How To Make a FNF Mod

October 01, 2021 admin
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Playing Friday Night Funkin is a lot of fun. Playing with Friday Night Funkin Mods adds a new element to the game. But what if you could make your own FNF Mods? This is the solution to the question, "How do you create an FNF Mod?" When Friday Night Funkin was initially launched on itch.IO, many people knew it would be a unique game. Although the original version of the game was entertaining, new narratives and characters had to be incorporated after a while. The creators of the game, Ninjamuffin, and his team, did not hesitate to provide the code for the game. What should those who want to create their own mod for Friday Night Funkin do? First, let's have a look at the tools you'll need to make mods for Friday Night Funkin.
  1. The original version of Friday Night Funkin is, without a doubt. You may acquire the original game from Itch.IO.
  2. A program that allows you to export transparent PNG files, such as Adobe Photoshop.
  3. Due to Friday Night Funkin being a rhythm game, you'll need audio editing software such as Audacity.

Section 1: Image Enhancement

how to make a fnf mod
You'll want Adobe Photoshop or Animate CC in this area. The image you're going to edit must be loaded before you begin. You may modify every movement of your character in this portion of the program. After you've finished editing, you can save the files. In order to discover the characters, follow these steps: assets > images -> Friday Night Funkin' has a few files that are worth checking out.

Section 2: Song Editiing

how to make a fnf mod 2021
After you've installed an audio editing program like "audacity" on your PC, you may import an instrumental track and a voice track into it. You can align the tracks once they're loaded into the audio editing software. You may export your song in OGG format as soon as it's finished. The game's music folder may be exported directly.

Section 3: Chart Making

how to make a fnf mod free
To make a unique chart, first, open the piece of music you're working on and then press the 7. The debug menu will appear. You can modify the JSON files here as well. There are several other parameters to adjust. If you're creating an FNF Mod, don't forget to test it first. If you've made any FNF Mods using this advice, please let us know in the comments area. We'll add your FNF Mod to our website if it meets the requirements.