How to remove apps from Oculus library? Effective in 2022

January 17, 2022 techusersuperadmin
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"Is it possible to remove items from my Oculus Quest library?? - No, you cannot remove items from your Oculus Quest library. You can uninstall any app or game from your headset, but it will always be accessible in the form of a download."

You need to know

Every time you install an app or game on the Oculus Quest, it is saved to your library. This is convenient because you can quickly locate any software or game that you've previously downloaded. You may also rapidly install anything you've bought with your phone or online. Every Oculus Quest comes pre-installed with a free Beat Saber demo, for example. Even if you buy the full version of Beat Saber, the free trial still appears in your library. This isn't an issue with just the Oculus Quest. You can't remove anything from any device's library, as far as I know. Additionally, if you ever download an app or game that turns out to be terrible or wish to hide from your library for any reason, you don't have the option. While having items in your library on the Oculus Quest does not take up any storage space until they are installed, it's a shame that you can't remove them from your library.

How to remove apps/games from the Oculus library?

You can't remove anything from your library, but you may uninstall it from your headset. This frees up space and clutter on your gadget.
  1. Open your Oculus Quest app library.
  2. Open the apps area by going to the menu and tapping Apps (even if you're uninstalling a game).
  3. Select the games/apps you want to remove
  4. Select uninstall.