How to put apps to sleep windows 10? Easy in 3 step

Have you been using a laptop or desktop for work, entertainment, and gaming? Over time, it becomes slower each use. What is causing this slowness in your device that makes using it frustrating? Maybe it’s the apps/programs running in your background on this device? Let’s find out how to fix it so that your device can get back up again and faster before!

But first, we need to know why are there apps running in the background?

Apps/programs running in the background

In Windows 10, some programs run in the background to allow them time for an update or pop-up message. In exchange, they consume your computer’s processing power and take away from other tasks you need done on it or consume battery. If you can set up a list of the unnecessary app/programs on your device after that turn off/stop them or put them to sleep mode. Then I guarantee it will make for much faster use!

So how to do it? Read the steps below now!

Guide put apps to sleep windows 10

  • Firstly, you will need to right-click the Windows 10 Start menu and go into settings.
    step 1 Guide put apps to sleep windows 10
  • Secondly, on this screen, click “Privacy.” From there scroll down until you see “Background Apps” on the left menu.
    step 2 Guide put apps to sleep windows 10
  • Finally, here you will see all the apps/programs that are slowing down your device speed. And you will have 2 options:
    step 3 Guide put apps to sleep windows 10

– Let apps run in the background: If you want to disable all, click the button below to switch from off to on.
– Choose which apps can run in the background: You can select some real apps that you want to run in the background and turn off the rest, the same way as above!

With 3 simple steps as above, you can easily control and view the apps/programs running in the background and from there you can stop and put them to sleep mode in Windows 10 as you like.


So, after this article, you already know how to put programs to sleep windows 10 or how to turn off background apps and what happens when you put a program to sleep? Your computer or laptop will be much faster! Thanks for reading, please share this article if you found it helpful! See you in the next article!

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