How to delete apps from Apple TV? Extremely simple and effective

December 21, 2021 admin

You may download apps from the App Store on newer versions of the Apple TV. While this is helpful in customizing your device, it also has the potential to slow down your system. As a result, it's a good idea to remove applications that you aren't using anymore. Both models of the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD make this simple. If you have an older version of the Apple TV, you can't download or remove applications, but you can hide pre-installed programs. Here's how to do both. How to delete apps on an Apple TV, or hide them On an Apple TV, wake it up and scroll to the app you wish to remove or hide. Place the remote near your computer and press down on the center of the touchpad until it starts to wiggle. If you're using an aluminum or white Apple Remote (with the circle at the top), hold down the select button until it quivers. Open the "Delete" or "Hide" option by pressing the Play/Pause button on your remote. Select it. If you're getting rid of it, a new dialog will appear asking if you want to delete it and reminding you that removing this app would also erase all of its data. "Delete" should be selected. The program will now be removed from your TV. You may re-download any app from the App Store at any time. If you've hidden an app, go to your Settings and choose "Main Menu." All of the apps you've hidden will be accessible.

How to Verify Game Files Steam

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Every game that is installed on an operating system (in this case Windows) is also an application that works on certain mechanisms so that it produces output like a game. Therefore, just like other applications, often games can also experience errors or problems when being played or while being played. Often the problems or errors that occur in a game are caused by the presence of certain applications or certain libraries that are required by the game but are not installed on the PC. This usually happens when you install games unilaterally that are downloaded directly from the internet. Or perhaps better known as "free" games. Some many obstacles and errors can be faced when we decide to play games that are obtained "for free" from the internet. In addition to problems such as application errors, also the most common is the presence of malware, or can almost be called a virus that is inserted in the files of a free game. Therefore it is highly recommended if you are a gamer, to play a game legally. Games that are obtained legally or officially, usually have various features to solve problems such as application errors or failure to open a game on a PC. One of them is a feature provided by Steam. For those of you who don't understand what Steam is, Steam is a digital distributor for PC games (aka computers/laptops). It will be easier to understand if it is called the online shop for PC games. “Anti Error” feature on Steam Steam is available in the form of an application that is installed or installed on the Windows operating system, so to play every game on Steam, you must have the Steam application itself and of course an account that already has the game in it. And a very useful feature on Steam to overcome obstacles such as errors in games is the verification feature for files from games that have been installed. So it's like you can scan your game for errors and the Steam application will find where the error is and will also automatically fix it. He will verify if your game is installed correctly. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss how to verify game files on Steam. How to Verify Steam Games If you get something odd when you play a game from Steam, for example, the image is broken, the animation is cracked, glitch, and so on. You can verify whether the game files you installed on your PC are correct or not via Steam, you can follow the steps below. First of all, an optional step, when you have problems with your game, you should restart your PC first. After that, please open the Steam application (login, if not) then open your game library, right-click on the game that is having problems, and select Properties. Next, in the Properties window, please open the Local Files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files option button. Then a valid validation process will appear, please wait until the validation process is complete. Usually, this process will depend on how big the size of the game is, so please be patient if the process turns out to be a little longer than you expected. If it's finished, usually the problem with your game will be fixed automatically and the game can run normally again. However, it also often happens, there is a message that says failed to validate some files in a game. You need to know that this is normal and natural to happen because the file is a local configuration file that should not be included in the validation process, so it is considered to have failed to be validated. If you get a message like that you can ignore it. Closing At this point, your previously problematic game should be able to run smoothly. However, if you feel that you are not compatible with the system implemented in Steam or with the price set for a game, you can read how to uninstall the Steam application on Windows. Those are some ways you can do to verify your game files via Steam. Hopefully, the discussion in this article can be useful for you, if there are things you want to convey or ask, please write them in the comment box below. Thank you and goodbye!

Games to play with friends without leaving home during the confinement due to the coronavirus

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Traditional online games are added to group video calls with mini-games that allow remote fun. In these days of forced confinement to stop the coronavirus pandemic, entertainment is essential to cope with the confinement. Social media and group video calls help to keep in touch with family, friends, co-workers or classmates in the case of children who we will not see for a long period of time. The terraces are turning from escape valves to confinement with parties and hangouts that allow neighbors to feel close without breaking confinement. Another option to pass the time that is gaining ground these days are the applications that offer games - some traditional - and allow you to play remotely with friends and family. Take note of these applications, they are the most popular. 1. Parchisi STAR In many homes, they have already taken out the board and the colored goose and Parcheesi goblets for a while. However, you can also propose a departure to a relative who lives in another home. Parchisi STAR admits from 2 to 4 players and also allows you to chat online with the rest of the players to comment on each play. 2. UNO!™ The traditional card game also offers a multiplayer version to download on the smartphone. This app allows you to connect with friends as well as send voice messages to other players during a game to shout UNO! when you're about to win. 3. Word Crack This successful crossword game helps to train the mind, expand vocabulary and now also challenge friends or family confined at home. The goal is to score more points than your opponent by forming words on the board horizontally or vertically. 4. Houseparty This application is not really a game itself. It is one of the video calling apps that is accumulating the most download these days. However, one of the advantages of Houseparty is precisely that it allows you to play minigames while having a video call with your friends. Up to 8 participants can hang out with 'Heads up' (others must guess the word on our foreheads); a version of the classic Trivia; with card games or one similar to Pictionary. 5. Monopoly You probably have one at home but with this you can invite people who are not at home. The popular Hasbro board game, a timeless family classic enjoyed by millions of people around the world, also allows you to organize a private game with friends or any other user in the world with this app. 6. Stop! The famous game known as Basta, Tutti frutti and Baccalaureate is now available on the Google Play Store to play with friends. How do you play? You have to select a letter to start and write 5 words with this letter in different categories. The player who guesses the most words in the shortest time will win the game. 7. Rummikub This traditional board game consists of combining numbers forming triplets and ladders in order to be the first player to run out of chips. The goal is to organize tiles to create the smartest color and number combinations. The app syncs with our friends list on Facebook. We can also create private game tables. 8. Trivia Crack It is a game similar to the Trivia game of a lifetime. This application allows you to connect with your friends and start games in which you will have to demonstrate your knowledge in six different categories from the hand of Willy, the friendly roulette.


