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People love stories. This is an unquestionable fact. Since before the ancient Greeks started to write plays, humanity was amazed by the magic powers of storytelling. The simple structure of a narrative is enough to bring us to a cathartic state, where we imagine to take place in the heroine or hero’s shoes and live their adventures! Let's explore Choices MOD APK.

choices logo over blue background

Choices: Stories you play is an outstanding mobile game app for people wanting to reach another level of story consumption. Instead of being a passive spectator, you are the protagonist in many creatively crafted narratives. Each one was specially made for the app by a number of skilled storytellers. In this post, we will review the app, telling its major features and available stories. Then, we will show you how to download the Choices MOD Apk on your mobile phone. Keep reading!

Choices: Stories you play

Interactive stories might not be new to us, but technology certainly made things more interesting. Several video games already take the player in some character’s shoes and get her or his input to output different consequences in the narrative. This is a totally different way to hear a tale or narrative.  

pixelberry studios logo

Choices: Stories you play was developed by Pixelberry Studios and it is available in the Google Play Store and in the Apple Store. It is a super popular game, having been downloaded more than 10millions times from Google Play Store. The app is not so big, occupying less than 90 MB of your internal storage. Interactivity is also a key ingredient in Choices. The gameplay is very simple. Choices give you leads and you follow it up making new choices according to the given situation. As in role-playing games, you reach different ends according to your earlier decisions. Hangclifs await you, leaving you anxious about next week’s update!

call to action from choices over a royal palace background
call to action from choices with a premium option and a regular option
call to action to pick a drink on a story from choices app
choices app screen depicting a call to action with three options

The game contains a leaderboard. You can compare your performance with every player around the world. Use it to learn about how they manage to live through each narrative. It is also interesting to see how people went through the same plots and made different choices than you. Choices is constantly updated, being the most often updated app in its category. The game’s library receives new chapters every week. You will never be bored. There will always be something to wait for each week. This is pretty much like following up a TV series, but with you being the protagonist!

Playing Choices

Among the many stories available, you will find tales of romance, horrors, adventure, fantasy, and even crime-solving. Choices is an app fit for a huge audience, of several ages. Its main focus is on romance and love stories, but it also delivers good books in other categories.

tutorial pop up on a horror story on choices game app
tutorial pop up from choices app
tutorial box from choices app

Instead of delivering cliche and repetitive formulas, each romance story is innovative in some details. The writers are very creative and do not disappoint. Let us remember the Choices app was picked for Editor’s choices by its creativity. Among several romance stories, there is always something new to enjoy in each one.

reward of kissing the prince in a romantic story from choices app
main character of a story from choices app stating her dream to enjoy life

The stories unfold mainly through dialogues, which take place in different rich-designed scenarios. There are no animations, focusing all the experience’s complexity on the story itself and the characters. Each character has different facial features, adding more empathy to their reactions.

dog character from choices app barking over a backyard background
smiling character on chices app over a forest background
character from the royal romance story speaking over a new york city street background
a character on choices app inviting the player character for a dance
character from choices app over the night skyline of newyork
an angry character with its dialog box on choices game app
choices game screen of a dialog on mobile messenger app

As you play Choices, there are decisions that are more important than others. You can, for instance, choose your character’s life dream and make a first impression that looks nice or bad to other characters in the plot.

description box from a freshman series story on choices
call to action from choices on a mystery sotry from the freshman series
evidence board from a freshman series book on choices app
dialog box from the freshman series on choices
choices app screen showingt a rusty whistle as story item

Some choices demand you to spend diamonds, which can be purchased in-app with real money or collected after each chapter. The Choices app allows you to buy a VIP membership. That will give access to VIP books, stories only available by paying users.

chapter completion reward box from choices app giving diamonds for the user

Choices’ Library

As of the day in which this post is written, Choices already counts 47 series. Each series contains several different books. A popular example is the Freshman series, which tells the story of a University group of friends as they go about their lives. This particular one mixes love with mystery. The main character eventually chooses to be single or to date some of her friends and move in together with him or her.

it lives anthology on choices app
the freshman main series from choices app with eight books

