Spotify Keeps Pausing | Solve Within 5 Minuets

August 21, 2021 admin
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Spotify is making waves in the audio streaming market, but its pausing issue has been a common one with users. The regular Spotify listener will have worried over Spotify keeps pausing! Today's article points out the reasons and ways to solve this problem.

The cause of the pause problem

I have been a Spotify user for years and I know that the app pauses now and then to buffer. It would be irritating if it did not do this, but after some research on their forums, I learned there are several reasons why your Spotify may keep pausing:

  • You may encounter an issue with Spotify stopping if you use the same account on multiple devices without logging out.
  • As you try to play music on Spotify, the network starts buffering and playback stops.
  • It might not be the app's fault that you can't listen to music. Your battery and data restrictions could have something to do with it.
  • Spotify stops playing the audio when there are too many apps running background on your device.
  • Your device might be getting burdened with excessive cache or temp files, and this could very well be the reason why Spotify won't work properly.

Instructions to fix the pause problem with the following ways

The world of streaming music can be an unpredictable one. Sometimes it’s as if the whole internet is conspiring to make you not enjoy your favorite songs, and when Spotify keeps stopping repeatedly, it can eventually turn Spotify so slow that even simple tasks like opening a new tab feel impossible. But there are many measures to take if this happens while you're trying to play a song on either your smartphone or computer and we'll discuss them in two segments: for smartphones and computers together!

For Smartphones:

If you're having trouble with Spotify pausing on your smartphone, try restarting the device and relaunching the app. If that doesn't work either, here are some specific fixes for your phone:

Remove 'battery saver mode:

Did you know that turning on the battery saver mode can be why Spotify suddenly stops playing and goes offline? When this happens, don't panic! Here are some easy steps to solve your issue:

  1. Head to your phone’s settings menu, and you'll find the desired setting under ‘Battery' or 'Battery & performance.'
  2. A battery saver lets your battery last longer without a charger. Do you want to turn it on? Use this menu, and let me know if you're satisfied!
  3. Your work is done here, so turn off the machine now.

Turn off 'Restrict background data' mode:

Sometimes, when you restrict background internet data to save your usage, Spotify will keep pausing during playback. You may try fixing the issue by following these steps:

  1. Launch Settings from the app drawer and then tap Data Usage > Mobile Data (or just go into Wireless & Networks).
  2. Tap Restrict Background Data on at least a one-time cycle for it to take effect it'll be turned off automatically after 24 hours or whenever a Wi-Fi connection is detected.

Sign Out Your Spotify Account Signed In On Any Device:

It has been a bother to log out from your Spotify account on every device you have used. The third way to solve this is by logging out of the app on all devices and then changing your password so that any unauthorized access will not be granted permission with it again! Here are some steps:

  1. Visit the official Spotify website
  2. Log in with your correct information
  3. Access to your account dashboard
  4. Swipe to the bottom of the page, and you'll find the option to sign out on any device.
  5. Once you've done the button press, you'll complete the sign-out process from all devices.

Now, open the app, and try to play any of their many playlists that have been created for every occasion. You can look forward to having a great time whenever by listening to these eclectic tunes with friends or family!

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For Desktop:

Spotify's web player may have glitches, and you can fix these by refreshing your browser page or restarting the desktop app. Restarting your computer before trying any of these tricks is always recommended!

You need to check the network connection system

When my internet connection is slow, it can have a really negative effect on the performance of Spotify. I end up having to constantly stop and start songs because they never load or play in full without interruption. One thing that helps me get rid of these issues most times is by plugging my laptop into another network using an Ethernet wire instead of relying solely on Wi-Fi for connectivity.

The ‘Battery Saver’ mode should not be enabled:

Are you a fan of listening to music while on the move? Has your laptop's battery power-saving mode been making it difficult for Spotify songs to play smoothly? Then here are some simple solutions:

Step 1: Open the settings window on your computer and then select "System"

Step 2: When you click on that you will find the device's power and battery mode options.

Step-3: Under battery and power, remove the "Automatically enable battery saver" option.

It's important to find the right balance between functionality and power. You can customize your laptop experience by choosing a custom mode from the control panel! For some, work is all about getting things done fast while others take their time with each task. You can choose how quickly or slowly apps respond on your computer just make sure that it doesn't slow down other parts of your system.

Fix Spotify keeps pausing on any Bluetooth device

The problem some people are having with Spotify is that Bluetooth connectivity issues can make for a bad experience listening to your favorite songs on high-quality headphones or soundbars because each time you try to play another track, the previous song will stop playing due to connection problems. Fortunately, though, this isn't something you should be too worried about as long as you stay aware of how strong your signal strength actually is while using these devices so if at any point during playback it seems like your connection drops off then maybe take a break from trying again until later! The most effective way to fix the Bluetooth problem is to reinstall Spotify. When this doesn’t work, use a newer version of the app and restart your device before trying again.

If the above methods do not work, then we need:

I couldn't make my Spotify play smoothly. I had tried everything from restarting the app to turning it off and on, but nothing worked! Then I realized other solutions might work for me too if this "Spotify can’t play" error popped up.

  • Eliminate the clutter from your computer with Spotify's new cache clearing tool!
  • It will take just a few clicks to remove all traces of old apps, temporary files, and other junk that is cluttering up your hard drive.
  • Clean up all settings related to the Spotify app on your device.
  • If you're looking for the latest version of Spotify, be sure to check if your device is compatible with it.
  • The weighing app is regularly updated with the Spotify Premium version to enjoy new features that make listening easier than ever!


According to Spotify, there are many reasons why your music might be pausing or buffering. To make sure you don’t miss out on any moments in the songs that mean so much more than just sound waves, it is important to understand these problems and try different solutions until one works for you!