With Google Play for PC beta, you can now enjoy your Android games on a bigger screen

September 29, 2022 admin
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Many of us are open-minded enough to enjoy other activities, such as on consoles and the like, but we still prefer PCs. We get ecstatic when we can play non-PC games on our PCs. Every time Sony releases a new God of War(opens in new tab) or Spider-Man(opens in new tab) game for our beloved platform, we go nuts with celebratory modifications (opens in new tab).

Google Play for PC

The arrival of large, ultra-impressive games onto PC (opens in new tab) is always cause for celebration, but what about hundreds of little ones? Google has now officially launched its Play Games for PC beta in Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. This implies that users with Google Play accounts from those countries will be able to play Android gaming titles on their PCs.

Navigate to Google's site (opens in new tab) to download the application, or you may see a prompt for it at the bottom of your welcome screen when loading your browser. Installing the app provides allows you to browse, download, and play mobile games that are currently offered. Now Google is claiming over 40 games are available on this platform--not too shabby given that it's still in beta testing!

Almost all of the games in here are familiar mobile titles, like Idle Heroes and Cookie Run. The selection doesn't look too exciting for me personally since I'm not into mobile gaming, but there are some well-known games that could be fun to play. Genshin Impact (opens in new tab) would be a great addition to this catalogue; however, given that Android still does not support controllers, it's understandable why this more intensive game has not been included yet. Additionally, many of these games have a "cute" factor to them - such as Garden and Homescapes - which may appeal to some gamers.

It's difficult to tell if games that are mobile-optimized will really see any advantages from a PC interface. Usually, a mouse and keyboard offer players a clear advantage; however, this is becoming less common as more games are designed specifically for mobile devices. Nevertheless, it's convenient to be able to play these games on a big screen without running down your phone battery.

To get the Google Play Games for PC beta running, you'll need to visit your bios and turn on hardware virtualization. This is sometimes referred to as SVM or Secure Virtual Machine on AMD processors. This will allow your computer to run Google's game emulations, though it raises several questions about what other Android purposes this may have.

After that, it's a cakewalk - especially since Google has lowered the minimum requirements to run the new application. All you need is Windows 10 (instead of 11) and some decent specs: 8 GB of RAM, an Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU equivalent, and a 4-core CPU. The only slightly demanding requirement is an SSD with 10 GB of free space. But we have some suggestions if you're low on storage(opens in new tab). With such light requirements, most PCs can be turned into a Play Machine fairly easily.