Another interesting series is the It Lives Anthology, containing two books: It lives in the woods and It lives beneath. It is a horror story that takes place in a small town somewhere in the United States. The characters are also in High School and are taken into mysterious and supernatural adventures, trying to survive from a ghostly being known as Mr. Red.   Few books have clear goals, so Choices is not a game that you need to meet criteria to win. Be yourself and make the choices you would make in those situations. All the fun comes from trying out the shoes of the characters and enjoying their uncommon situations. The Choices app has material to keep you occupied for hours! And to keep you waiting for the new releases each week!

outfit selection screen on choices app showing a woman charcter with a elegant red dress
character customization screen on choices app with a premium option of outfit
character customization screen on choices app with a boy character

Before the start of each new adventure, you can customize your character. Choose hair, skin, and outfit to match well your personality and look. Sometimes you get the option of selecting the gender of your character, but mainly the story revolves around a girl.

bloodbound series on choices screen showing four stories
big sky country book presentation on the choices game app
exciting adventures books on choices game app
romantic comedy stories on choices game app
sci fi cathegory on choices with eight books
the elementatlists series on choices app
the freshman main series from choices app with eight books
tying the knot cathegory on choices app with seven stories
young adult cathegory on choices
the junior book one story from the freshman main series on choices app
it lives in the woods presentation screen from choices app
choices app presentation screen of the senior from the freshman series

  As of the day this post is last updated, you could found the following available stories in Choices:

  • Across the Void: a science fiction book mixing romance, galactic civil war, and space travels.
  • America’s Most Eligible: the story is about a TV reality show. You get to make a strategy, create alliances and enemies, and to try to win the game!
  • A very scandalous proposal: a mystery surrounding a rich family in England mixed with romance. Only available for VIP members.
  • Baby Bump: try on the shoes of a couple who is expecting a baby!
  • Bachelorette Party: luxury, gambling, and party in Vegas while you are enjoying your last bachelorette night.
  • Big Sky Country: a cowboy romance story, with more spicy ingredients on it!
  • Blades of Light & Shadow: RPG-style adventure, where you can create your character and form a band of warriors to defeat the dark forces rising.
  • Bloodbound: you start a new job and discover your new CEO is actually a vampire! To top that, you fall in love with him!
  • The Crown & the Flame: Keena is a queen out of her throne and is seeking to reconquer it back. This 3 book series is another epic adventure, mixing love, magic, swords, and unrealistic creatures.
  • A Courtesan of Rome: a love and revenge story taking place in ancient Rome. You play a courtesan hoping to avenge her people against Julius Ceasar himself.
  • Desire and Decorum: romance stories around the nobility in England.
  • Distant Shores: the main character accidentally travels back in time only to fall in love with a pirate captain and live many adventures in the sea.
  • The Elementalists: find yourself in a magic school adventure. Learn new tricks, evolve your skills, and fight the powers of darkness!
  • Endless Summer: a mystery-solving tale with enough space for romance and tropical scenes. Follow a group of young adults in the tropical paradise of La Huerta to solve the island’s puzzle!
  • The Freshmen Series: this is the series that got more continuations on Choices. It even got spin-offs like Luxury Getaway, Game of Love, and Love Bites (a vampire-themed story). The Freshman series tells the story of a group of friends in college, from the freshman years to the senior year. Your main choice here is who to date!
  • The haunting of Braidwood Manor: a victorian-times horror story about a haunted house.
  • The Heist: Monaco: play in the shoes of a first-class thieve and participate in incredible heists in Monaco.
  • Hero: become a superhero in this book full of adventure, love, and action!
  • High School Story: a classic High School story! Which role you are going to play? And more importantly, which people will you date?
  • Home for the Holidays: come back home for the Christmas holiday and reencounter love from your past.
  • Hot Couture: step in the shoes of a fine couture specialist and live her life of romance and elegancy!
  • It Lives Anthology: a group of high-school friends finds itself in the center of a paranormal string of events. Their cooperation will define whether they succumb to horrible fates or live until the end.
  • Most Wanted: catch a killer working together with a hot partner!
  • Mother of the Year: steps in the shoes of a prodigious girls’ mother.
  • Match: you are done playing the cupid for others, now it is your chance to find love in New York City.
  • My Two first Loves: how will you handle your divided heart? Will you pick one? Or maybe both?
  • The Nanny Affair: only available for 17 plus. You will play a sexy nanny while she seduces her boss.
  • Nightbound: find love while fighting dark forces in New Orleans.
  • Open Heart: a romance is developed between a doctor and a medical resident.
  • Passport Romance: you will find the love of your life while tripping Europe?
  • Perfect Match: a matchmaking service is your chance of finding love. But a lot more comes from it.
  • Platinum: a love story between pop music stars!
  • Queen B: scandal, gossip, and intrigue await you in this story.
  • Red Carpet Diaries: Live everything Hollywood has to offer!
  • Ride-or-die: a Bad Boy romance: you fell for a street racer. What will you do next?
  • Rising Tides: fight climate change!
  • The Royal Masquerade: you get the chance to attend a noble event, where love may be waiting for you.
  • The Royal Romance: you have the attention of a prince and now must prove yourself to be fit to rule as queen.
  • Rules of engagement: family, inheritance, and broken marriages.
  • Save the Date: you are the maid of honor of a wedding and, unexpectedly, you have the chance to find love.
  • Sunkissed: find love on the beach.
  • The Unexpected Heiress: in this historical romance, you have to solve a crime.
  • Veil of Secrets: nothing is really what it seems in this apparently simple tale.
  • Wishful Thinking: you can read minds! Where this is going to take you in your journalist career?
  • With Every Heart Beat: a dramatic history evolving love and fatal disease.
  • Witness: a Bodyguard romance: fall in love with your sexy bodyguard.

