How To Mod Someone On Twitch

Running a successful Twitch channel is a lot of work. Putting the video and audio together may be stressful enough, but once your following expands big enough, you’ll have a raucous chatroom to deal with. You shouldn’t have to moderate while you’re attempting to amuse people. If you find yourself in this scenario, it’s probably because you

Twitch allows users to edit and delete chat messages, as well as ban rule breakers. The green-and-white sword symbol next to their name distinguishes them from other people. They’re required in any open chatroom. Finding a decent mod may be difficult at times, but it was through him that we discovered our current favorite!

How to mod someone on Twitch

To utilize both methods, you’ll need someone with permission to join your chatroom.

With the /mod chat command

1. When you’re streaming, look to your stream chat and direct your attention to the stream chat.

2. To add a user as a moderator, go to their username in Discord and use the following command: “/mod username” (without the quotes). The name of the person you’re adding as a mod will be substituted for “username.” For instance, /mod Business_Insider.

how to mod someone on twitch

3. You can send the message to that person, and he or she will be made a moderator.

Their user profile can be viewed through their account.

1. Click the username of the individual you wish to create a moderator after they’ve joined the stream chat.

2. Under their profile overview, there will be a symbol with a person’s silhouette and a plus sign beside it. They’ll be added as a moderator after you click it.

how to make someone a mod on twitch

You can also use the command “/unmod username” to remove a user’s mod permissions. To view a list of all current channel moderators, use the following command: “/mods.”

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