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Introducing Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a mobile game where you have to guide the road-crossing Mascots across busy roads and avoid getting run over. The concept of this game originates from an old joke, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Although it also has similarities with Frogger due to its difficulty level in crossing lanes. But this arcade-style game draws influences from other games too: FEZ, Flappy Bird, Skylanders, Subway Surfers.

The popular game was developed and launched in 2014 by Hipster Whaleand, quickly became a viral sensation with over 100 million downloads across all platforms by the developer’s creative approach to the gameplay and its quirky art style.


A highlight of Crossy Road


How to play this game is very simple, like Frogger. The difference here is that there will be no endpoint; you’ll need to control your mascot as they overcome all dangers such as rivers that move vehicles or anything else which make them lose the race. Do everything in order for them take their character the farthest so keep a sharp eye on what’s happening and make wise decisions quickly!

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crossy road apk mod

Various of Mascots

Mascots in Crossy Road are characters that the player can play as. Crossy Road has a diverse collection of mascots to choose from, each with its own distinct look and sound. Some are available as Prize Machine rewards while others can only be unlocked by completing in-game challenges such as collecting coins or paying real money through IAPs (In-App Purchases).

The game has more than 260 different types of mascot, in addition to the mascot added through updates, and they are also divided by events, countries, or regions for example festivals like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Halloween 2 year anniversary … Or even talk a bit about what some of these country’s cultures are: Brazil Korean UK & Ireland…


Obstacles are either solid or non-interactive. They appear frequently and scatter around the map, but some of them will change depending on what lane you’re in! Most obstacles cannot be gone through – they hinder the player from getting to their destination if not watch out for carefully. Different lanes can also possess new, unique obstacles that might even shift positions when entering a different one!


The lanes are the terrain that we walk in. The playable area is 9 square units long, usually with obstacles and things to avoid like pits of fire, a river, or electric currents… The game has a non-playable area marked by darker colors for players. Lanes may be different types of terrains but none make it easier–or harder–to play this game as they all work pretty much the same way: providing an unpredictable environment where you can’t predict what lurks around each corner!

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Classic graphics

The game has pixel graphics, but that doesn’t mean the experience is any less exciting. Even games like Minecraft which are known for having simple and classic graphics have a way of connecting to every gamer’s soul in ways other more graphic-demanding games can’t match up with.

With these graphics, the game won’t be too demanding on devices. This is because of its simplistic design and uncomplicated gameplay which doesn’t require a lot of processing power or memory to run smoothly.

Crossy Road Mod APK

Mod features

  • Unlocked All
  • Unlimited Money

FAQ about Crossy Road Mod APK

Is it safe to download Crossy Road Mod APK and install it on my phone?

  • You can safely download Crossy Road Mod APK at TECHTODOWN.COM

What are the benefits of using this mod?

  • When you use this mod version, you will have unlimited money and unlock all the mascots.

Is there a way to uninstall Crossy Road Mod Apk once it’s installed?

  • You can uninstall like a normal game if you feel it is not suitable.

Download and install Crossy Road Mod APK

  1. Download the Crossy Road Mod APK
  2. Install the downloaded file on your phone
  3. Open up Crossy Road and enjoy playing with new characters!
  4. You can install this mod for free from our website and it’s 100% safe to use!

Crossy Road Mod APK really an addictive, free puzzle arcade game where you need to get your character across a never-ending series of roads without them being killed by cars or obstacles. The app offers plenty of characters for you to choose from including chickens, zombies, bears, dogs – even crocodiles! You can also unlock loads of new content like vehicles and backgrounds with coins earned during gameplay so there are always ways to keep playing! Download it today if you want some endless fun. If you have any questions about this article please leave a comment below.

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