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The blockchain concept was first proposed in 1982, by cryptographer David Chaum. However, blockchain only became known to many people after the technology was used in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. As mentioned by Investopedia , blockchain has an important role in the cryptocurrency system. Because, blockchain is a technology that ensures the security and validity of cryptocurrency transactions. The use of blockchain guarantees that transactions in cryptocurrencies are safe and reliable, without the need for the presence of a third party as guarantor. After the success of cryptocurrencies, blockchain is used for various sectors, including gaming. Recently, games with a new business model have emerged, which are claimed to be blockchain games. According to Niko Partners , blockchain gaming is the latest trend that has the potential to disrupt the gaming industry. And the trend is growing rapidly in Asia. What is Blockchain Game?   Before discussing the game blockchain , let's define the blockchain itself. In simple terms, a blockchain is a collection of data — called blocks — that are linked to one another through cryptography . Each block in the blockchain is unique and immutable. Because, if one of the blocks in a blockchain is changed, that change will affect the other blocks in the blockchain . One thing that distinguishes blockchain games from traditional games is that all digital assets used in blockchain games are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). This means that each digital asset on the gaming blockchain is different from one another. NFT itself is a unit of data stored in the blockchain . And the blockchain segment that stores all the assets of a game is called the gaming blockchain . Apart from the use of NFT, one other thing that distinguishes blockchain games from traditional games is the business model used. Blockchain game introduces a new business model called “ play to earn ”. As the name implies, the game with a business model allows its players to earn money by playing games . So, when someone plays a blockchain game with a play-to-earn business model , every time he plays, he will get a reward in the form of digital assets. The reward can be exchanged for cryptocurrency, which later on, can be exchanged for traditional currency. In addition to the play-to-earn model , blockchain games also implement a “ play to trade ” business model . With that business model, players will be able to earn tokens while playing. These tokens can be traded to get paper money. For developers, when they want to develop a blockchain game with a play-to-earn model, they must be able to integrate that business model into the design and gameplay of a game . On paper, blockchain gaming with a play-to-earn business model is a dream for gamers . Gamers which does not want to earn money just by playing the game ? And unlike esports athletes , you don't have to be exceptionally skilled to compete in high-end tournaments and earn prizes. Even so, blockchain game players also have their own concerns. For one thing, they worry that technical issues will cost their digital assets — meaning their money will be lost. Another anxiety they feel is deception. Because, blockchain gaming companies are not obligated to comply with regulations regarding money laundering or to get to know their players. This is a loophole that can be exploited by fraudsters.

How to update Vizio tv apps? Easy and effective 2022

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We expect that Smart TVs should allow us to install our favorite programs, update them, and eliminate them if we don't want them. The app is installed from the TV's built-in app store, which is generally where you'll find it. Some businesses deliver a restricted number of pre-installed apps on smart TVs that can't be altered other than through firmware updates. VIZIO is a firm based in the United States that develops and distributes Smart TVs. VIZIO has long let users control the apps on their TVs, but beginning in 2016, they have taken a different approach with their SmartCast OS. After the update, many Vizio TV users were unable to figure out how to install applications. In this post, we've outlined the steps you need to take to upgrade apps on a Vizio smart television. But first, it's vital to find out whether Vizio smart TV applications can be updated. Can I update apps on Vizio Smart TV? Yes, Vizio TVs may be updated. However, the process for updating apps varies depending on the two different OS. Vizio smart TVs come in two distinct varieties. Vizio Smartcast TVs VIA (Vizio Internet Apps) TVs If your smart TV is running the Smartcast OS, you won't be able to upgrade or install applications manually. When you update the Smartcast OS to its most recent version, all of the apps on your TV will be automatically updated. It's a simple method that takes away individual app-level management. On VIA TVs, you can install and update apps that are available on the Vizio App Store. Furthermore, you may remove applications if they're no longer needed. Let's now go through the procedures for updating apps on a Vizio Smart TV. How To Update Apps On Vizio TV? Steps for Vizio Internet App Smart TVs To begin, access the Vizio App Store on the VIA Smart TV remote by pressing the V button. Select the application you wish to update from the Applications list. Press the yellow button on the remote to turn your TV off. Select update if you detect the update button on the screen. If there's no upgrade, this might indicate that the program is already up to date. If you believe this happened as a result of a mistake, go to the delete app option. Restart the Vizio App Store and reinstall the program once more to get the most up-to-date version. Steps for Vizio Smartcast TVs Please note that your Smartcast TV's firmware must be updated to have your applications up to date. The Smartcast TV will check for updates on a regular basis when connected to the internet. The download kicks in automatically for any available update. The firmware on your Vizio Smart TV will be updated after you turn off the TV. A notification stating "new update was installed" will show up on the next start to confirm that the most recent upgrade was completed. If you want to update the firmware manually, follow these steps: On your Vizio Smart TV remote, press the V button. Select the system menu by scrolling down. Select Check for Updates from the System Menu. The TV will look for updates and notify you if any are available. If any update is discovered, download it to your TV. After downloading the update, turn it off and then on your TV to apply the updates.

How To Copy A Roblox Game?

December 15, 2021 admin

If you want to start a game, editing an existing Roblox game may save you some time. It's also possible that you've considered transferring certain games to other accounts in order to utilize them. These activities can be done in a number of stages using the instructions below. Then we'll show you how to replicate a set of Roblox so you can continue to have fun. How To Copy A Roblox Game? If you've already duplicated your own game, follow these steps for the letter: Start by opening the Roblox Studio application. In Studio, continue to access your account directly. Select "My Game" from the drop-down menu. Find the game you wish to duplicate, then click on it and choose the "Edit" option at the bottom of the screen. Once you've completed this phase, you can choose whether to copy Roblox games in one of two ways. The first choice is to take a backup on the computer you are using. All you have to do in this scenario is pick "File" and then "Save as". If you want to upload copied material to Roblox, go to "File" and select "Post to Roblox as." Then follow the on-screen instructions. You can Download Roblox Apk for free on TechToDown.

