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bloons td 6 logo wallpaper

Bloons TD 6 (or BTD6, for short) is the most recent release of the Bloons series and it delivers an outstanding strategy game experience. Ninja Kiwi does not hesitate to say they "hope Bloons TD 6 will be the best strategy game you've ever played". If not, you can actually email them!

ninja kiwi logo over dark background

This may sound like an exaggeration, but Bloons TD 6 is Ninja Kiwi's greatest asset concerning popularity and the public's reception. So, it is natural the company has all this confidence about the BTD6. The game's cue is very simple: monkey versus balloons. You take the side of monkeys and try to defend a monkey tower from the attack of ruthless and numerous balloons, ranging from party balloons to fearsome zeppelins.

btd6 panel of a monkey saying the bloons have taken over your town in the front a bluish screen

The fun comes from using all resources you have acquired during the game to pop as many balloons as possible. The game mechanics are very similar to other of the like of Zombie Versus Plants, and there is a touch of Clash Royal since you have the main station to guard. It is a strategic game whose difficulty level mounts the longer you play. The game ensures an exciting experience while you arrange yourself to pop balloons most creatively and strategically. However, does Bloons TD 6 really deliver everything that is promised? Is it really the best strategy game we will ever play in our lives? Well, we hope you find it out here! In this post, we will present a full review of the game and its major features. We will talk about the basics, the game mechanics and difficulty, the different game modes available, the best maps to play, the monkey characters, and much more! In the end, you will be able to decide whether you buy it or not, or even if you will download the Apk Mod version. We will run through the process so you can do it safely! Thus, keep scrolling so you get everything!  

btd6 wallpaper displaying benjamin the code monkey as dj

Bloons TD 6: Game Mechanics


bloons td 6 logo displaying all monkey towers heroes and bloons

BTD 6 is a tower defense game: actually, the TD acronym in the name stands for Tower DefenseTower is a generic term in the game culture that stands for fixed units, in tridimensional maps, that have some ability of artillery. Their goal is to stand in the ground and fire at their foes. The game, hence, is won if you can come up with the most strategic arrangement.  

victory pop up in bloons td 6


bloons td 6 gameplay in the first rounds with only three monkey towers placed on the map

In this game, you are trusted with the task of defending a territory using monkey towers. You have to secure the monkey territory from the attack of the terrible bloons (ballons-like creatures) by strategically placing different monkeys in their way. The game is in 3D graphics and the matches are designed to last for quite some time. The main focus is to craft the best combination of monkeys, artillery, and Heroes to pop as many bloons as possible. Upgrades and special abilities can also be activated.  

landing screen of btd6 with all the game options such as play heros powers and others

Regular Single Player Match

Bloons will follow a predetermined path on each map. They will come in different sizes, strengths, and speed. And beware, because the fearsome MOAB-Class will eventually come too. The main goal is to pop every single one before they can pass and cause harm to the monkeys' town. So, how do you react? You use monkeys.  

btd6 gameplay in the town center map

Playing BTD6 will give you access to several kinds of monkeys, with different abilities and skills. Each one will have its own strength and weakness. The stronger, the more expensive is the monkey. Monkeys are your main resource against the evil bloons. The more bloons they pop, the more experience they get to later enhance their abilities. This way, you can develop your strategy and plan, so be smart.  

btd6 gameplay on the moonlanding map

Each monkey type can be upgraded, featuring 3 paths of improvement. Each upgrade cost experience, which is collected by pop bloons. Do not forget to apply the upgrades to the actual monkey in the game (They are not automatic). The application requires payment by in-game money, which you see in the upper part of the game screen. This currency is different from monkey money, a dollar-like currency that costs real dollars. If your in-game money reserve is depleted, you can sell your placed monkeys for money. If your strategy urges for purchasing an expensive monkey, so go ahead and sacrifice your pawns. When setting a new game in Bloons TD 6, you are offered the possibility to chose among different maps. They are divided into four levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. The higher levels must be unblocked by your progress through the game.

map selection section of bloons td 6 displaying the easier maps


btd6 gameplay in the cubism map

There are 49 maps in total on BTD 6. All of them, from the easiest to the hardest, are listed below:

