Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive Crochet Charizard Doll

November 18, 2022 admin
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Upon seeing this incredible Charizard doll that one fan crochet, it's easy to understand why the art of Crochet seems to have a soft spot in the hearts of many Pokemon fans. If you're a fan of Fire/Flying-type Pokemon, this crochet doll is sure to impress with its many iconic features.


The crochet skills of many Pokemon fans are on display as they show their love for favourite Pokemon. Recently, some crochet dolls of popular Pokemon such as Chespin, Froakie, Snorlax, and even Scarlet and Violet's new Lechonk were shared by fans online. It is unsurprising that a fan of the Pokemon video games would crochet a doll of Charizard, given its iconic status as one of the pocket creatures from the Kanto region.

A Reddit user by the name of ConstanzaL posted a picture of an incredibly well-made Crochet Charizard doll they did. What's most impressive is that it appears to be made from only one thread, and somehow manages to perfectly recreate the bright orange skin tone of the Fire/Flying type Pokemon. Not only was the artist able to accurately depict the pokemon, but they also managed to make it look quite threatening. Charizard's eyes are especially menacing, while its wings peacefully stick out behind its back. According to ConstanzaL, they used a free pattern which another artist generously shared on Reddit. This means other crochet artists can also start a Charizard doll project of their own with ease.

ConstanzaL's work on the forum received a lot of compliments from other Pokemon fans. They were especially wowed by how well they recreated Charizard's iconic look. One fan even pointed out that they loved the vibrancy of the Charizard doll's orange skin. In response to questions about whether the artist sold their dolls, ConstanzaL said that they did accept commissions. The artist has crocheted several Pokemon dolls, as noted on their Reddit profile. In addition to this Pikachu doll, they have also made Cyndaquil, Eevee, and all of its evolutions.

ConstanzaL is an expert crochet artist that has made dolls from other video game titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Kirby, and even Klonoa. Pokemon fans young and old would love to have crochet dolls of their favorite Gen 9 starters, legendaries, and other Pokemon found in the Paldea region. As grateful as we are for their work being shared online, let's hope they continue to do so. Fans of Pokemon admire the intricate details of their crocheted recreations.