The best zombie games you can play on Android in 2022

November 16, 2022 admin
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Looking for some fun zombie games to help celebrate Halloween 2022? Here are our top picks!

Take advantage of Halloween by donning a Michael Myers outfit to spook your neighbors or taking the opportunity to watch your favorite horror films. Furthermore, use this excuse to play some of the best horror games available on Android tablets.

There are many types of horror, from ghosts and the occult to slashers, monsters, and zombies. So we've gone ahead and rounded up the best zombie games on Android in 2022. This includes both free-to-play titles as well as premium experiences so that everyone can find something that suits their needs.

Dead Ahead

Dead Ahead

What would you do if a zombie outbreak occurred? The protagonist in Dead Ahead chooses to escape on a scooter while attempting to run over as many zombies as possible. You are in control of the hero and his scooter, trying to avoid obstacles and kill zombies while getting the highest score possible. Dead Ahead gets more difficult the further you progress.

Earning points allows you to buy better vehicles, from dirt bikes to choppers, as well as weapons and locations that have greater rewards. Dead Ahead has an appealing visual style and fast-paced gameplay that will keep you coming back for another race.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 features zombies the size of skyscrapers. In this first-person shooter, you play as a survivor who must not only fend for yourself but also help out other survivors by blasting zombies in the face with a selection of guns.

Most of them show their appreciation by joining your group and crafting valuable supplies. You can control your character with digital on-screen controls, and guide them through desolate ruins while fending off zombies with various weapons . Help survivors in need along the way to possibly gain new allies.

Dead Trigger 2 has a more serious vibe to it when compared to Dead Ahead and its sequel.

Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada

The apocalypse is finally here! Zombies have taken over the world, and there is only one safe place left. Control a cast of unlikely survivors as you travel from Florida to Canada.

In Death Road to Canada, you'll need to contend with hordes of flesh-eating monsters. Luckily, you can recruit new survivors to help you out in battle. But keep in mind that each character requires a weapon and uses up valuable supplies.

Take a road trip to Canada for only $9.99, or get it as part of the Play Pass subscription plan. You'll love all the jokes written by an actual Canadian that are included in your journey-guaranteed to keep you laughing the whole way there!

Doomsday: Last Survivors

Doomsday Last Survivors

In Doomsday, you'll be isometrically transported into a world that's crawling with zombies. It takes obvious cues from popular games in the genre, such as The Last of Us and Lollipop Chainsaw. For example, one group you take control of consists of a gruff middle-aged man with a beard and a brash teenager wearing a baseball cap; while another group includes woman who fend off zombies with her bright pink chainsaw.

You'llarmed with traditional weaponry and character-specific abilities to take on the zombie hordes.



Dysmantle is an Android game that immerses players in the survival experience of a zombie apocalypse. From foraging and cooking to hunting and scavenging, players will have to utilize all their skills to survive. With positive reviews already on the Play Store, Dysmantle is sure to be a hit with gamers looking for a challenge.

The main benefit of this game is that you can break down and salvage materials from nearly any object. Create weapons and supplies out of these materials to protect yourself against enemies while exploring the wasteland.

Though Dysmantle costs $9.99, it's worth it to never see an advertisement or be prompted for in-app purchases.

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is a heart-pounding game where you play as a father who's racing against time to get home to his family. Seemingly endless hordes of zombies are in your way, and it'll be up to you whether he lives or dies. With intriguing graphics and an immersive plot, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

As you complete levels and various challenges in Into the Dead 2, you'll unlock new weapons to defend yourself with. The game does a great job of balance risk and reward by placing loot right amidst groups of zombies. Do you run for safety or risk dying while trying to grab hold of valuables? The choice is yours, but if you choose wrongly, there are consequences.

State of Survival: Zombie War

State of Survival Zombie War

State of Survival is an isometric adventure game that will feel familiar to anyone who has played Doomsday. You are in charge of a small group of survivors who have formed a settlement. To keep them alive, you must expand the settlement, gather food, and clear zombies from nearby areas. Like in Doomsday, you can use firearms as well as character-specific abilities like gun turrets and grenades.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land

The Walking Dead No Man's Land

No Man's Land, an officially licensed video game adaptation of the show The Walking Dead, features well-known characters from the series. So far, we have Daryl, Merle, Abraham, and many more joining forces with you.

The Walking Dead No Man's Land is a strategy game where you fight on a grid-based battlefield. You advance by killing all the zombies or collecting all the supplies, for example. There are many grinds in this game as you build your team.

The Walking Dead Survivors

The Walking Dead Survivors

The Walking Dead definitely has more than one fan-favorite game. This time, it's Survivors. Based on the series, in this isometric tower defense game, you recruit characters and protect your settlement from the attacks of zombie hordes that only get bigger as time goes on. You can also find some familiar faces from the TV show like Glenn, Rick, Shane, and others to help you bolster your defenses by fortifying your base camp with guard towers and walls against future Zombie attacks . Good luck surviving in this strategic tower defense game!

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare

In Zombie Warfare, you are in charge of an armored bus and a group of survivors. Your objective is to guide the bus across the zombie-infested wasteland, clear areas of zombies, and restock on supplies. This game progresses at a slower pace than Dead Ahead. In most levels, you will be sending your troops to break down barricades so that the bus can move forward. Of course, zombies won't make this easy for you; every level becomes a race to clear the path while also protecting your bus from attacks.

Do you have a favorite zombie game?

If you're looking for the best zombie games on Android, you'll have to spend a little bit of money. titles like Death Road to Canada and Dysmantle are well worth the price.

Do you have a favorite game that's not on our list? Let us know in the comments below and we'll include it in the next update. And if you want to experience these zombie games with tactile controls, one of the best controllers for Android might help you out.