  • Monkey Meadow
  • Tree Stump
  • Town Center
  • Lotus Island
  • Candy Falls
  • Winter Park
  • Carved
  • Park Path
  • Alpine Run
  • Frozen Over
  • In the Loop
  • Cubism
  • Four Circles
  • Hedge
  • End of the Road
  • Logs
  • Encrypted
  • Bazaar
  • Adora's Temple
  • Spring Spring
  • Karting darts
  • Moon Landing
  • Haunted
  • Downstream
  • Firing Range
  • Streambed
  • Falls
  • Rake
  • Spice Islands
  • Table
  • Geared
  • Spillway
  • Post
  • Pat's Pond
  • Peninsula
  • High Finance
  • Another Brick
  • Off the Coast
  • Cornfield
  • Underground
  • Flooded Valley
  • Infernal
  • Bloody Puddles
  • Workshop
  • Quad
  • Dark Castle
  • Muddy Puddles
  • #ouch


btd6 gameplay in the candy falls map

Co-Op Match at Bloons TD 6


btd6 informational window about the co-op game mod

Playing single against the bloons is not the only way of enjoying BTD 6. Since July 2019, the game also offers you the possibility of cooperative games online. In this modality, you will join other players to build and defend your monkey towers. Each player is assigned to a quadrant on the map. Since there are 3 players in the Bloons TD co-op mode, a quadrant remains common for every player. Except for this one, each player can only place their monkeys and other units in their assigned quadrants.  

btd6 quadrant division among player in the co-op mode

The game mechanics work similarly to the single-player mode. You have to place the monkeys in the most optimal place so they can pop as many bloons. Survive each round, and your cooperation will have worked.

Regular Monkeys in Bloons TD 6


dart monkey upgrade paths on btd6

Those are the basic kinds of monkeys you will mobilize to pull off your strategy. They are divided into four categories: primary, military, magic, and support. We talk about the non-monkey assets below. Check each monkey type:


  • Dart monkey: This is the most basic kind of monkey, but it is a vital piece of your strategy. If you are going to play the game for the first time, you must focus on giving this monkey the Enhanced Eyesight ability as soon as possible. This is a must because some bloons can only be popped for monkeys with similar upgrades.
  • Boomerang monkey: The monkey with the best reach. It is important to have one of those from the beginning and evolve them as must as possible.
  • Ice monkey: It can slow bloons down with its icy abilities, but frozen bloons are immune to sharp damage. So, there is a trade-off, chose with care.
  • Glue gunner monkey: like the above, its main ability is to slow down the bloons. This is a great monkey to use in combination with ground-attack or low-reach units, like the mortars or the tack shooters. Imagine how effective it would be to place several glue gunners just before the target spot for five, maybe six, mortars. The MOAB Glue upgrade, also, is something you have to envision getting from the very start.


  • Sniper monkey: Can pop bloons anywhere on the screen, hence, it is a primordial asset that can avoid you being in trouble if a bloon passes your last defense.
  • Monkey Sub: A Submarine shooter.
  • Monkey Buccaneer: Like the above, must be placed on water. Its main feature is that can shoot from both sides. Try to use it when this characteristic might be useful.
  • Monkey Ace: Great monkey asset, it flies above map shooting the bloons everywhere in its reach. It is a fantastic monkey unit, especially when applied the Centered Path upgrade. This allows it to reach the entire map.
  • Heli Pilot: It stands in the air and can be moved to where you need it the most.
  • Mortar monkey: Powerful blasts restricted to one location. You can set the target spot freely, but the mortars will not seek the bloons.


  • Druid monkey: It pops balloons with thorns.
  • Wizard monkey: depending on the upgrade path, it can develop different skills.
  • Super monkey: its most iconic power is the laser blast, but it can also become a monkey-version of other superheroes depending on the upgrade path you take.
  • Ninja monkey: it starts by throwing shurikens, but can upgrade to many ninja tricks.
  • Alchemist monkey: brews potions ranging from harmful acid to monkey-dopping mixes.


  • Engineer monkey: Can be upgraded to construct heavier machinery.

BTD6 Hero Monkeys

Hero monkeys enrich your strategy with special abilities and certain advantages. They provide you the option to use their activated abilities, temporary and powerful moves that can save your strategy. There is no limit on how many times you may use them. However, between each use, they have to cool down.  

btd6 gameplay showing an informational sign about activated abilities


btd6 hero gwendolin the piromaniac selection window

The heroes available in Bloons TD 6, and their respective activated abilities, are:

  • Quincy, the archer monkey: Rapid Shot and Storm of Arrows;
  • Gwendolin, the pyromaniac monkey: Cocktail of Fire and Firestorm;
  • Striker Jones, the artillery commander: Concussive Shell and Artillery Command;
  • Obyn Greenfoot, the forest guardian: Brambles and Wall of Trees;
  • Etienne, the drone operator: Drone Swarm and UCAV;
  • Captain Churchill, the tank: Armor Piercing Shells and MOAB Barrage;
  • Benjamin, the code monkey: Syphon Funding;
  • Ezili, the voodoo monkey: Heartstopper, Sacrificial Token, and MOAB hex.
  • Pat Fusty, the giant monkey: Rallying Roar and Big Squeeze;
  • Adora, the high priestess: The Long Arm of Light, Blood Sacrifice, and Ball of Light.
  • Admiral Brickell, the naval commander: Naval Tactics and Mega Nine.

