you’ll need to install a tiny program called MicroG. You only have to download the program and leave it installed on your phone; it will operate automatically.

5: Download the file from here and execute it by double-clicking on it. Install SAI (Split Apk’s Installer) from the Play Store.

how to get youtube music premium for free forever

Download the latest version of YouTube Vanced from the Google Play Store using the link below. To find it on the Play Store, type in aefyr.sai. After installation, launch YouTube Vanced and play with your phone’s camera to test what it does! Open Settings -> Install an app to install YouTube Vanced; go to and download the app (optional).

6: Install Vanced using the SAI App.

how to get youtube music premium for free

Open the installer for Split APKs 3.X and select the latest YouTube Vanced file from your downloads directory to install it. As shown in the above image.

7: Open the Vanced YouTube app to start watching YouTube Premium for free.

how to get youtube music premium

Just open the YouTube Vanced app, log in using your YouTube login ID and password, and you may now watch YouTube Premium for free indefinitely. note that after signing in, you may remove the Micro G app.

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