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Free Download Blood Kiss: interactive stories with Vampires MOD APK (Unlimited Everything). Meet charming vampires at the same time as dangerous vampires.

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What is Blood Kiss?

Blood Kiss is a game in which you play as the protagonist, who finds herself caught up in supernatural romance. You will have to make choices that rely on your intuition and personality; whether it be romantic or dramatic circumstances. To the players who are exploring a new world, their decisions will gradually lead them to many different turns of relationships with other characters in this game. This includes romance as well; there are usually 3 or 4 attractive male leads surrounding you that all have unique appearances and personality traits. All of these men possess deadly handsome features and immense temperaments - being man models that attract thousands (or even millions) of girls across the globe!

blood kiss apk mod

Understanding love and vampires

You had spent your entire life working to pay off the ever-expanding debt left behind by your father. Every day you went through those same motions of waking up, going out into the world, and laboring all day long until darkness set in again only for it to start over every morning. Then one fateful day a stranger offered you an opportunity that would change everything: A job with amazing benefits! The decision to venture into the unknown is more daunting than you could have ever imagined. You never know what awaits on your path and how much it will affect everything else in life, from that moment forward. You quickly found out that the place you work in was a world of vampires. The company and property they were holding have too many secrets, but what it does or why there are so many handsome people is something for another day. You were supposed to be a spy all along. After one of them bumped into you and saw something, they decided that "it's best to keep the enemy close". So for months now, you've been lured by their magic until today when your luck ran out and this happened.

blood kiss mod

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Passion, love, and fate are all tied together in an interactive otome game. Come here for any reason to see how attractive such a fascinating experience could be!

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