Non-monkey special assets:

You will not use only monkeys during the game. To diversify your defenses, you can access different artillery machines such as the Tack Shooter (a 360-degree dart shooter), the Banana Farm (whose banana production can be converted into money), and the Spike Farm. The Tack Shooter is the most basic non-money asset. It is best used in places where the bloons delay a little. Its weakness is the low-range, which can be compensated by strategically placing it close to curves or crossroads. Make sure you invest in its shooting speed and forget about range (it is not its specialty anyway). The most interesting asset in this category is the Monkey Village. Through it, you can develop the whole monkey society and extract many advantages for your defense against the bloons. With this asset, you can set a Monkey Intelligence Bureau, increase your monkey's knowledge level, and even develop its economy so the Monkey City can thrive.

Bloon Types in BTD6

When building your strategy, you have to mind every kind of bloons you will face. They come in different shapes and sizes, with diverse specialties. The red, blue, green, and yellow bloons are the lesser kind.  

btd6 gameplay on the logs map featuring a red moab class bloon

Among the kinds that can give you more trouble are the Camo Bloons, the Lead Bloons, and the Rainbow Bloons. The Camo Bloon can not be seen by every monkey. You need to improve your units with specific upgrades so they can attack them.  

btd6 informational pop up about the camo bloons

Lead Bloons are hard to pop. A similar kind is the Ceramic Bloon (it also takes many darts to pop), whose particularity is being faster. To avoid letting them pass, invest in firepower. Chose upgrades that enhance the harmfulness of your monkey's artillery.  

btd6 informational pop up about the ceramic bloons

Many bloons are hidden inside each other. Often stronger types breed lesser ones when poped. The Rainbow bloon is the greatest menace in this category. Incredibly fast, it spawns lesser bloons that, in their turn, also spawns lesser bloons and so on. In total, 47 bloons are spawned for each Rainbow bloon, so beware! Particularly resilient are the Black and the White kind of bloons. While the first one is resident to explosions, the other is immune to freezing. There is even a mixed version of them, the Zebra bloons, combining those both advantages.  

Of course, we could not forget the MOAB Class bloons, the zeppelin likes foes you will face in Bloons TD 6. The acronym stands for Massive Ordinary Air Blimp, and it was made up for the game.

btd6 informational pop up about the moab class bloons

The MOAB Class are the hardest to stop, although they tend to be slower. They also spawn weaker bloons when destroyed. The regular MOAB Bloon is the blue one In BTD6, you will find the following variations:

  • B.F.B. (Brutal Floating Behemoth): the red one.
  • Z.O.M.G. (Zeppelin of Mighty Gargantuaness): the grey, with details in fluorescent green, featuring the label of a skull.
  • D.D.T. (Dark Dirigible Titan): a really tough one, all painted in black and equipped with Camo and Lead abilities, beyond having fast speed.
  • B.A.D. (Big Airship of Doom): the ultimate Bloon, much more resilient and tougher than the previous one. It is especially difficult because, after poping, it releases other high-level MOAB-Class bloons.

Leveling up in BTD6


level up notification during gameplay on btd6

It does not take long to level up in Bloons TD 6, especially because the game is designed for you to spend several hours in it. You will gain a high level before you notice. But generally, the player gains level very quickly. The more bloons your legions of monkeys pop, the more you level up. Reaching higher levels will grant you access to new kinds of monkeys, heroes, and even monkey money.  

options to unlock new monkey towers after leveling up on btd6

To gather more resources for your strategies, you may also purchase special powers for your monkeys. The most popular power that can be purchased is the MOAB Mine, an explosive that selectively targets MOAB-Class bloons. Thus, this is an essential card you get to have on your sleeve. As the vast majority of mobile games of today, BTD6 allows you to fulfill the different tasks and to accumulate achievements. Each achievement comes with valuable rewards to improve your monkey assets. There is a huge list of those tasks, enough to keep you busy for a long time.  