How to create games in Roblox Studio, publish them and earn money

December 14, 2021 admin

We teach you the basic steps to follow when creating your own Roblox games with Roblox Studio tools, how to publish them so that everyone can play them and earn money with them. One of Roblox's biggest draws is its free game creation tool , dubbed Roblox Studio. Any video game lover can dive headlong into this app to start designing and developing their own games (which are later published on Roblox for the enjoyment of all users). If you wonder how to start creating games within Roblox, what are the steps to follow or what you should know before getting down to work, in this entry of our guide you will find the keys and answers to questions to know how to start create games within Roblox. Note: keep in mind that this is not a complete guide on game development and programming from scratch, here we only clarify some doubts related to creating games on Roblox. How to download Roblox Studio for free? Roblox Studio is Roblox's game creation tool . That is, the games that you can create for Roblox are not created from the Roblox platform as such, but rather use an external application called Roblox Studio. Roblox Studio is available for PC (Windows and Mac) and is a completely free program that you can download by following these steps: Just go to the official website . Click on the "Start creating" button . The web will try to recognize if you already have the Roblox Studio application installed on your computer. If this is your first time doing this, you won't have it, so you will be allowed to download the executable onto your computer next. Save the Roblox Studio executable and then install it on your PC. Once you have Roblox Studio installed, all you have to do to use it is run the application and log in with the same account that you use in Roblox. From there you can start creating your games. Basics of creating games in Roblox Studio When you open Roblox Studio for the first time you will see a simple interface that automatically presents you with a menu with templates or "templates" (like the one you can see in the image attached below). These templates can come in handy to make a game with a solid base , although if you want to embark on an adventure you can also click on the "FILE" tab and then "New" to create a new game completely from scratch. Keep the following in mind when you are going to use Roblox Studio: Obviously, Roblox Studio is a program that is in English and you should master this language at least a little to be able to use the tools with some ease. You don't really need to have extensive programming knowledge to create games on Roblox, but of course at the beginning the learning curve can be steep if you've never seen anything of this world before. Also remember that in Roblox Studio you cannot create absolutely anything that comes to mind. Obviously, there are limitations of the graphics engine and derivatives, although the margin is very wide. The programming language that Roblox Studio uses is Lua , which already offers many created objects and functionalities. Each user can create up to 200 public games on Roblox. You can only create games from Roblox Studio on a computer (although the games you make can be enjoyed from all Roblox platforms, such as mobile). If you need help or support while using Roblox Studio, you can press the F1 hotkey . How to publish a game created on Roblox? Let's suppose that you have finished creating a game on Roblox and you are eager that the other players on the platform can enjoy it and leave you their opinions. How can you publish your games on Roblox? Very easy, for this you can carry out this method . From Roblox in the browser, with your session started, click on the "Create" section of the web. In the "My Creations" tab click on "Experiences" . Search the list of games for the game that you have created and that you want to make public. In the game information, below its title, you will see an icon with the symbol of an eye that can have two states: If it is green: then it means that the game is already public. If gray: the game is currently in private (only you can see it, unless it is a group game shared between several developers who also have access). If you want to change the public or private status of your game, click on the visibility icon and decide how you want to change it. Your game's visibility settings can also be configured from Roblox Studio . To do this, from the main menu of the software, go to the "My Games" tab and place the cursor over your game. Then press the icon with the three circles and select "Configure game" . You will automatically be sent to the public or private configuration in the browser so that you can decide how you want to have it. While creating a game you can also press the hotkey "Alt + P" to publish the game on Roblox. Tutorials to learn how to create games on Roblox All over the Internet there are thousands of very useful tutorials to learn how to create Roblox games. There are many experienced users who willingly share their programming knowledge and believe us that one of the best ways to learn is by watching video tutorials , as they are very easy to follow and intuitive. If you want to follow official Roblox tutorials to create games in Roblox Studio, you can do it by one of these two means: From the official Roblox YouTube channel: where you will find a lot of video tutorials. From the official Roblox website: where you can read and consult many articles from official guides. It should be mentioned that regarding these videos and official articles, their contents are entirely in English . However, it is easy to find many tutorials in Spanish on YouTube from fans and community creators as well. And also on other websites. So feel free to do some quick Google searches and you are sure to come up with some great tutorials. How to make money with your games? Did you know that it is possible to make real money thanks to your games created on Roblox? It is true, this is possible and in fact many fans make their living like this, developing games that become popular. Earning money on Roblox is possible if you join the DevEx, or what is the same; the Developer Change Program. Members and affiliates of this program can earn money by creating and publishing games on the Roblox platform. Although to become part of this program you must first meet some requirements . These are the requirements to enter DevEx: You must have a Roblox Premium account . You must have earned a minimum of 100,000 Robux in your account. You must have verified the email address of your account. You must have a valid DevEx portal created account (new DevEx participants will be invited to create a portal account after they submit their application). You must be 13 years or older. You must be a member of the Roblox community in good standing and have complied with all the rules of the Roblox Terms of Use. If you meet all these requirements or you think you can and are interested in applying to the DevEx program to earn money on Roblox, then visit this official link from the Roblox support page to know all the details in depth. Good luck!

Roblox Game Soon to Present Virtual Metaverse World?

December 13, 2021 admin

Metaverse has become a topic of conversation that is often heard lately. The latest Roblox admits that it already has a business plan involving this interactive and immersive virtual world technology. Speaking to CNBC International, Roblox CEO David Baszucki said that since the company was founded in 2004, it has been trying to make its version. "Our business plan from 17 years ago predicted this new category where people can gather. Over the last 16 years, we have been innovating this category, building an amazing community of not only players but also an amazing developer community, 2 million of which make everything on our platform a rich economy," he explained, quoted on Wednesday (11/10/2021). "Our entire company is focused on innovation to drive and deliver a vision that some call the metaverse or shared human experience forward." The name metaverse became louder after Facebook changed its company name to Meta and focused on the technology. The world of the metaverse is considered to be successful in the mobile internet. Founder Mark Zuckerberg says his company is like social media. But what it does is build technology and connect people. That's where the metaverse is, which is a new chapter for the company. "And the metaverse is the next frontier just like social networks were when we started," Zuckerberg said. Meanwhile, another global technology giant, Microsoft, has also entered the metaverse. Microsoft President Brad Schmidt explained the concept of the virtual world in a recent company blog. He also said there must be collaboration and interoperability to develop the metaverse. According to him, this technology will be very big and important in the future. "I think (the metaverse) will be very large and quite important. We have to make sure to protect privacy, digital security, and protect against disinformation, manipulation. We have a lot to do," he explained. Metaverse is described as a virtual world where users can gather, play, travel online, shop for virtual clothes, create artwork, and attend concerts. This can be done using a virtual reality headset, augmented reality glasses, smartphone app, or another device.

How to Move Apps to SD Card on an LG?

December 10, 2021 admin

Wanna learn how to transfer applications to SD cards on LG? Do you have difficulties moving apps to your LG device's SD card? Read this article to get all of your problems resolved! You'll discover numerous solutions for moving apps to an SD card. We all know that moving data from a phone's internal memory to an SD card is feasible in a smartphone with insufficient storage. With the growing number of applications and data, you'll need more storage capacity to store it all. While this is true, don't get too down just yet! Why? - Because you may always expand the storage on your LG phone by inserting an SD card. Many LG users are confused about how to put applications on SD cards. Many people aren't aware that there are safe and beneficial methods for moving apps to SD cards on LG devices. We'll teach you how to easily backup your LG onto a PC before transferring all of your apps to the SD card or simply learn about LG's move app process at the end. So stay tuned till the end! Before you move, back up Your LG to a Computer Using MobileTrans We understand how important it is for you to move apps to SD cards on LG devices, but before you do that, you should know how to back up your LG phone on the computer. Among the many applications available MobileTrans - Phone Transfer is the best software for this purpose. This useful program can assist you with almost any task, whether you want to backup all of your data from your LG device to your PC or simply move/transfer them between gadgets! It has a really user-friendly interface and all of the features include more complex capabilities that allow users to complete virtually any data transfer or backup operation quickly. Any novice or expert user will feel at ease while using this one-of-a-kind program. Step 1: Download and Start The program is installed on your computer by downloading and running it from the website. The application will show you the program's homepage; here, you must choose the BackUp & Restore option. Step 2: Choose File Types The first step is to connect your LG device with the computer using a high-quality USB cable. When MobileTrans recognizes your LG device, it will show you all of the file types that are supported in the application window. To begin the backup process, choose all of the file kinds you want or, in this case, only select Apps and then click Start. Step 3: Backup Done Last but not least, all you have to do now is wait for the backup procedure to finish and double-check that your LG phone is connected to your computer throughout the process. You must never allow a device to go disconnected while the backup procedure is in progress. If you want to inspect what has been backed up on your computer, go to the MobileTrans backup file via the Restore option. How to Move Apps to the SD Card Now that you've backed up all of your data and applications to your PC, let's get down to business and learn how to transfer apps from your LG device to the SD card. It's really simple and straightforward since we'll provide a straightforward step-by-step tutorial in this area. There is no need to be concerned because the procedure isn't difficult at all. All you have to do now is follow the instructions below, and you'll be able to move apps from your LG device in no time. Let's get started, shall we? Step 1: To begin, open the Settings menu on your LG phone. Then select the Apps option from the General list. Step 2: Choose the app you wish to move from internal storage to your SD card. Step 3: Select the Storage option and if the app data may be moved to your SD card, you will see a Change button similar to the one shown. Step 4: After that, simply click the Change option from the pop-up window and pick the SD card. Step 5: Tap Move to move the items. This can be done for all of the applications you'd like to transfer from your phone's memory to the SD card. You can now learn how to transfer applications to SD cards on LG smartphones or tablets. This is a simple and official method for moving apps from the internal storage of almost any Android device. Though it appears simple, this procedure may require a significant amount of time, which is obviously crucial to everyone. Also, if you make any mistakes while transferring the apps using this method, it will be detrimental to your system. Conclusion At the end of the day, we all want to learn how to safely and simply move apps to SD cards on LG phones. With this post, you now know how simple it is to accomplish the transfer and backup process with MobileTrans - a fantastic data transfer, backup, and restore the app. It's not only about moving apps to SD cards on LG devices; it's also about using an efficient and simple approach to relocate all of your data from your phone's internal storage. The finest option for every user is to employ MobileTrans. Stop wasting your time on anything else and start using this fantastic program now, because there's no other product like it on the market.