How to download the Choices MOD APK

If you are feeling limited by not being able to use the VIP and Premium choices MOD APK, then you may try to download the Mod Apk version of Choices. This is a third-party modified Apk that unblocks the paid features for the user. This does not come, however, with the VIP signature unblocked. It costs $15 and can only be unlocked by purchasing. To install the Apk Mod, you first have to grant the right permission to another app to install it on your mobile phone. You will probably install it from your browser, so we suggest granting it permission to install unknown apps. On Android phones, go to Settings and, then, to Biometric and safety. Look for Install unknown apps and click on it. There, choose your browser and switch the option to On. Afterward, the Apk installation will be able to proceed. Find a trustworthy source online and download the Choices MOD APK. Open it and go through the installation process. From there, it is like installing a normal app. After it is finished, Choices will already be available to play on your mobile phone! We hope you enjoyed the post! If you have any comments on Choices: Stories you play, or you want to ask a question about the installation process, leave it in the comment box below! See you in the next post!

FAQs about Choices MOD APK

What are the features of this MOD APK? The MOD version will give you unlimited Diamonds, Unlimited Keys and many other benefits. You can download it here from our site for free! Is Choices Stories You Play safe? Yes, all the applications we host are scanned for malware and viruses that can harm your device or put it at risk (if installed). The play store has a similar policy. So yes, they are safe to install without any risks of virus attacks! When will I be able to make my character male in Choices I already started playing as female? Unfortunately there is no way right now to change your gender withing one story line. But if you start another playthrough with the same. Can I download this MOD APK on my PC? No, you can only play Choices Stories You Play by using the official app. However, if you have an android emulator installed on your computer, then it will be possible!

What's new

MOD Features

  1. Free Premium Choice: Select Premium choice even if you have "0" Gems
  2. Free Outfits: Purchase Outfits even if you have "0" Gems
  3. Free Hairstyles: Purchase Hairstyles even if you have "0" Gems
  4. Free Looks: Purchase Looks even if you have "0" Gems



choices logo over blue background
call to action from choices over a royal palace background
call to action from choices with a premium option and a regular option
call to action to pick a drink on a story from choices app
choices app screen depicting a call to action with three options
reward of kissing the prince in a romantic story from choices app
main character of a story from choices app stating her dream to enjoy life