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For language learners, translation apps are essential for them. Therefore, in this post, we will introduce to you Camera Translator Mod Apk application which is a breakthrough in translation technology. With this app, the worry about learning foreign languages will no longer be your big problem. With unique features and constant interface improvements, the application will bring you a great language learning tool.

What is Camera Translator Mod Apk about?

Camera Translator is a professional camera translation application that can convert virtually any document, published by EVOLLY.APP. This unique photo translation application will provide you with the best quality translations and with just one click, all the information contained in the photo will be provided to you.

 Camera Translator is a professional camera translation application

This app combines three translators like a camera translator, and a voice translator, and translates your gallery image or direct capture from the camera and directly converts it. With this app, you can translate into any language, and this app will recognize text in Latin base language into any language you can translate.

Why is Camera Translator Mod Apk so special?

Camera Translator is a translation application with many different languages that is available for free on Google Play. However, in this free version, you will have to pay to fully use the advanced features of this translation app. So you will introduce to you a modified version of this app, Camera Translator Mod Apk that will unlock all advanced features so you can feel free to use this app without paying anything.

What doeds Camera Translator Mod Apk have?

Provide a brand-new user interface

To help you have a great experience with this translation app, it provides a brand-new user interface that everyone is clamoring for. With this new interface, the app will be able to suit the needs of all users, significantly boosting its translation capabilities. 

This app also redesigned the layout to attract more users and encourage them to learn about it. When using this app for translation, you can choose the interface you like to experience.

A translation tool with almost 160 different languages

Camera Translator provides you with a translation tool with almost 160 different languages such as Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu, many more. You will surely be overwhelmed by its vast capabilities, and you can quickly choose the language you want to translate.

Camera Translator provides you with a translation tool with almost 160 different languages

Give you the ability to take snapshots

This unique translation tool gives you the ability to take snapshots, and you can also choose the most effective technique for shooting images and converting them to text. 

This unique translation tool gives you the ability to take snapshots

With just a simple click and capture, you can capture any type of writing or sign, allowing you to rapidly grasp its information. With this useful and interesting feature, you can quickly translate the text you want by taking a picture of the paragraph without having to retype the text.

Has the ability to recognize the language

This Camera Translator app also has another unique feature the ability to recognize the language. This app can quickly detect the language you need to translate to help you get the most out of your translation capabilities and save a lot of time. This app's language detection feature will format text and improve the translation, giving you an optimal translation tool.

This app has another unique feature the ability to recognize the language

Some other features

• Text translation: You can type your way through 108 languages.

• Tap to Translate: To translate text, you will copy it into any app and tap the Google Translate icon (all languages)

• Offline: With this mode, you can translate without access to the internet (59 languages)

• Instant camera translation: Simply aim your camera at text in an image to translate it instantaneously (94 languages)

• Photographs: You can take or import photos for better translation quality (90 languages)

• Chats: Instantly translate bilingual conversations (70 languages)

• Handwriting: Rather than typing, draw text characters (96 languages)

• Phrasebook: Add translated words and phrases to your phrasebook and preserve them for later use (all languages)

• Sync phrasebook between devices: You can login to sync phrasebook across app and desktop.

• Transcribe: In near real-time, continuously translate someone speaking a different language (8 languages)

FAQs about Camera Translator Mod Apk

Question 1: Does this Camera Translator app have any requirements to use it?

Yes. Google Translate will request access to a microphone for speech translation, a camera for text translation through the camera, SMS for text message translation, external storage for downloading offline translation data and accounts, and passwords for logging in and synchronizing between devices.

Question 2: Can I download Camera Translator Mod Apk?

Yes. You can easily download and enjoy all unlocked prenium features of this app from our website Techtodown.


That’s all about Camera Translator Mod Apk. The advanced full-featured unlocked version is ready for you on our website to experience for free. Download the app to easily choose the language you want to translate and quickly get a translation in a variety of ways.

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