How to play dos card game

December 09, 2021 admin

How to Play Uno Cards – Uno is a type of card game developed since 1971 by Merle Robbins. The game which in Spanish and Italian means "One". Where one type of card is printed with various special designs so that the game can be done easily and fun. How to play uno cards itself is almost the same as ordinary playing cards. However, in the uno card, you will find a simpler card image/design. Uno Card Types Today, the game uno is not just a card. However, there are several types of uno that you can play with. Of course, each type of uno card has different characteristics, ways of playing and prices. For more details, let's look at the following types of Uno cards. Uno Stacko One type of uno that will make you nervous every time you play it is the uno stacko card. Actually, this type of uno is not in the form of a card sheet, but in the form of a block. There are several types of blocks or blocks on the Uno Stacko card, namely number blocks, turn around, skip blocks, draw 2 blocks and wild blocks. How to Play Uno Stacko How to play Uno Stacko itself is actually very simple. Even for those of you who play it for the first time can be a winner. Here are the steps to play uno stacko: First, arrange all the uno stacko blocks into a tall tower. The tower must be rectangular and elevated. Actually, the game uno stacko can be played with or without dice. If you are playing without the dice, then the order of the players can be done by scissor or another method. Next the first player must pick up the block in the tower and put it back on the very top. The next player must pick a block of the same color or number as the block the previous player drew. The game continues until the tower collapses and the player who knocks it down is the loser. Meanwhile, if you use dice to play, the blocks taken are according to the numbers that appear on the dice. For the next way to play the same as the game without dice. Quantity of Uno Stacko and the Price This game that can be played by 2 to 10 people consists of 45 blocks, each of which consists of several colors. Meanwhile, uno stacko wood is usually only distinguished by the numbers listed on each block. You can get Uno stacko itself with a price range of Rp. 50,000 to Rp. 100,000. Uno Dos Card The third type is the uno flip card. The game, which has become popular in Indonesia since the 2010s, is a type of game that is quite easy to play and certainly exciting. Actually, the uno Flip is a modification of the uno card, and has the characteristic of no difference between the front and back cards. The difference here is only on the light and dark sides of the card. How to Play Uno Flip Card To play this game, you only need to refer to the color/side of the flip card. Perform a player draw, or the player with the highest card in the previous game is entitled to advance first. Next, the player must match the card he has with the top card on the discarded card, either from color, number or special card. If no matching card is found, then the player must take the card from the deck. If the drawn card can be used, the player can immediately put it on the discarded card. However, if the card cannot be used, you can go directly to the next player. It can also be continued by the player next to him in a clockwise direction. Here the player also has the right to save cards that can actually be used for later. Number of Uno Flip Cards There are 108 Uno flip cards. Each of these cards has a light and dark side. Here are the details: Light-sided cards: 18 blue cards, 18 yellow cards, 18 green cards, 18 red cards, 8 +1 cards, 8 “Skip” cards, 8 “Reserve” cards, 8 Wild cards, 4 +2 Wild cards. Dark-sided cards: 18 pink cards, 18 orange cards, 18 blue-green cards, 18 purple cards, 8 “Reserve” cards, 8 “Skip” cards, 8 +5 cards, 8 Flip Cards, 4 Wild cards and 4 Wild cards Draw Colors. Uno Flip Card Price The price of this uno flip card is quite cheap, which is only around Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 85,000 only. What's the trick to playing Uno to win in an instant? For those of you who are still beginners and confused about how to win the uno game, there's no need to worry. Let's follow these tricks to be a winner: Especially for the uno stacko game, make sure if you take the right blocks (no risk of dropping the tower). Then arrange it on the part that can increase the balance of the tower. As for the uno Dos or Flip players, you can play with the ability to choose colors and card numbers. Make sure that the cards you draw in the arena do not harm you in the next round. So, do you know how to play Uno cards and how to win fast? instead of being curious, just buy it and try the fun of playing uno stacko, dos or flip. Have you taken the quiz with prizes from yet? if not, skuyy play it.. lots of interesting prizes that you can get... hurry up... because the prizes are limited, loch!

How to change game name on Discord

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One of the finest aspects about Discord is the simplicity and freedom with which you can join various server communities for a variety of reasons. Maybe you are the type of person who uses it to play strictly, even then you may have multiple gaming communities, guilds, or groups that you like to communicate with on a daily basis. When the name you're using now no longer reflects who you are, it's time to make a change. Maybe you just want to add something to it for a special occasion or party. The beauty of Discord is that it allows you to change your username to whatever you want, as long as the server owner has granted you the proper permissions. Change your Discord user nickname There are a few ways that you can alter or edit your current Discord username. Note that you can change your username and what everyone else in the user list sees for each server you are a member of. Also, changing your nickname does not change your account username and people will still be able to locate you using it if they want to. Of the three options, you have to change your username, we will start with the more detailed method. The long way Launch the Discord app and if prompted, log in with your email and password. If you don't have the desktop version of Discord on your computer, you can use the Discord web app in your internet browser. Use the URL and enter there. Once everything is loaded and launched: 1. Click on the white cogwheel icon next to your username at the bottom left of the screen. This is your User Settings icon and it will open your User Settings page. 2. Click the Edit button in the upper right corner of the "User Settings" page, under the heading "MY ACCOUNT." You can also change details like your username, email address, and password here. 3. Within the text field just below "USERNAME", your current username will be displayed. Delete your old username and replace it with the new one. If you wish, you can fill in the "EMAIL" field with a new entry or click on "Change Password? 4. Once you are done with your changes, you will need to confirm your identity by entering your password before you can save the newly edited information. Then click the Save button in the lower right corner of the "MY ACCOUNT" section to save all the modified information. The short way A faster way to change your username than above, especially on a server that doesn't belong to you: 1. Click on the server settings menu bar at the top of the Discord window. It will have the name of the server on it and a down arrow to the right of it. 2. In the drop-down menu, click Change Nickname. 3. Here, you can enter your new username in the field where your current name is located. Once you've typed it in and you're happy, click the blue Save button. The shortest way If you'd like to use the slash commands to click and scroll, try typing $ 0027 / nick $ 0027 in the message input area (with a space) and then entering your new username. A much faster solution than the ones mentioned above. You can do this for each and every server that you have access to, as long as your current role within that server group allows you to change it. Name management on multiple servers You can change and manage the nicknames of anybody who joins as the owner of a server. There are two permissions dedicated to the use of the username: Enabling "Change Nickname" will give users permission to change their nickname on your server. This is also the case if you are on a server that belongs to someone else. If this permission has not been verified, you keep the nickname you had when you entered. That is, unless the owner decides to alter your name. If you enable 'Manage Nicknames' on your server, only the 'Members' configuration settings will be accessible to users. This allows anyone to change the nicknames of other members within that server as long as they are members. Of course, if you are the owner, you have this power inherently, but permission must be granted by the owner of a server if it is on a different server than yours. Changing the nicknames of other members is pretty straightforward: 1. Just go to the Members tab in Server Settings. 2. In the "Server Members" area, hover over the member whose username you want to change. This will lift three vertical dots to the right. Click the dots to open more options and choose Change Nickname. 3. Fill in the member's new username in the box provided and click Save when done. The new nicknames will be displayed in the Members Area to everyone who connects to the server. You will not have access to your own username or any other members if the server owner has denied you a role with the "Change Username" permission. Even with a slash command, Clyde will only give you a sad message: Remember that even if you're trying to keep a low profile or go incognito with a new nickname, anyone who wants to can click on your user profile to discover your real name. Interestingly, you can still make @mentions using both the new nickname and the original. The features of Discord that need you to know someone's username will still function as expected. So even if the new nickname has nothing to do with the original, you can mention it in @mention. An example would be $ 0027Konquezt $ 0027 as the original name but opting for $ 0027IMA Gawd $ 0027 on the current server you are trying to mention. Visually the name would show up as $ 0027IMA Gawd $ 0027 but you could just type @Kon (or the full name) and it would still show up. Discord will remember and react to the original username, even if you change it. This feature also applies when searching for users in the Members tab of the Server Settings.

