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Activision’s Call of Duty (COD, for short) came to mobile in October 2019 and rapidly became the most played warfare game in many countries. Call of Duty Mobile was instantly well received by the gamer communities.

Among several outstanding game mode experiences, it brought to the table a very competitive Battle Royale mode. It was enough to raise the public’s reaction, getting a lot of good reviews and ranking as one of the best Battle Royale games of 2019 and 2020.


call of duty mobile app official icon from google play store
call of duty mobile app official icon from google play store

The best thing about COD Mobile is that it can deliver everything a player may want in a single game. Its richness of game modes, controls, events, customization features, equipment, roles, and many other aspects, contributed to making COD mobile a tremendous success.

We can only expect that Call of Duty Mobile will keep a high-profile experience for its users, and it will still gather many players around the world. It sure did raise the bar for the mobile games to come!

Hence, in this post, we will talk about the main features of COD mobile and how to enjoy them to the fullest. We will also point you to the COD’s Apk Mod download and teach you how to do it safely and correctly.

Thus, keep reading so you do not miss anything!

COD’s Astonishing Gameplay and Experience


call of duty publicity showing the character ghost over a backgroung with a new map called hackney yard
call of duty publicity showing the character ghost over a background with a new map called hackney yard

COD was an immense success and a milestone in the mobile gaming experience. Impressively, the game offered players such a good experience, that it was not expected on mobile.

The gaming community has a consensus about COD: it is now of the best mobile games of recent times. The numbers also prove COD popularity, since it ranked among the most profiting iOS games as of October 2021.

Check the graph below:


bar graphic on the top grossing iphone mobile gaming apps in the united states as of october 2020 ranked by daily revenu showing call of duty mobile in the second position
bar graphic on the top-grossing iPhone mobile gaming apps in the united states as of October 2020 ranked by daily revenue showing call of duty mobile in the second position

The User Overall Experience on Call of Duty Mobile

User Experience is the most important facet when judging a mobile game, and COD Mobile got it well covered. Login in on COD Mobile is really easy since you can connect your Facebook account and ensure to yourself you will not forget passwords nor anything.

About the gameplay itself, the first noticeable characteristic is the very satisfactory HD graphics for a mobile game.

In March 2020, Activision announced that COD Mobile would be available in tremendously higher quality, displaying graphics at 120 FPS (frames per second). This is also known as the refresh rate. The average refresh rate of a mobile game of the same category ranges from 60 to 90 FPS.

COD MObile is incredibly adaptable to your gaming preferences. Controls are flexible, meaning you can choose between advanced or automatic (simple) firing mode. In the Battle Royale mode, you can also choose between first and third-person views.

The advanced firing mode also lets you customize the settings and controls as your will. That means you can replace every button on the screen to adapt to your preferred game style.


call of duty mobile landing screen showing player avatar in the center surrounded by several buttons about gameplay modes
call of duty mobile landing screen showing player avatar in the center surrounded by several buttons about gameplay modes

Call of Duty Mobile apk also offers a great range of customization for your main character. The first time you log into the app, you will immediately receive tons and tons of notifications to accept new equipment. The same thing happens every time you reach a new level.

The more you play, the more widgets you gather, and the more enjoyable will COD Mobile be.

COD also has a lively 3D sound and voice chat, allowing you to communicate during the game with your squad. The text chat is also available.

You can also enjoy fulfilling Battle Pass weekly tasks to get different rewards, collecting special characters, trying out what each new season has to offer, and playing in several maps, with a huge range of equipment, vehicles, and much more.

Call of Duty Mobile Bots

In Call Of Duty Mobile, Bots are only used when onboarding new players into the game. You will be given bots to shot at so you will have a more pleasant and less pressing experience in the first matches.

This is supposed to help new players get used to the controls and find the settings they are more comfortable with. In your first matches, you probably felt like dominating the fight. If this happened, it was not because you are a natural, but because you were shooting at bots.

But do not mind. You still have a lot of time to practice and gain experience in the game to dominate real players.

Call of Duty Mobile Game Modes

In Call of Duty Mobile, the following multiplier modes are available:

  • Frontline
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • Search and Destroy
  • Kill confirmed
  • Hardpoint
  • Gunfight
  • Free for all

The Zombie mode on COD Mobile was removed in March 2020. For the zombie fans, it may return someday, but it is not certain.

Online, there is a legion of fans hoping to get a Story Mode or Single Player Campaigns in COD Mobile. However, until now, this game mode is not available on the game. COD Mobile was, since its start, much more focused on multiplayer modes, and it keeps this tendency until now.

COD’s Battle Royale Mode

In this amazing game mode, you get together with your squad of friends in the ultimate survival challenge. Up to 150 players fight each other until there is only one squad or team left on the map.

As it is standard from games like Free Fire and Fort Night, the map shrunk more and more while time pass. Several vehicles, equipment, and widgets are available on the map. Be quick and ensure for your team the best resources and the best strategic places.

You enjoy COD Mobile Battle Royale using exclusive gameplay features, among roles and special abilities:

  • Mechanic
  • Poltergeist
  • Trickster
  • Airborne
  • Trap Master
  • Scout
  • Defender
  • Medic
  • Clown
  • Ninja

How to Download COD Mobile

In this section, we will break down the process to download Call of Duty Mobile on your mobile phone. If you are planning on downloading the Apk Mod, keep reading and we will get to it!

Call of Duty Mobile is available at the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. You can download and play it for free since the game is supported by in-app purchases. The prices can vary from less than $0.20 to more than $60.

Although purchases improve your performance in the game with more powerful widgets, you can totally enjoy the game without buying anything. Just play your way through the game and you will be rewarded with stronger items.

In which devices Call of Duty Mobile can run?

While COD mobile can be downloaded from both Apple Store and Google Play, not every device has the right requirements to run the game. Since it is a large and complex app, the requirements might be a little too exigent for lesser devices.

Call of Duty requires at least iOS 9.0. If you want to play COD Mobile in high graphics, you will probably need more recently released devices, in the likes of iPhone 8 or higher.

However, you can enjoy playing from iPhone 6 or 7. The game is not compatible with iPhone 5 or lesser but it runs on iPhone 5s.

On the Android side, it requires version 4.3 or newer. We also suggest you spare at least 2GB of RAM to play COD Mobile on Android.

Download Call of Duty Mobile Apk Mod and OBB

Since COD Mobile has a lot of data, to install the Apk file on your Android device, you will need to handle the OBB directory and give permission to install unknown apps. This is simply the directory storing your progress and customization data. Every complex game has it, such as GTA San Andreas and Asphalt 9.

To download and install COD Mobile Apk, follow these steps:

  • Download the Apk file from a trusted source;
  • After the download is finished, open the Apk;
  • If this is the first time you install an Apk on your device, a notification will pop up, telling you this file came from an unknown source. Just click on the right options to enable it. If you are using an Android device, it will lead you to select the option Install unknown app. Once you did it, go to the next step;
  • Go through the installation process;
  • If you are using an Android device, open the package you downloaded with the Apk and look for the OBB directory. Cut and paste it to the following address: Internal memory > Android > obb.

The game will run properly after you placed the OBB in the right directory. Do never remove it. COD Mobile will not run properly if you do it.

We hope you enjoyed the post and we are eager to hear what are your opinions on Call of Duty Mobile!

If you know anyone that loves the game, tell her or him about this article by sharing it on social media!

Until the next time!




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