achievements list on bloons td 6

Also, check for the daily challenges (which are only available after you reach level 20) to further rewards. You will find this option on the landing screen of the game. Beyond the upgrades, you can also acquire powers for your monkey towers and heroes. Those are slightly different from upgrades or knowledge because they add a special ability to each tower kind.  

powers upgrade window on the game bloons td 6

BTD6 New Features


btd6 gameplay titled with epic monkey towers


btd6 gameplay titled with new monkey heroes


btd6 gameplay titled with instense gameplay


btd6 gameplay titled with vast monkey knowledge

The Bloons series got new features with the 6th version. Among them, the most important are:

  • 30 new maps, including 3D objects and buildings that can block your line of sight, hence adding a difficulty layer to the game.
  • A more complex and vast monkey knowledge system.
  • 19 new epic monkey towers, variating a lot by kind, powers, and special skills.
  • Monkey towers can now choose between 3 paths of upgrades, but they can not pursue all of the 3 at the same time.
  • Tier 5 upgrades, special upgrades more powerful than normal. Only one monkey can have them.
  • More Monkey Heros and Hero Towers available, counting with more than 20 signature upgrades each.
  • 2 bloon-shredding activated abilities per Hero. As we said, there is no limit of times you can use those, but they have to recharge after each use.
  • The B.A.D MOAB-Class bloon, a purple, menacing and fearsome zeppelin that will spawn several other MOAB bloons when poped.

BTD6: Understanding the Monkey Knowledge System


monkey knowledge main window on btd6 displaying each of the network available such as primary military magic support heroes and powers

The Monkey Knowledge System is a complex network of advanced upgrades. If you purchase a knowledge upgrade in this tree, this will be available automatically in your next matches. In this network, you find 100 meta-upgrades. That means those upgrades will upgrade the regular upgrades you make during the matches. They can target single monkey types or monkey groups. Each monkey group has its own Monkey Knowledge System, affecting their overall powers. Note that your some knowledge affects the co-op game mode, is also applied to the other players (and theirs are applied to you).

How to Download the Bloons TD 6 Apk Mod

Now, you are probably convinced about the fun of playing Bloons TD 6! Note that the game is not free. Even though it is a relatively cheap game (it costs 0.99 on Google Play Store), there are some reasons you want to get the free download of Bloons TD 6. In this case, you are looking for the Apk file of the Modified version (or Mod, for short). To download and install the BTD6 properly on your mobile device, you have to first find a trustworthy source online. To go through the installation, you have to grant permission to your browser or explorer app to install the application directly on your device. By standard, Android and iOS smartphones come with this option blocked. When you open the Apk file, a system notification will pop up informing you that the source from where you are trying to install the software does not hold permission from the system's manufacturer. Click in whatever option the system will give to take you to the right window. On Android phones, you will be directed to the Install unknown apps screen. Look for your browser or file explorer and grant the permission by switching the button. After that, you are all set to install the Bloons TD 6 Apk Mod on your mobile device. If you are using Android, you will have to handle the OBB directory that comes together with the Apk file. To do it, find the OBB in the directory you downloaded and cut it. Paste in the following address in your device: INternal memory > Android > obb Note that this step is only required on Android devices. Apple application does not require the obb directory to come separately from the Apk.

Getting the BTD6 Apk from Aptoide


android notification about the unknown source of the apk press allow in this moment

A good and safe option is to download the BTD6 Apk from Aptoide. If you are not acquainted with Aptoide, this is an open Apk store. Its main advantage is to allow indie developers to publish their modified versions of official apps. For each app or game in the store, you can check the average rate from other users, so you know that you do not download malicious content or software. You have first to install Aptoide and, then, you look for Bloons TD 6.  

allow from this source button on android for aptoide switch to on to install apk files from aptoide

We hope you liked our post! If you have any doubts, or if you want to share your best strategy and hints on playing Bloons TD 6, please, share it in the comment section! Until next time!

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bloons td 6 logo wallpaper
btd6 panel of a monkey saying the bloons have taken over your town in the front a bluish screen
btd6 wallpaper displaying benjamin the code monkey as dj
bloons td 6 logo displaying all monkey towers heroes and bloons
bloons td 6 gameplay in the first rounds with only three monkey towers placed on the map
landing screen of btd6 with all the game options such as play heros powers and others
btd6 gameplay in the candy falls map
btd6 gameplay on the moonlanding map
map selection section of bloons td 6 displaying the easier maps
btd6 gameplay in the cubism map