Blockchain Gaming Is the Future in the Gaming Industry

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The presence of the Decentralized App (DAPP) gives a lot of new hope to the Game industry, as we already know in the Game industry today, the majority of games currently circulating are online games with a centralized system, this centralized system means that all data, both logins and passwords are stored on servers. and controlled by the administrator or owner of the game (Items, logins, passwords, and virtual money are all regulated by the game's administrator), but unlike the Blockchain Game and Dapp concept, there is no data stored and controlled by the administrator or game owner/manager. Actually, there are several weaknesses in the current gaming industry that Blockchain Game can help with, these weaknesses are: Server Crash (Data Lost Due to) technical problem System infiltration from Hackers or hackers Games that can be closed at any time Account Suspend by Game manager Virtual Item Value Manipulation of the game by Managers and administrators There is no data transparency of the gameSome of the problems above are classic problems faced by the gaming industry today, and the presence of Blockchain games is expected to overcome these problems. These are some of the uses of Blockchain in the Game Industry: 1. The data is in the hands of the user, not in the hands of the administrator or game manager If you use centralized apps like Facebook or Instagram or Game games like PuBG etc then your data is the property of FB or IG. But with DApp, users will have full control over ownership of data and assets. 2. Unique Virtual Item Ownership (NFT Token) Blockchain Games or blockchain based games allow players to have permanent ownership and complete control over their in-game assets. Usually, each asset is represented by a unique non-fungible token (NFT), on the vexanium Blockchain you can create a non-fungible token (NFT) easily, with a complete library. The assets in this NFT token can be in the form of in-game cards, skins, equipment (tools), and characters (character). but regardless of asset type, they can all be linked to blockchain tokens, which are managed by a blockchain network like vexanium 3.Decentralize Market untuk Item Virtual (NFT Token) Game companies have the power to manipulate their game's drop rate and economy. They can also lock or bind in-game items, making them non-tradable. but on a gaming blockchain built on a blockchain network it is possible to create a decentralized marketplace. This keeps players from having to trust other players, while also providing censorship resistance. All players are free to buy, sell and exchange their in-game assets in a peer-to-peer manner. 4. Fast Payment System, Unlimited and Peer To Peer Blockchain and smart contracts have the ability to reduce costs and speed up financial transactions. It can also simplify all types of payments, not only for exchange between players (peer-to-peer) but also between players and developers. 5. FairPlay Game Blockchain Game allows the creation of games that are more open or open-source, distributed, and transparent. That way, the game mechanics can only be changed if the majority of the network chooses it. In addition, the distributed nature of blockchain prevents hackers and fraudsters from disrupting the game because there is no single point of failure. The Vexanium blockchain is a third generation blockchain, with the latest features and capable of processing transactions up to 5000 transactions per second, which is one of the right blockchains to use in the gaming industry, the smart contract feature that uses the C++ programming language will make it easier to develop blockchain games. Example of playing a simple game with Blockchain Login on the Vexanium blockchain, not using a login or password, all user data is stored by the user himself, everything runs automatically with a smart contract Blockchain Game does have great potential but still there are still big challenges to be faced. Some of them are as follows: Scalability: most blockchains have speed issues, although the Vexanium blockchain speed issues are not a problem anymore Less Adoption : (Lack of adoption) Most blockchain games nowadays have relatively few or too many players. Most Are Still Simple : There are some better ones, but most blockchain games are too simple to grab the attention of players who value quality graphics or want a complex gaming experience. His lack of capital :. Raising funds to start and manage blockchain games is a bit of a challenge. Lack of adoption, together with scalability issues can hinder the work of blockchain developers Centralize Powered by Big Players Blockchain games are often developed by small independent groups (indie games). This team might find it difficult to compete with the big game companies from a centralized world But indeed if Blockchain games are compared to the traditional (Centralized) game industry, blockchain games are still very new and relatively small. However, there have been Thousands of DApps and games built on the blockchain network. It is clear that blockchain technology has great potential in the gaming industry. Blockchain provides significant advances for players and developers, particularly in terms of decentralization, transparency and interoperability.

How to install paid apps on multiple Android devices? Updated 2022

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If you have several Android devices, you shouldn't have to purchase additional copies of your applications. Fortunately, the Android Market makes it simple to install all of your paid apps on all of your gadgets without having to buy them again. Here's how to do it. Please keep in mind that these instructions are for devices using the new Google Play. While it is feasible to download premium apps to numerous gadgets through the old Google Play, one restriction exists: the Google account used for purchases must be the primary account linked with the device. In any case, we've included notes that should make things easier to understand. Step 1: Check if the Google account used to purchase your apps is added to your new device. If it isn't, go to your Android Settings menu, select "Accounts and sync," then "Add account." If the desired Google account was not already set on your device, go to Settings > Accounts. Select the account that you'd want to use and then verify it. If necessary, change the password of this Google account. Step 2: Open the Android Market and select Menu, then Accounts. Select the correct Google account from the drop-down menu. Note: Again, only the new version of Google Play has this ability. Step 3: Open Google Play and go to Menu, then My Apps. Step 4: Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list, where you'll see a section that reads "Not installed." These are all of your Google Account's downloaded and/or purchased applications. Note: Google Play allows you to record each app's installation and purchase history. We're interested in the ones that have been purchased, as opposed to those marked Installed. Step 5:  To go to an app, tap any of the paid applications listed. Install it by pressing Install. It's that simple. You may install as many paid apps on as many devices as you like, as long as they are linked to the Google account that purchased them.

