How to transfer apps from Android to Android via bluetooth

Do you want to share the applications you have installed on your Android mobile with your friends? We propose a quick and easy way: by Bluetooth.

Installing applications from Google Play is not complicated, nor does access to apps in Apk format, both from services such as Techtodown or searching for them on the Internet (something we do not recommend). But what if a friend wants the applications you have installed and at that moment they have no connection or do not want to use up their mobile data? There is a very easy solution: use Bluetooth to share applications.

It is easy, universal, it does not require complicating your life … Although yes, the Bluetooth connection established between mobiles is somewhat slow , so it will take a while to share applications with a certain weight. But it is extremely practical, especially if you use an application like the one we propose:  Bluetooth App Sender APK Share .

Bluetooth is a convenient method to share your applications with others.

An alternative to purchasing an app is to make it yourself. However, if you want to share your creation with others, it is not possible using Android; instead, you’ll need something that specializes in this area. There are many, but we have chosen  Bluetooth App Sender APK Share because it doesn’t ask for weird permissions and offers limited, in-app advertising. It also performs a variety of tasks that we are not interested in, such as sharing wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The installation is straightforward: you may share programs in a matter of seconds. You don’t need the person you’re giving apps to have Bluetooth App Sender since you send the Apk from your phone at all times. Keep in mind that Bluetooth is not as quick as Wi-Fi.

  • Download the Bluetooth App Sender APK Share to your phone.
  • Click the Applications menu and select the ones you wish to share.
  • Select a Bluetooth option from the drop-down menu. Select “Send APK” and select Bluetooth from the pop-up menu.
  • Select the person you wish to send your applications to. He must activate his Bluetooth connection and expose the mobile so that you can find him and send the files.
  • After you’ve chosen your friend’s phone, the chosen apps will be delivered as an Apk file.
  • Your buddy should simply install the Apks once he receives them, since he must enable unknown sources.
  • Don’t know where the files have gone? Simply make use of a file manager: Android stores what you get through Bluetooth in the same location as your storage.

The Bluetooth App Sender APK Share software allows you to share all of your applications, whether they are paid or not. And whoever receives them does not need anything more than to activate their Bluetooth connection. Easy, right?

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