How to reset a Pokemon Game

Two weeks into the world, millions of people have experienced the experience of hunting Pokemon monsters. Pokemon Go’s latest game players have shared thousands of tips and tricks to better play the augmented reality game.

If you are one of the Pokemon trainers who want to repeat from the beginning more perfectly, you need to listen to the following tips. The reason is, resetting the account of the latest Pokemon Go game is not as easy as imagined.

Here are the steps to delete the account in the latest Pokemon Go Mod Apk game to start the game from scratch:


Go to the Niantic support site and navigate to the Pokemon Go page. Then click on Support and search for instructions for deletion. You just need to type delete and click on one of the results of “How do I delete my Pokemon Go account?” Click on the contact us link.


Fill in the required columns and check all the boxes. We’re not sure what Niantic expects you to expect by writing a blank section, so write something simple. You can also attach files, although that’s not required here.


After clicking Submit you will get an e-mail notifying you of the request you received. The message also emphasizes this is a permanent process and you can still opt out when you have second thoughts.


To complete the termination, you must reply to the e-mail with the word Delete. You will lose everything related to the account and will not be able to reuse your nickname. Consider all of this before you answer.

Once you have completed these steps, the account deletion process takes several weeks. The account can still be accessed after two weeks.

However, deleting existing accounts will help the server of the latest Pokemon Go game often crash. As previously reported, new accounts with new e-mails will have the potential to crash. Currently, one e-mail can not be used to create more than one profile Pokemon trainers.

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