The Last of Us Fan Shares Awesome Firefly Pumpkin Design

October 31, 2022 admin
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A Redditor by the name of AddaboyShankle carved a pumpkin that featured the symbol for the Fireflies from The Last of Us. In addition, they posted pictures of the gourd with a candle inside which depicted the emblem in stunning shades of yellow, orange, and white. The user mentioned that this is their first time carving a pumpkin in 15 years. However, after starting this tradition with their girlfriend, they are now quite content to continue it. A fan of The Last of Ushas carved one of the game's symbols onto a pumpkin. Many gamers enjoy carving aspects from their favorite titles into pumpkins during the Halloween season as a way to celebrate.

Antagonist group the Fireflies in 'The Last of Us' were known for their efforts to find a vaccine for the Cordyceps brain infection, which plagues humans, as well as revolting against military oppression. The group has a symbol they use to mark their territory, and one fan carved it into a pumpkin. A user on Reddit, AddaboyShankle, posted pictures of a pumpkin they had carved. The pumpkin featured the symbol for the Fireflies from The Last of Us Part II and was illuminated by a candle placed inside it. According to Shankle's post, this is their first time carving a pumpkin in 15 years but starting the tradition with their girlfriend has made them happy.


AddaboyShankle's pumpkin carving has received some acclaim from fans of The Last of Us. A number of users have said they will carve their own pumpkins after seeing AddaboyShankle's work, with one user even saying that AddaboyShankle's pumpkin was her "inspiration." commenters frequently mention the phrase "follow the light," which served as the Fireflies' slogan and could be seen graffitied around towns and cities that the organization operated in. overall, people seem to really enjoy AddaboyShankle's work and think it captures the spirit of The Last of Us perfectly.

Another gamer also carved a geeky pumpkin, but theirs is based on another well-loved video game franchise. A Reddit user by the name of nachoslanderer posted a photo of their jack-o'-lantern which had been carved with an image of Chandelure from Pokemon. In the post, it's obvious that the fruit glows red and orange as befitting Fire-Type creatures. The Chandelure features a vine pattern that gets printed around most of the gourd, filling in any blank space seen on the outside of the pumpkin. According to nachoslanderer, they utilized a precision craft knife and blackhead scraping tool in order to get their design onto the pumpkin. AddaboyShankle did an excellent job representing Halloween with their pumpkins while also celebrating a few video game fandoms that many have come to love.