How to Make a Fighting Game

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Items you need Notebook and pencil Computer skills or friends who have them Fighting games are one of the best-selling and fun genres of video games on the market. The popularity of the "Mortal Kombat" and "Street Fighter" series is a testament to this. Those games set the standard, but there are plenty of opportunities left for people to develop their own fighting gameplay. With a little brainstorming and a lot of programming skills, your battle video game will allow you to enter the dangerous arena of software development. Brainstorm to determine what specific niche your fighting game will occupy. You want to be able to set your game apart from the rest. Maybe your fighting game will be very realistic or focus on fighters who use certain martial arts. Many of the most successful games have interesting backgrounds. Think about why your combatant stepped into the ring; maybe they are fighting to save the Earth or win the hand of a princess. Come up with a roster of fighters and locations for them to challenge each other. Make sure you have lots of variety. You have to have a big fighter, a small fighter, a male and female balance, and much more. Put together a focus group made up of individuals in your target demographic. Most of the people who play fighting games are males between the ages of 18 to 35. This can be as simple as asking your kids' friends what they think. Find out what they like and don't like about the game and your characters and backstory and customize it as needed. Program your game. This can be very difficult if you are not already a computer expert. If your ambition to make fighting games is long-term, take a few classes and read books on computer programming until you have the necessary skills. Another option is to enlist the help of a smart "young geek" seeking experience. It can be a symbiotic relationship, as the geek gets experience designing games and you get playable game demos. Decide if you want to self-publish the game for people to play on their computers. Just upload your demo to the download site and wait for the user to run your game. They will likely make comments about the game as well. Show your demo to the video game publisher. There are a lot of them, and some of them will accept ideas from outsiders (that would be you). Find out their shipping policies and go from presenting your idea to sending them a demo to doing a full presentation. Play more Action Games for free at

How To Delete A Game On Roblox

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Roblox is a gaming platform where players may create and play their own video games. It has a huge collection of games with millions of titles available. You get to pick whatever game you want to play with Roblox. After you've chosen a game, you can immediately begin playing it. The goal of Roblox is to provide gamers with a space in which they may freely develop games and share them with others. As of now, it has over 164 million players across the world! How To Delete A Game on Roblox? When it comes to the number of games available on Roblox, users may be wondering if it's possible to delete a game. Because they want the game to free up space, this is obviously the case. Users, however, are unable to discover how to erase the game. This has prompted some concerns among consumers. Today, I'm going to discuss why you can't remove the game, and how to destroy it. So, if you're seeking for answers, we recommend staying with us! If you're searching for a quick solution to the problem, we have some bad news. Unfortunately, there is presently no way to completely remove a video game. 1. Archive Your Game Fortunately, there is a way to do anything else instead. You may remove these games from public view. These games may also be hidden simply by archiving them. To archive a game, simply click on the three dots on the game's screen. After you select this option, you will have the choice of archiving the game. Hiding the game from general use should be as simple as archiving it. 2. Try Overwriting The Game If you're starting a new project and want to clear out some room. The old game may be overwritten. In general, you must replace the existing project with the one you are creating. After successfully overwriting the game, rename it according to your new project. To replace an old game with a newer one, you must first delete the old one. You may also try asking the support staff for assistance. If you're lucky, a moderator will assist you in achieving precisely what you desire. There have been rumors that the creators are attempting to develop a method that would allow customers to delete games. However, these are only speculations without anything tangible to back them up. Conclusion In this post, we've covered everything you need to know about deleting a game on Roblox. You can't immediately remove a game on Roblox, as we said. However, there are some other things you can try that we addressed in the post. Make sure you read it through completely so nothing is overlooked.

3 Best Blockchain Game-Based Crypto Coins

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Experts have conducted research to identify the best and most attractive blockchain game-based crypto coins. We use the criteria most commonly used by the gaming community when it comes to ranking game development projects. For example, in terms of game mechanics, user-friendliness, network effects, and so on. Why choose the best blockchain game-based crypto? Basically, games or games give humans the opportunity to tell interactive stories that scale across borders. In addition, the game also provides the opportunity to let go, explore every possibility and a wider and limitless world. This can go far beyond the real world. Games can also give you the flexibility to be whoever or whatever you want. There are at least 3 crypto coins based on the best blockchain games, which are as follows: Enjin Coin (ENJ) Enjin Coin is the first best blockchain game-based cryptocurrency ( cryptocurrency ). Enjin is also an NFT ( non-fungible token ) based crypto asset. Engine has gone a step further to push the gaming space to exciting new frontiers. They managed to achieve this with the help of the ERC-1155 token standard, an Ethereum token standard used in conjunction with Enjin Coin (ENJ). This blockchain-based game crypto is purchased by developers and printed into blockchain game items. This means that gamers will receive ENJ from every purchase of game items and receive it from game results, without having to buy from a crypto exchange. One of the elements of the Enjin, Blockchain, and Crypto Wallet ecosystem is a mobile crypto wallet that is easy to use, secure and ad-free and supports the best crypto coins (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others). This crypto wallet can be downloaded on Google Play for free. The advantages of the platform are that it offers many excellent features, including a secure keyboard, cold wallet tracking, and Samsung Blockchain Keystore integration. In addition, the Enjin crypto wallet is also supported by the ERC-1155 and ERC-721 tokens. Many developers' game's interested Enjin development tool shed built very well. This makes it easier for developers to tokenize and integrate into platforms (eg Microsoft's Azure Heroes Collection). In addition, there is also the Enjin Marketplace which allows anyone to trade ERC-1155 digital assets securely. All assets are backed by ENJ tokens. TRON (TRX) TRON is one of the most popular crypto coins in the world. Everyone can buy this cryptocurrency through a crypto exchange. The TRON token, with the symbol TRX is the native token of one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world. Ultimately, this blockchain-based crypto platform provides a decentralized and censorship-free internet. The TRON blockchain (or network) already provides good scalability and is a developer-friendly tool in a robust application ecosystem. In addition, the TRON blockchain also handles up to 2000 transactions per second at a relatively low cost. This makes it a highly demanded crypto coin and is used in the development of various decentralized applications (dApps), including game dApps. For example, an upgraded version of the most popular blockchain game, Knight Story, has been built on the TRON blockchain. The emergence of this game can not be separated from the leading blockchain game development studio, Biscuit Labs in partnership with Tron. They decided to build and release the next version of Knight Story (formerly EOS Knights) on the TRON blockchain. Decentraland (MANA) No less than TRON, another best blockchain game-based cryptocurrency is Decentraland with its coin MANA. MANA is a crypto coin used in Decentraland, a blockchain-based virtual world that has experienced rapid development. The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain. This virtual world was founded in 2017 and can be explored and used to socialize with other users. Apart from that, it also offers easier Decentraland building and offers a choice of hundreds of 3D items. Every user can easily buy and sell Decentraland-related virtual plots on the open market. Virtual plots of land with verifiable ownership via blockchain. The first batch of plots of land was sold through a public auction. Interestingly, the plot of land that fetched the highest price during the first Decentraland auction had sold for 582,090 MANA, around $18,000 at the time. Conclusion Enjin Coin (ENJ), TRON (TRX), and Decentraland (MANA) are some of the cryptocurrencies that develop the best blockchain gaming platform with prior research. You can try to dig deeper into what products they offer.

How to Play Tanks on game Pigeon

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The Pigeon game is becoming increasingly popular in the iOS community, allowing people to play fourteen top-notch games through their iMessage app. Today we'll look at some of the Tank games available in-game Pigeon. 8-Ball, Poker, Sea Battle, Gomuku, and Anagrams are among the most popular games What are Tanks and how do they work? In fact, it's not a storage tank; instead, it's a Pigeon game that is located inside the iMessenger app. Tanks is a game in which you control an army tank that's usually used for warfare, but this time it's animated and accessible. How to Play Tanks on game Pigeon? I know that starting a new game isn't going to be simple. Especially when it's something you haven't done before. Let's look at some suggestions for playing tanks on the game columbiform bird. Don't stick to one side of the battle; maintain your tank in motion so you're never hit. If you'll lose your current armor in the game, make sure you don't shoot unless it's really necessary. Use a boost to assist you to preserve your life, which may aid in the killing of your opponent. This can be accomplished by purchasing boosters within the game's in-app purchases. Prevent being bothered when playing Pigeon on the computer. If you're sidetracked, it's possible that you'll miss your target or get hit by the opponent. If you receive a text message from your adversary (the person you're competing against), don't agree, disregard it, and concentrate on the game. They fire more and are less susceptible to hits than smaller tanks. If you'd like to know how to play tanks on game Pigeon, go home and practice. Make a lot of mistakes in the beginning, but when you're done, it'll be second nature.

