Spotify Can't Play This Right Now - Solve Within 5 Minutes

August 30, 2021 admin
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Spotify is a premium music streaming app that lets you listen to tunes for free or with an in-app purchase. With this, comes some setbacks like ads and limited content if you're not subscribed. No matter how many times you try, Spotify won't play no matter what. This article will look at some of the possible reasons behind this and how to resolve the issue Spotify Can't Play This Right Now!

Find out why Spotify can't play your music

Why would you want to stick around with Spotify when it is so slow and fails all the time? There are other streaming services out there that will allow you to listen to your desired music without any issues.

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There is a reason why Spotify does not play the songs you want on your desktop app and it has to do with licensing: - When an attempt to play a song unavailable in your region is made, the error message that Spotify can't play this right now will display. This occurs because of copyright issues, which prohibit some tracks from playing on a specific area's version of Spotify. - Sharing links to tracks with your friends is easy after importing them from the local drive. But if a track isn't available in their region, then they won't be able to play it on Spotify. - Spotify limits free users to five plays per track within six months from signing up. They can't play the current song after reaching this limit, and they will find out when that happens. - The reasons for not being able to play local files in Spotify may be an overflow of cache, changes with the hardware settings, or a location issue. You might also get a message that your 'Spotify Local Files' are not showing up as well. - In the settings of the Spotify account, one should be careful not to mishandle anything as it may result in an error that says: "Spotify can't play this right now." - If Spotify's web player is not working properly, it may cause songs to play intermittently. To avoid this problem, you can check whether the service works in your browser before playing music through it.

Refer to how to fix Spotify can't play now

If you are seeing the error message: Spotify can’t play this right now, don't worry. You already know what causes of the problem and possible solutions on Windows OS or Mac.

1. Try powering off to reboot and back in Spotify:

Are you having trouble playing songs on Spotify? especially when you are using your desktop, try this trick before anything else. Sign out of your account and restart the app. After signing back into Spotify, see if it plays any music files that weren't previously available for playback.

2. Edit hardware acceleration settings in Spotify again:

If you are having trouble playing music on Spotify, disabling hardware acceleration in the app can solve this problem. The steps to do so follow:

Step 1: Open the app, and go to "Preferences" from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Click on the 'Show Advanced Settings' button towards the bottom of your browser to reveal more options.

Step 3: At the bottom of your screen, you'll find an option that says 'enable hardware acceleration. Toggle it off.

Step 4: You should see a new song available to play. Now, you can enjoy your music uninterruptedly!

3. Delete local caches and files stored in the local drive:

If you are seeing Spotify local files not showing on your Mac, it might be due to some cache issues. To solve this issue, try clearing the cached data from the hard drive and see if that helps. Here is how:

Step 1: Copy the file address from the Spotify app. Go to your account settings and select 'advanced'. Then find where it says "Offline song storage location" and click on that option.

Step 2: Close the app and open your computer's file browser to visit the folder. The "AppData" folder is hidden by default; so, unhide it first.

Step 3: Delete all the files available in the folder by selecting all for quick.

Step 4: Run the application again and check if your songs are playing or not.

4. Refer to some other fixes:

If you're having trouble getting Spotify to play the current track, there are some more options for trying out.

  1. Toggle on and off the crossfading button from within advanced settings. You can also toggle high-quality streaming if you have a slow internet connection with your music player app.
  2. This means that you have used up all of the space on your hard disk drive. To fix this, try adding more storage to make room for local files or deleting some music if necessary so it fits in with what is already there.
  3. If Spotify won't play a current song offline, you probably need to resync your drive in the app. To do this go into settings and choose "Resync Drive."
  4. Spotify is a great platform with an amazing portfolio of music. However, it's hard to keep track if you don't have a premium membership and can only play songs five times before they stop playing for six months!

If the above solutions do not work, what should be done?

When Spotify fails to play the current track, it may be best not to try any of the above tricks. Instead, reinstallation is recommended because this often solves issues that otherwise seem mysterious or unsolvable. However, if you cannot resolve the issue yourself and need further assistance from the Spotify support team open a ticket. When describing your problem to them make sure that provides all necessary information for their team members so they can help solve it in any way possible.


Sometimes, Spotify won’t work because of geographical restrictions. This means that you need to understand how the streaming service works with different locations. If it still doesn't function correctly after understanding this information, then there are plenty of ways in which one can mitigate the issue easily and quickly!