Buddy Toss MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Games Casual

Download Buddy Toss MOD APK (Unlimited Money) lastest version for Android. Buddy Toss is a fun arcade game with well-developed physics and addictive gameplay.

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Buddy Toss MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


Games Casual

Download Buddy Toss MOD APK (Unlimited Money) lastest version for Android. Buddy Toss is a fun arcade game with well-developed physics and addictive gameplay.

4.4 and up
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Buddy Toss has surpassed 10 million downloads on CH Play alone, despite being a new and relatively easy game. Buddy Toss Mod APK has a crazy design that breaks no principles of physics. However, it is highly intriguing due to its amusing graphics and unusual gameplay that is extremely enjoyable.

What can we expect from Buddy Toss?

You have become bored of rising the ranks of games you often play, games that demand logic or amazing calculations, which have become too tedious or tiring for you. Because of the pleasure and appeal of this game, you believe that single has made the publisher BIGDOG GAMEs a success.

Buddy Toss Mod APK

Interaction between the story and the game

In Buddy Toss, players are free to enjoy the traditional but thrilling activity of throwing and tossing, attempting to toss the man into the air with his powerful arm. When the man flies out of your arms, go all out and send him soaring across the sky. With your throws, you may reach higher heights in the game and gain new achievements. Compete against your friends to see who can achieve the best score in the game. Buddy Toss will allow all players to have fun with their normal throwing experience right away, thanks to its basic but very enjoyable gameplay. Please join the fascinating mobile game and experience its incredible levels. Play the game with a variety of characters, each with its own distinct appearance and enhanced throwing strength. When you join the game, you will be able to reach the stars and faraway worlds.

Intuitive touch controls

Because of its great design and amusing gameplay, you should love this very simple game. In addition, new players will find it very simple because of the intuitive one-touch controls. To make throws, simply tap the screen at the appropriate time, allowing your macho to launch your friend into the air. Your friend will return faster the higher he climbs, so you will have to time your tosses properly. To get the most out of the game, aim for the highest score. You will have to time your tosses properly

Never-ending ramblings

You will be able to appreciate the game's endless playtime in Buddy Toss, as you will be able to fully experience the pleasure. Feel free to toss the man in your arms as far as you can into the sky. Allow him to soar to great heights in the sky and out into infinity. Toss and earn amazing highs with your game characters in an infinite game of tossing.

Compete against your friends

Buddy Toss now has an intriguing Global Leaderboard where you can compete with your friends and internet gamers from all around the world. Feel free to fight for the top place on the worldwide leaderboard to gain bragging rights and unique prizes from your friends.

Customize your gaming characters

Buddy Toss also includes a variety of distinct in-game characters for players to pick from, which adds to the game's excitement and intrigue. You may have more fun playing bouncing games with your huge robots if you start with distinctive boys. To allow your avatar to soar throughout the sky, perform unique toss and throwing actions.

buddy toss mod apk

Highlight features of Buddy Toss APK

  • It is a fantastic design that's also a lot of fun
  • There is no end to the game mode.
  • Support for bullets.
  • Ranking on a global scale.
  • Beautiful animations and stylish visuals
  • A method for purchasing and optimizing characters;
  • System of global rankings;
  • It is possible to manage it with one finger
  • It is a reaction time game.
  • Buddy Toss is a game that is suitable for all ages and is completely free to play.

Become the world's strongest man!

Buddy Toss is a game with basic gameplay that is suited for all ages. To make throws like a professional athlete, all you have to do in the game is touch the screen. Remember to gather the stars to level up your character! On the Play Store, the current game is always on the Top Editor Choice. Even though Buddy Toss is a light game, it still has some criteria that your device must meet: Android 4.4 or above, 100MB of free memory, and 1GB of RAM or more. We hope you like this game and find it soothing.

Toss the guy across the universe!

When it comes to Carrigames' editor, this is most likely the first thing they have created for the arcade genre. Also, do not believe that the first product is without faults. Buddy Toss works well with 2D graphics since the colors are vibrant and the game is really smooth. As a result, the ten million downloads are not surprising. Other free puzzle games may be found on the Google Play Store. These games are simple and primarily consist of trivia questions. They are appropriate for people of all ages.

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More challenge more joy

If you believe the quantity of stars available in the main game mode is insufficient, consider playing in story mode. Players engage with a distinct plot in this mode. Only big Thief theme players are currently available. Two thieves robbing a towering structure are among the big thieves. A large thief tosses each other in the air and then jumps across buildings. The thief's mission is to take all of the furnishings from each of the apartment's floors. The gameplay is fairly similar to the regular game mode, but it also has stealth elements. When a little thief hovers over anything, you may accomplish this by tapping the screen. The greatest number of floors you have achieved determines your ultimate score. The more goods you steal, the better the benefits.

User interface and interface

Buddy Toss APK is a straightforward application. The game is simple to launch and toss. The user interface is straightforward and appealing to use.

It is simple to use

This game is simple to operate. Throwing has never been simpler, and the user interface of this APK makes it even simpler. Each menu item has an immediately recognized and understandable symbol. Furthermore, pictures are constantly visible for easier identification.

buddy toss mod apk android

How to play Buddy Toss APK easily?

  • Buddy Toss is a basic but amusing game. The players just touch the screen to launch their friend as high as they can in the game. The new throw is more powerful than the previous one.
  • When your friend is knocked out, you must toss the following ball at the appropriate moment. Otherwise, the game will finish when the friend falls to the ground.
  • If your companion is unfortunate enough to tumble to the ground, you have the choice of watching a promotional film that the game offers. This will allow you to continue playing the game without having to restart it


Buddy Toss Mod APK allows gamers to immerse their macho guys in a whole new experience. Have a good time exploring the streets and capturing your friends with a variety of fascinating macho characters. To battle with genuine players from all around the globe, reach extraordinary heights with each of your throws, and unlock unbelievable highs.

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