5 Best Blockchain Games of 2021: Play Games And Make Money

November 29, 2021 admin

Blockchain is a Bitcoin block exploration service  , a kind of wallet or  cryptocurrency wallet  suitable for  Bitcoin ,  Bitcoin Cash , and  Ethereum . They also provide   Bitcoin chart data ,  statistics , and market information  . We would like to see crypto continue to take a bigger and bigger share of the traditional financial system. We want to see it loosen the grip that fiat currencies and banks have over our everyday lives. For us, crypto is more than just an asset class: it is a medium of exchange that we can use on our own terms. There has been no shortage of headlines over the past few years about businesses waking up and smelling crypto. More shops and companies are now accepting payments for goods and services in BTC and other cryptocurrencies, allowing us more financial freedom than ever before. But all the hype around being able to buy your morning latte using crypto (back when we could do that kind of thing) has hidden another important area of ​​adoption from view. We are spending more of our lives online, especially as the lockdown continues. Many of us spend some time playing online games as well and this is where crypto adoption finds another limit. Blockchain based games are gaining popularity and they are using crypto to strengthen their in-game ecosystem. The transactions made in these games will play an increasingly large role in pushing crypto adoption forward in a completely different direction. What are Blockchain Games? There are two main features to blockchain games. We've covered the first: the integration of cryptocurrencies for in-game payments and/or the use of non-fungible tokens (NFT) within the game itself. NFT allows gamers to own unique in-game assets that can be traded with other players or transferred across platforms. A great example is a rare weapon in Fortnite. Then there is the nature of the blockchain itself: an incorruptible database that can store information about who owns which items and what their value is. This will allow them to be traded securely, with buyers having confidence that their goods are genuine and sellers having records of completed sales. Smart contracts can be used to make the whole process seamless and completely transparent. There are also consequences for game data as well. By using blockchain, player progress can be tracked and cheating becomes impossible. The days of evil gamers hacking extra skills or unlocking higher levels can be counted. Blockchain opens up a world of new possibilities for gamers. Not only does it allow them to further immerse themselves in the game they are playing, but it also provides many opportunities to monetize their hobby. Great players can earn tangible rewards for their skills, while those with artistic inclinations can design and sell desired, collectible in-game items. The potential is huge and game developers are just getting started. Best Blockchain Game In 2021 As you can imagine, the blockchain gaming space is growing rapidly, with new titles coming out all the time as demand increases. As with regular games, there are good, bad, and indifferent blockchain games, catering to all kinds of tastes. But we are not interested in that. We're concerned about titles that set the pace for the rest of the sector and claim classic status early. So, here in no particular order are the ten blockchain games we love the most. It's a tough job playing a lot of games to find the best one, but someone has to do it. The Sandbox This virtual world platform has been around since 2012 as a regular iOS, Android and Windows game, but switched to blockchain when it was bought by Animoca Brands in 2018. The game is all about the creativity of its users and the content they produce all contributing to the ever-expanding Sandbox multiverse. . Sandbox takes the lead from games like Minecraft and Roblox, but seeks to concentrate power and ownership in the hands of the user rather than the developer. It uses NFT to allow users to own their creations and reward them for building and maintaining a gaming ecosystem. Users can create in-game objects via the VoxEdit function and then sell them on the Sandbox online marketplace. The game uses three separate tokens to allow them to do this. SAND is an ERC-20 token and the main in-game currency that serves as the 'base for all transactions and interactions of the ecosystem.' LAND consists of NFTs representing digital real estate which can be purchased to be developed at the player's choice. If the LAND is successfully developed, it can be leased or sold at a profit. Lastly, there are ASSETS: these are player-generated ERC-1155 tokens that are also tradable in the marketplace and represent user-generated content. SAND tokens are available on a number of exchanges, but if you use Binance then you can take advantage of Guy's 20% trading discount there. If you want to buy LAND then you will first have to top up the SAND and buy through one of the pre-sales that take place on the game platform itself. ASSETS can also be purchased here. If you want to learn more about The Sandbox, Guy's in-depth discussion goes into more detail, as well as provides a broader overview of SAND tokenomics. The Six Dragons The Enjin platform is quickly becoming a hub for blockchain game developers, as it builds a 'product ecosystem that will help humanity create a thriving virtual economy through the power of blockchain technology.' It offers a platform for building blockchain games and minting the tokens that support them, while also offering wallet and marketplace services as well. Enjin Coin (ENJ) is originally an ERC-20 token that supports in-game assets issued by games on the platform, thus allowing them to be traded freely. One of the most exciting games on the Enjin platform is The Six Dragons, a fantasy-themed open world RPG where players can 'explore endless lands, farm for valuable materials, craft over 300 unique items, trade items for others. players and upgrade their arsenal using powerful spells.' As with The Sandbox, the emphasis here is all on the user. The game prides itself on being created and run by its players and thus completely decentralized in the best of blockchain traditions. The fantasy genre is quite outdated in both traditional and blockchain games, but The Six Dragons looks great and gives players plenty of room to explore the game world while acquiring and trading a wide variety of items. The ability to design and craft items for later use or sale must be earned, thereby rewarding players who participate in the game and helping to grow its ecosystem. For users looking to buy Enjin Coin to use in games, again Binance is the best choice, although other exchanges support it. Axie Infinity A recent Coin Telegraph article explained it well when stating that blockchain games have more in common with crypto investing than mainstream games like Call of Duty. This is especially true for Axie Infinity, a game that led the way from Pokémon and Crypto Kitties. Here players buy and breed cute little creatures called Axies while fighting other players in PvP mode, or the game's AI in PvE. Players need to purchase a minimum of three Axies to get started, with the cheapest starting at 0.0421 ETH (about $75). This means a sizable initial investment, but the time and effort spent on the game can pay you off, as winning battles earns you a Small Love Potion (SLP). These are game utility tokens and can then be used to breed more Axies, which can then be sold to other players. The higher the number of Axie breeds, the more expensive they are. SLP can be traded on Uniswap, allowing dedicated players to earn from their efforts. Axie Infinity also has governance tokens in the form of Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). These can be staked, used to buy NFT in the gaming market and give holders a say in how the network is run. AXS can also be traded on Uniswap and, of course, Binance. (Don't forget to use Guy's trade discount.) Axie Infinity's graphics and gameplay aren't for everyone, but all crypto fans should applaud the news that some players can even make a living playing. Great example of blockchain working for the little ones. Sorare Fantasy Football Collecting soccer cards briefly consumed my life when I was a child and I know many people who admit to spending too much time playing fantasy football as an adult. Sorare has brought the two together for the blockchain generation and some of their collectible digital cards have changed hands for tantalizing sums of money. Gamers form teams of five players by buying cards at auction in the Sorare market, or by trading them with other payers. Cards are graded according to the player on them and by the resulting numbers. Each player only has one unique card produced per season, which makes it the most valuable of a kind to own. This season's unique card for Paris Saint-Germain's Kylian Mbappe bought for over €55,000, which should give you an idea of ​​the level of involvement of some players. Your fantasy team of five players will win points depending on the performance of those players in real life games. Gamers can win more cards or payouts in ETH if their team does well. ETH serves as the in-game currency, although gamers can also fund their accounts with fiat. As with any self-respecting blockchain game, the potential to earn from playing is there, either by picking a team that wins all or by cleverly buying and selling the cards when their value goes up. Blockchain also ensures that gamers can trade their cards with confidence, knowing that they are not buying fake ones and have access to the full history of every card on the market. That way you can see what cards you see have been sold previously, helping you decide whether to invest or not. While some cards can change hands for a footballer's weekly wage, there are plenty of cheaper options for those looking to start small. MegaCryptoPolis 3D If playing God is your thing and you were a SimCity fan in those days, then MegaCryptoPolis3D is the blockchain-based answer to your prayers. This is a city building MMO dApp built on Ethereum and allows you to buy, develop and monetize plots of land within a decentralized game map. To start playing, you need to connect your Web3 wallet (eg MetaMask) to your game account, which will allow you to start buying land and developing it. As with the other games on this list, the more you are willing to invest, the more you can earn. Providing services, selling ad space, and collecting taxes on the land you own are just a few of the ways you can earn from playing games. Last year also saw MegaCryptoPolis3D go DeFi, with the launch of its $MEGA token. This opens up a whole new set of options for players – best outlined in this Medium post – and includes yield farming, liquidity mining, and trading on any DEX. The game runs on Ethereum and TRON and is available for desktop and mobile.

