Spotify Premium - Launching Advanced Features for Paid Users

September 12, 2021 admin
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Spotify has launched its Enhance feature, which is available exclusively for Premium subscribers. Here's how to use the new and improved mode on Spotify Premium!

Spotify has announced the launch of its Enhance feature, which will offer personalized suggestions to users. When viewing playlists on your app or website version of Spotify Premium there should be an added button at the top labeled 'Enhance'. Navigate through each playlist and see what songs come up in their suggestion list based on certain preferences.

Benefits of using Spotify Premium advanced features

When the feature is enabled, users will be able to hear a playlist of songs recommended and suitable for them. They can then add these tracks directly into their own playlists if they like what's being played so far! The new service should work on both Android as well iOS devices - making this an excellent choice no matter which one you use most often (or have at hand).

  • The feature will be available to paid subscribers in regions including the UK, US, and Andorra, among others. The Advanced option will officially be available next month globally.
  • The new feature will use your Spotify playlists to recommend songs you might like. For every two tracks it adds, one of these recommendations will also be based on popular tunes or trending in the industry right now!

How to use Spotify Premium advanced features?

  1. Go to the Spotify Premium Apk app on the TechToDown site to update to the latest version.
  2. Once the update is complete, open the app and tap on advanced features at the top of each playlist.
  3. Songs will be suggested based on the track book that will show up with the enhanced feature. You can click on the icon right next to it to add the latest tracks to the playlist.

Note: This feature has an on and off mode for users to use flexibly.