What is the best cat in Battle Cats

PONOS Corporation’s Battle Cats is a tower defense game that was released worldwide in 2012. In Battle Cats, the cats are divided into various categories. Some of the cats are trapped in the game and must be unlocked as you advance through it. Every cat is unique from all others. Their skills, traits, and forms were created in such a way that they don’t appear to be similar. These cats may be upgraded as you continue through the game, increasing their level within it.

The game’s plot is based on a narrative that has several distinct parts. You must form a team of cats and fight against the adversary. The opposing force might be made up of a variety of individuals. You’ll be given a base to defend, as well as an enemy. You must kill the foe and take their base. On top of all this, you must protect your position from attacks by the enemy. If the enemy approaches your base, you can shoot them with a cannon. On the battlefield, you must destroy all aggressors for you to win.

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8. Urashima Taro

Urashima Taro

Urashima Taro is a one-of-a-kind feline. By participating in the Ancient Heroes Ultra Souls event and opening the Rare Cat Capsule, you may acquire him. He’s most sought after for his assortment of enhancements, which include slowing downtime, strengthening resist freeze, and increasing attack and defense. He also evolves into Guardian Gamereon and King Cameron, making him an even more strategically valuable member of your party.

His health and attack buffs give him considerable value in normal play. To keep his important buffs alive, strategists advocate keeping him alive as long as possible.

7. Miko Mitama

Miko Mitama

The uber rare supercat Miko Mitama is a popular crowd controller whose players aim to evolve into Mitama the Oracle: one of the game’s best ubers. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. In version 5.8.0, Miko Mitama was introduced and is notorious for drastically altering her stats between forms. She may be obtained by participating in the Superfest or Uberfest events’ Rare Cat Capsule draw.

Her primary features include a rapid attack rate, a variety of immunities, resistance to trained monsters, and a powerful ranged assault. When she evolves, her high cost and lengthy recharge time are worth noting. She’s one of the rarest cats in the game due to her incredible flexibility.

6. Kasa Jizo

Kasa Jizo


Since being added, Kasa Jizo, or simply “Jizo,” has caused mischief. His primary features are low cost and high DPS, as well as advantageous multi-hit attacks. He was obtained through opening a Rare Cat Capsule during the Ancient Heroes Ultra Souls event.

Jizo is a fast attacker who excels as a stacker for cat lovers, especially against Angel and Black foes. Any areas with a lot of Black cats, such as Soap Scum or Decay, would be fantastic places to put this ultra-rare feline to use.

In Jizo’s 7.4 updates, he received a real form for the first time. Jizo’s Mega-Castle, on the other hand, is not as appealing as his evolved form.

5. Shadow Gao

Shadow Gao

The Shadow Gao lives up to its intimidating looks. He rewards you with tremendous damage, immunity to waves and knockback, and a quick attack rate if you can catch him at the Epicfest or Superfest event. The only drawback is the high cost and long recharge period.

Generalist Demonic Gao is a well-known asset in the game. It’s unusual to find a skill that may deal exceptional damage to traitless opponents. Shadow Gao’s addition to your arsenal makes him such an enticing option. His DPS is also 6,200 points, which is outstanding.

4. Keiji Claus

Keiji Claus

During the Christmas Gals Gacha Event, a Rare Cat Capsule may be used to acquire this huge, loving walking cat Santa. Some people claim him as Maeda Christmas, while others simply appreciate him for his tanky power.

At 40% health, Keiji Claus’ attack power increases by a factor of two. He also has impressive resistance to Red foes and is immune to various waves. His low price, fast attack rate, and short recharge time make him a near-unstoppable force at the proper level.

3. Tecoluga


There are several occasions when this uncommon cat might be found, yet it is still one of the rarest and most powerful felines in the game. Tecoluga was featured in Tales of the Nekoluga, which states that he is useless in his natural condition. He must be evolved first.

Tecoluga’s evolved form, Tesalan Pasalan, has a +20% critical hit chance and his usual high attack power, DPS, and range. This cat is one of the game’s most powerful power hitters after evolving into Tesalan Pasalan. Metal Cyclone falls like a loser.

2. D’artanyan


This ultra-rare cat based on the fourth musketeer might be obtained through Uberfest or Superfest. This cat changes dramatically from shape to shape, with Meow-skeeter losing and gaining a lot of abilities as a unique unit.

He deals a lot of damage on his own to trained opponents, moves fast, and effortlessly knocks people back. He becomes immune to warp and wave attacks when evolved. This cat is one of the unique you can find if you turn from a fighter into a rusher & sniper.

1. Radiant Aphrodite

Radiant Aphrodite

Radiant Aphrodite is the rarest cat in Battle Cats. Radiant Aphrodite may be obtained as a result of completing Rare Cat Capsules during The Majestic Zeus event, which makes her look and play wonderful. She does significant damage to Alien foes, making her ideal for levels like Master A and THE SLOTH. She also has a long-ranged attack that makes sniping enemy bases on levels like Vulcanizer and Absolute Defence a breeze.

In fact, she’s one of the most effective snipers in the game, which contributes to her scarcity. She even received a real form in version 9.1, Almighty Aphrodite. For a reason, she’s one of the most sought-after battle cats.

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Above are the top 8 strongest cats in The Battle Cats, if you have any questions, you can leave them below in the comments. Thank you!

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