How to rename apps on Android?

Have you ever desired to alter the names of the applications that are downloaded on your Android phone or tablet? We’re delighted to inform you that changing app icons on your smartphone is simple, as long as we’re talking about the app icons you see on the home screen or in your app drawer. You can’t change the apps’ names yourself, so their titles will stay unchanged when they’re opened or searched for in Settings. But if that’s OK with you, keep reading.

Renaming applications on Android is not possible by default. Because app names are assigned at installation time. As a result, the Android operating system forbids users from changing the shortcut names. Is it possible to rename apps on Android? If that’s the case, how can it be achieved? Today we’ll look at how to change an app’s name on Android.

How to Rename App on Android 2021

Renaming apps on Android: Various approaches

Use launcher

To modify the name of an app shortcut, you’ll need a customized Android launcher. For example, Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher – both of which may be obtained for free from Google Play – will do the trick.

nova launcher and apex launcher

Assuming you’ve set up Nova as your default launcher, you may rename any app shortcut in just a few quick actions: long press on the app > Edit option that appears > type in the new name and hit Done. That’s all there is to it; the app shortcut will now have the desired name.

  1. Users must first click the app to be renamed.
  2. After that, they should select the “edit” option.
  3. The new name should then be provided by the user.
  4. Finally, choose the “finish” option to finalize your work.

Users will see that their app name has been changed as a result of this operation.

Use QuickShortcutMaker


We’ll employ a free Android app called “QuickShortcutMaker.” It’s available in the Google Play Store.

  1. After installation, open the application and scroll down the list to locate the program for which you wish to modify the shortcut’s name.
  2. Select the app name from the drop-down menu. In the right pane, information about the app shortcut may be found.
  3. Replace the present name with the one you want by tapping “OK”.
  4. The new name appears at the top of the right pane after you click “OK.”
  5. To make a new shortcut with your revised name, touch “Create” in the bottom left corner of ​the screen.

After the installation, a dialog box appears asking you to rate the app. To close the dialog box, choose one of the last two options. The “Rate this application” option takes you to the Google Play Store’s QuickShortcutMaker page. If you selected “Report to the developer,” a dialog box will appear asking which email app you want to use.

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