How to Uninstall Game Pigeon From iMessage iPad, iPhone

GamePigeon is an iMessage app that allows you and your pals to play games via the iPhone messaging software. It’s a multiplayer game that works with Family Sharing enabled and supports up to six family members playing simultaneously on iPhone or iPad. Basketball, mini-golf, chess, word hunt, and other 23 fun activities are available. It’s difficult to remove GamePigeon once you’ve finished playing because it offers a variety of entertaining games.

Here are the instructions for removing pigeon game from your iPhone. So follow the steps below to delete it.

How to Uninstall Game Pigeon From iMessage iPad, iPhone

How to Install Game Pigeon?

Game pigeon may be installed on an iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 or higher. It does not work with devices running IOS 9 or lower. Open the app store and search for game pigeon. Select GET from the drop-down menu, and then confirm installation via the app store if prompted to do so. The application will install in iMessage after you confirm it.

How to Play Game Pigeon?

The Mardigras Game Pigeon is a free, online gaming platform that provides a variety of games that only operate on IOS devices such as the iPhone or iPad. Open the iMessage software on your device and select a contact with whom you want to play a game. At the bottom of the screen, look for the game pigeon icon. Send them an invitation to play whatever game you like.

How to Uninstall Game Pigeon From iPhone?

After you’ve finished playing game pigeon games, you’ll probably want to erase this mess off your iPhone. However, because there is no icon of game pigeon on your home screen, removing the app may be challenging. Here’s a simple guide on how to remove game pigen from your iPhone or iPad. IOS 13 was successfully tested; therefore, here are the actions below.

  • Open the iMessage app on your iPhone.
  • Select any iMessages you have in your inbox. (Make sure you pick iMessages sent by someone else other than yourself).
  • Select the App icon in front of the camera icon (if apps aren’t visible).
  • Swipe to the left at the bottom. Select more (…) option.
  • In the More Apps section, choose GamePigeon option and swipe to left.
  • Delete the app by hitting Yes/No button and it will be removed from your iMessage app

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