How to get Steam to recognize existing game files

November 27, 2021 admin

You can manage all of your games from one location with Steam. However, it's conceivable that Steam will no longer recognize any of the games on your PC. If you uninstall Windows and backup the Steam applications folder that contains your game files and other data, you risk losing your games and other data. So I copied it back to the Steam installation folder just to have it re-download all of the game data again. If you are in a similar situation, here's how to trick Steam into recognizing previously downloaded data. How do I get Steam to recognize my games that have been installed? 1. Reinstall the games without downloading them If Steam fails to identify any of the games that have been installed, you'll be given an option to reinstall them. If you save the game data to your Steam applications folder, you may compel Steam to recognize the games by beginning the game installation. Launch Steam and go to Games. Select and click install for the game that Steam has not recognized. Steam will begin to discover the existing files for the game. 2. Manually add Steam Library folder Steam stores game data by default in the Steamapps folder on the installation disc. If you stored game data in a custom location, you may try adding the location to the Steam app to repair it. Here is how to do it. 1. Launch Steam. 2. Click on Steam and select Settings. 3. Click on the Downloads tab. 4. Click on Steam Library Folders. 5. Click Add Library Folder in the pop-up window to choose a location where all of your Steam game data is kept. 6. Click Select and close Steam settings. 7. Exit the Steam application and restart Steam. 8. Now Steam should recognize the installed games again and list them in the games folder. 3. Recognize games from a new unit You can move game data to a new hard drive and then add the Game Library Folder manually in the Steam app if your primary drive (Steam's default installation location) doesn't have enough room to install all of your games. Here is how to do it. If your games are to be placed in the D: / games directory, you'll need to make a subdirectory called "Steamappscommon." The folder structure will look like D:> Games> steamapps> common After the subdirectory is created, move all the games to the newly created directory. The games directory will appear like this after moving them: D:>Juegos>steamapps>common>Assassassins Creed IV Black Flag D:>Juegos>steamapps>common> Counter Strike Global Offensive 1. Launch the Steam application from the desktop. 2. Click on Steam and select Settings. 3. Click on the Downloads tab 4. Click Steam Library Folder in the Content Libraries section 5. Click Add Library Folder and navigate to the location where your games are moved (new directory), that is D: / games / your_subdirectory. 6. To save the library folder, select it and then close it. Exit Steam and relaunch it. Steam will scan the new selected Library folder and show all games as installed. 4. Use cache.acf to force recognition of Steam games If you've backed up the Steamapps folder with all game data, you can use the Steam cache files to trick Steam into recognizing installed games from game data. Here is how to do it. 1. Make sure you have either reinstalled Steam or have the existing installation. 2. Move the game data to C: >> Program Files (x86) >> Steam >> Steamapps folder. 3. Launch steam. At this point, if Steam detects games that are properly installed, it may show some of them. 4. For games showing as not installed, select and click the Install button . 5. Steam will begin to discover all the existing files. 6. However, if the existing files are not recognized by Steam, it will begin downloading them and the progress will be 0%. 7. Stop updating the games and exit Steam. 8. Go to C: >> Program Files (x86) >> Steam >> Steamapps and find all current .acf files 9. Copy the .acf files to a new folder outside of your Steamapps directory. 10. Relaunch Steam again. In the Games library, the affected game will be shown as uninstalled. 11. Outgoing steam. 12. Place all of the .acf files in the C: >> Program Files (x86) >> Steam >> Steamapps folder 13. Restart Steam. Go to the game library and click Resume updating games that you have previously paused. If all goes well, all the games you have previously installed will appear as installed. If a new version is required, you may proceed with it.

What is a Mobile Application? Here's the Full Review!

November 27, 2021 admin

Hello everyone, did you know that the application that we use every day is not the same type, you know. There are several kinds of applications including Mobile, web, and desktop applications. Well in this article we will discuss more deeply what a mobile application is. What is a Mobile Application? Mobile applications (Mobile Apps) are applications made for mobile devices such as: Smartphones, SmartWatch, Tablets, and others. Software or also called application software is the result of mobile programming designed using a particular programming language. Mobile Application Advantages Many advantages can be obtained when using mobile applications compared to web and desktop applications, including: The User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) of mobile applications are usually quite attractive and very easy to use. Several applications can be used without having to be connected to the internet Users or users can access applications anywhere through their gadgets Mobile Application Development in Indonesia Every year Hootsuite releases data on internet and social media user trends. Hootsuite is a social media content management site such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Data on internet users, social media, and mobile devices in Indonesia According to data from Hootsuite at the end of January 2019, trends in the internet and social media users in Indonesia are as follows: Total Population of Indonesia: 268.2 million Number of Unique Mobile Users: 355.5 million (Reduced 19% from 2018) Number of Internet Users: 150 million (An increase of 13% from 2018) Number of Active Social Media Users: 150 million (An increase of 15% from 2018) Number of Social Media Users From Mobile Devices: 130 million (An increase of 8.3% from 2018) 355.5 million is a pretty fantastic number, which means one person can have more than one smartphone. No wonder Indonesia is one of the lucrative markets for mobile application developers around the world. Mobile Application Categories We can easily get mobile apps on our smartphones, whether Android, iOS, or others through app stores, for example, the play store and app store. Specifically, mobile applications have several categories, including: Communication: An application that we can use to communicate easily Education: This application contains content about education. Like the material of mathematical formulas or others. News and Magazines: By using this application we can read news easily Games: In order not to get bored in carrying out activities, take time to play mobile games. Social Networking: So that we can exist and connect with other people, we must install this application. Health: During a pandemic like this, health applications such as for health consuls are downloaded a lot , and many more