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If you’re a fan of anime and mobile games, chances are that you’ve heard of the BoBoiBoy franchise. It’s been around for years and has won many fans due to the unique mix of comedy and action. The most recent addition to the series is a new mobile game titled “BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run” — which launches on December 14, 2017. We’ve rounded up five reasons why you should download it!

BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run Logo
BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run Logo

BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run is based on the original anime series

“Set in a universe filled with gigantic, colorful, and humorous obstacles, the game lets you and your friends explore an endless, fun-filled world. You don’t just run around, you swing, use a whip, have fun with bosses, and even don a plush robot to take on levels!”

Google Currents

Sounds interesting enough, doesn’t it? Actually, our experience playing it has been equally as awesome — and surprisingly simple. With only five of the most distinctive words necessary to tell the game apart, the developers tricked us into thinking we were playing a particular pop-up mobile game.

This clever design idea was one of the coolest aspects of playing this game. You can check out the in-game visuals for the most part, but if you want to play the actual game, do so by navigating the moons of BoBoiBoy’s home island. Pressing the “back” button will take you back to the main menu screen.

“Complete missions and rank up in different ways; level up in friends and hide the level crown on top of the user icon. BoBoiBoy wears different costumes and gets his size, color, and transformation changes based on them, too!”

boboiboy galaxy run mod
boboiboy galaxy run mod

YouTube Play

Combining a pop-up game with a customization element is a genius way for the developers to get players interested without being intrusive. The game isn’t a perfect reflection of the original series by any means, but it does have some good fan service moments. As you play, the voice acting is comic gold, and the different costumes are pretty satisfying to switch through (and make your character stand out among thousands of similar ones).

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It has a unique story and gameplay that’s fun to play

In the end, it’s just a fun game to play. The story is unique, and the gameplay is very fun to play. It’s also a beautiful game with great music and graphics. The game is also set in a pretty cool world, with different environments to explore, and a nice story that unfolds as you progress.

This title could easily fall under the family-friendly category, but it’s still a quick-paced and fun game that can still be engaging. As you race around various planets, you’ll earn money to buy upgrades for your ship. You combine those with power-ups that change your ship’s attack and speed in an attempt to beat your time. The upbeat soundtrack and smooth gameplay make this a fun game to enjoy on the bus or with some friends.

boboiboy galaxy run mod apk
boboiboy galaxy run mod apk

Weird puzzles combined with music can often be a popular formula, especially in the indie games scene. Although BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run isn’t one of the best puzzle games ever made, it’s a fun title that combines a cute story with interesting gameplay. This title offers an adorable story with some frightening characters. It adds a lot of variety to the mobile game market and is guaranteed to be fun to play.

There haven’t been any iOS or Android games featuring superheroes, but you probably haven’t considered Rowan & O Curran: Dandelion Racing Story for your next purchase. This is a short, cute game that captures the hearts of many. One thing we love about the game is that it’s one of the best games to show around an event or family gathering.

The style of this game is adorable and the gameplay is tight, allowing you to complete one level after another. Even though the graphics may look simple in the beginning, the lovingly made levels will have you coming back for more.

Any game that takes place in outer space is bound to be full of wonders. You’ll explore some pretty amazing areas when you’re playing this title. Some of the locations you visit include Mars, the Andromeda Galaxy, and the Ring Nebula.

boboiboy galaxy run game
boboiboy galaxy run game

It’s free to play, with optional in-app purchases that are well worth it

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game that’s the perfect combination of fun, challenging, and easy to learn. It’s free to play, with optional in-app purchases that are well worth it. It’s the most popular game on Facebook and has a huge following on Android and iOS, as well. If you’re the type of person who loves a little bit of challenge, then I’d recommend giving this one a try. Of course, you could always play Candy Crush (the game) instead.

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If you love action movies, this romp in the dystopian future of the ’80s is one of the best. The game is heavily inspired by the “Degenerate Kids” films and has moral decisions to make as you engage in various shoot-em-up missions. Anyone who loves the 80s, action, and technology is in for a treat.

BluePoint Games is known for its adorable games. The cute characters, the fun in-game mechanics, and the addictive gameplay all work together to create one of the cutest games. If you love cute gaming (or just love cute things), give this one a try.

boboiboy galaxy run fight aliens to defend earth
boboiboy galaxy run fight aliens to defend earth

Running is hard, but not when you are a hero like BoBoiBoy!

Weirdly enough, the world of animal checking is actually quite ancient. The oldest known reference to animal checking dates back to 6900 BC. Back then, people perceived their fellow humans as being quite similar to their domesticated animals. Over the centuries, “checks” have been evolving as people began to separate themselves from animals, and now we’ve separated ourselves from the “kind” too. So what does it mean to be mean to animals? It means being mean to your fellow animals. That’s right if an animal cheats on its owner, a “check” is issued.

Weirdly enough, the most downloaded mobile games may be the ones that most involve animals. Regardless of what type of animal it is, stealing is a big no-no in the Animal Crossing universe. And you can join Cheats, Isabelle, Aristotle, Trevor, and Barkley in this game for a meaningful day of animal-tinging and stealing!

Bibi-boy is a fun series with a diverse cast of characters, so international fans will get a kick out of watching Masako as she adopts several alien pets. The cuteness factor makes this title a win in our books.

Another reason the graphics are so adorable is that this title allows players to customize their “stars”! There are at least 12 different species and personalities to choose from, each with its own color and abilities. Unlike most games where you control a single species, you have total control in BoBoiBoy in this title. The animations of the pets are also fantastic, and you can witness adorable interactions with them.

The new generation of Mac features a brand-new CPU called “M1” — and that’s why you’re seeing such genius and creativity in the island creation game: “Blue Eyes of Terra.” Create an island, and your main character depends on you to give visibility to the planted objects.

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boboiboy galaxy run fight aliens to defend earth mod apk
boboiboy galaxy run fight aliens to defend earth mod apk

By the way, don’t forget to apply sunscreen — you really don’t want to turn heads in that cute little dress!

The game is free to play, and you get two lives per match. The timer starts once the match is started. If the game is still in progress after two rounds, it’s game over!

If you’re a fan of animal-like characters, then the island-creation gameplay in “Blue Eyes of Terra” will not disappoint you. Together with Katlyn and her alien pets, your main character must fend off enemies to plant plants on the island. You can’t let them grow too high, or the predator will swoop in and eat the plants. Planting certain objects enables you to also earn stars — which can go up in number and darken the sky blue.

There are lots of things to unlock as you level up your character — so you’ll never get bored!

There are a lot of things to unlock as you play and level up your character, so you’ll never get bored. If you’re going to play a game for a long period of time, it’s important to have a lot of things to unlock that keep the game fresh and exciting.

The game is similar to Mario Kart, yet different. But the races are more like a Metroidvania -style game than a traditional racing title. And there’s nothing violent about it, either. It’s actually full of humor. While there are different characters and even vehicles to choose from, all the characters you can play are the same ones. The main character, Alice, is a talking cat, so you can expect to have a lot of fun playing like you’re driving around in a hyperactive sandbox with an energetic feline friend.

There’s something very endearing and enjoyable about having your favorite characters, backgrounds, and vehicles represented in a video game. While you can play the game following the main story of Alice and friends, there’s also a surprising amount of unlockable content and collectibles if you want to just see what’s going on. Plus, it only takes a few minutes per session to unlock everything and get back into action.

In the gameplay of the game, you pick a “ship” to control and fly around different levels themed around different LOLcat photos. While you might sometimes be stuck on a looped picture, sometimes you can use the photo of the day to change the scenery or even the environment you’re moving through.



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