Journey of Greed Review

September 28, 2022 admin
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What makes multiplayer games so entertaining is that they're usually perfectly balanced, leaving you eager to outsmart and defeat your friends. Some games, like Journey of Greed are more fun because winning isn't always easy. In this deck-building pirate game players have to get creative to win, and I enjoy it because I can almost always manipulate the game mechanics in my favor.

Compete with the pirates

Journey of Greed is a digital board game for four players. In the game, players compete as pirates, journeying between landmarks and trying to loot as much gold as possible. Everyone moves together one space at a time. Each player has a deck of cards and can play one card per turn. In select spaces, players can make decisions to mitigate or take on more risk to balance their survivability and score.

It's almost like playing a competitive version of Slay the Spire, except instead of fighting, you only have to worry about events or cards played by other players that damage your health. At any point, players who are still alive can choose to retreat and bank their gold, but they won't be able to earn more until other players either retreat or hit one of two "rest" spaces where a new round starts. On the final "rest" space all collected coins from each round are tallied up and whoever has the most wins.

Journey of Greed review

The cards you collect in Journey of Greed to make your deck stronger all have beautiful, detailed character art that makes every skill come to life. The game board is just a series of nodes you move between from start to finish, but it's brightly colored and attractive enough that it doesn't get boring during long matches.

The cutscenes are always entertaining, and the game's aesthetic is cartoonish. The UI, on the other hand, can become a little cluttered at times, especially when there's so much text that you need to read in thirty seconds before your turn expires.

Impressive journey

Essentially, you'll compete in a race to amass as much money as possible on a literal road of avarice while attempting to survive your trip. The aim is straightforward: get away with as much loot or perish trying. You can support one another in your team by increasing the amount of gold earned each time you dig or sabotaging one another by playing cards that deal more damage to them, depending on the cards you play.

You can keep all the gold to yourself if you get rid of your teammates, but that may also lead to continuing the hazardous journey full of monsters and surprise traps on your own. It's a difficult balance to strike, one that you have to figure out as soon as possible or risk losing your card due to the timer running down.

Journey of Greed free

Cards Genre

This push-your-luck game mixes with a collectible card game, allowing players to choose different characters with their own strengths and weaknesses. In addition, each player has a deck of location cards that serve as the pool for random events as you move across the board.

I found the combination of gameplay mechanics and systems intriguing, but I also realized that if I played a certain class in a particular way, I could win almost every match by a very large margin. The flexibility that comes with the variety of Journey to the Throne has allowed me to acquire a significant quantity of free-to-play currency in order to unlock more cards faster, as well as making for a game experience that feels similar to its inspiration. Slay the Spire is all about creating conditions for character and card synergies, so why not do it in a multiplayer game?

Journey of Greed techtodown


Though it's fun to be able to quit while you're ahead, the short timer leaves little room for error and makes each round a frantic struggle. In my opinion, the tutorial wasn't enough to explain everything about the individual cards and their various effects so you end up learning through trial and error instead. However, this becomes difficult when there are only 30 seconds allotted per turn. With such time constraints, players are more likely to just choose any action rather than take the time to develop an actual strategy.

Perhaps the greatest drawback is that it might take some time to get a firm grasp on the game's basics. That said, once you figure it out, it's an enjoyable ride that will make you question your moral integrity and greed's bounds. There is, however, an odd Autoplay option that allows you to auto fight your way through each match; but what's the point?


Journey of Greed is an interesting game that will have you questioning your moral integrity. It's a great ride, but it might take some time to get a firm grasp on the basics. That said, once you figure it out, it's an enjoyable ride that will make you question your moral integrity and greed's bounds. There is, however, an odd Autoplay option that allows you to auto-fight your way through each match.